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The human energy body has three major vitality storage centers, where different qualities of energies are accumulated. These are quite different from the primary energy centers (major chakras) that share the same general areas, although they can be considered to be energetically related.

Fig. 7. Three energy storage centers, plus major energy exchange port concentrations


Position: Midway between bellybutton and pubic line, two inches inside average body

Function: Raw physical vitality energy storage


Position: Center of chest, at base of sternum, two inches inside average body

Function: Raw emotional energy storage


Position: Between eye-socket ridges in center of brow, just inside skull

Function: Raw mental and psychic energy storage

Of these three storage centers, the most important and safest to actively fill is the sub-navel storage center. When this center is full, it overflows into the sub-heart storage center, which when full overflows into the sub-brow storage center.

Deliberately filling the two higher storage centers first is a very unwise practice that can unbalance the energy body and significantly lower vitality levels. This not only is developmentally counterproductive, but can also adversely affect emotional, mental, and psychic stability. Filling all the storage centers is a lifetime's work. It can take months of regular energy raising before sub-

Fig. 7. Three energy storage centers, plus major energy exchange port concentrations

navel storage levels significantly increase, because a great deal of energy is used up during early development exercises.

There are no safe shortcuts. If you long for psychic abilities, practice regular trance meditation and work daily on filling your sub-navel storage center. Make trance meditation and energy raising a part of your daily life, and your energy body will develop in a natural, balanced, and healthy way. Any dormant psychic abilities will begin to manifest when the energetic conditions that allow them are created. Forcing this process causes predictable problems.

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