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What have the primary energy centers (major chakras) to do with projection? Well, just as the NEW secondary system conditions the energy body and helps prepare it for conscious-exit projection, so does a little work on the primary circuit. With conscious-exit projection, energy is simply everything. During an OBE, the entire energy body, including all the primary centers, becomes active and contributes energetically toward the generation, projection, and maintenance of the projected double.

Some people (those having plenty of natural ability) may not need what is given in this chapter, but experience has taught me that OBE training and preparation should be tackled in the same way as any other psychic ability. If standard energetic development procedures are applied to OBE training, results are far easier to obtain.

Using today's visualization-based methods, successfully stimulating and developing the primary energy centers (major chakras) can take many years. The NEW techniques make successful primary-center activation possible even in the very early stages of development. Because of this, I urge you to be careful when using these techniques on the primary centers. The NEW techniques are far more effective than are the more obtuse visualization-based methods commonly taught.

You may have heard a lot of hype about the dangers of primary energy center work and kundalini energy. I believe mis comes from a lack of understanding of the energy body and how its energy centers and structures work. While there are some potentially adverse side effects, the primary energy centers and the kundalini are not energetic time bombs waiting to go off should you accidentally touch the wrong energetic button or wire inside your own energy body.

If primary-center development work is undertaken with care, respect, and intelligence, there is very little to worry about. Triggering a full raising of the kundalini takes enormous preparation, effort, and self-discipline over an extended period of time. I do not believe this could happen accidentally or through simple experimentation while using the energetic development system given in this book.

You may come across a few accounts telling the experiences of some very special people, where kundalini is reputed to have spontaneously arisen in response to their intellectual and spiritual development. Cases like this are rare in the extreme. I would hazard an educated guess that the chances against this happening to the average person undertaking normal levels of energetic development would be more than a million to one.

Working on primary centers is only one step above working on their supporting secondary centers. Raising energy and stimulating primary energy centers is very simple. You have already learned all the skills required. There is, however, quite a bit more to learn about the primary centers before beginning any serious work on them. They are far more complex and powerful than the secondary centers, and must be treated with great respect. Make no mistake about it; mistreating the primary energy centers can be dangerous — physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychically. I have given several cautions and warnings within these pages and strongly advise these be carefully heeded.

To me, primary energy centers are the major energetic organs of the energy body. When observed clairvoyantly, these may look like simple wheels or vortexes of multicolored light, but in reality these are extraordinary complex energetic structures. They are always active to some extent, even if not perceived as active. They are an integral part of all bioenergetic and pure-energetic functions of the human energy body. For the purposes of training and development, however, I mink these are best thought of as being simply primary energetic transformers.

Many types of raw energies are collected through the energy exchange ports and channeled throughout the secondary system, where these energies are conditioned. These energies are then either used for bioenergetic life processes, fed into storage areas, or channeled into primary energy centers. The primary centers transform these into energies with higher pure-energetic values, as set by current energetic demands.

Other than the crown and brow centers, which are directly attached to parts of the brain, primary centers have their roots within the spine. These are also attached or energetically related to major organs, glands and nerve ganglia, and are linked with each other and interconnected with the rest of the energy body's supporting circuitry. The complete energetic structure of the human energy body is as complex as its biological nervous system.

One more thing before I continue: There are conflicting opinions over the number and placement of the primary centers (chakras). My own hands-on research agrees, in these matters, with the Hindu science of Tantra. For further reading on the more esoteric intricacies of chakras, according to Hindu Tantra, I recommend the excellent book by Harish Johari, Chakras — Energy Centers of Transformation.

For energetic stimulation purposes, primary energy centers are best imagined as circular energy vortexes roughly the size of the palm of your hand, except for the navel and crown centers, which are larger.

• Base center: center point between anus and genitals (perineum)

The base center has its roots in the base of the spine, but the center of its external vortex is best thought of as flowering between the anus and the genitals. This is the area that is generally worked on. It may seem as if this would be difficult to stimulate because of its location, but in practice this area is quite easy to work on.

Genital center: center point in genitals (male and female) Navel center: center point in navel (bellybutton) Solar plexus site: center point in solar plexus

Fig. 22. The primary energy centers

According to the Hindu science of Tantra, the solar plexus area does not contain a separate primary energy center, per se, but is related to and connected with the larger navel center below it. My hands-on exploration of the primary centers supports this view. There is, however, most definitely a large, important, and fairly sensitive energetic structure at this site. It feels and behaves like other primary centers when worked on, and if successfully stimulated, produces similar energetic sensations.

The larger size of the navel center may be part of the problem. People may simply be working on and stimulating the higher parts of the larger navel center. When the navel center is stimulated, it often causes a throbbing sensation in the solar plexus just above it. Parts of the heart center, when stimulated, can also cause chakralike sensations in the solar plexus. The sub-heart storage center — quite active in most people — is situated in the upper region of the solar plexus. Regardless, I suggest the solar plexus be treated for all intents and purposes as a primary energy center. I have therefore included the solar plexus as a primary energy stimulation site, while not listing it as a primary energy center, per se.

• Heart center: center point in heart

• Throat center: center point in base of throat

• Brow center: center point in middle of forehead, between eyebrow ridges

• Crown center: center point in middle of crown

The crown center is much larger than the other primary centers. With its entire support structure, when it is fully active, it flowers and covers the whole top of the head above the hairline. All awareness actions on the crown center should therefore be much larger to reflect this greater size. All energy centers, primary and secondary, are connected with and represented in the crown center and its support structure. The crown center can be likened to being the central energetic brain of the energy body. This bears the same relationship to the energy body as does the physical brain to its physical body.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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