Separation Point

The mind-split experience, as given above, and the many controlled experiments I have done similar to this, indicate that when the projected double leaves the physical body it takes with it a full copy of all memories up to the exact moment of the mind-split. From that moment onward, the projected double records its own memories completely separately.

The physical body also continues recording its own set of memories after the moment of separation — memories of a continuing and unbroken existence within the physical/etheric body after an apparently failed projection attempt. The physical body has no further contact or way of knowing what is happening to its projected double after the moment of separation.

When the mind-split occurs, there is a very definite break in the connection between the physical brain and its projected copy, as though a switch had been thrown. Many projectors hear a definite

"Click" at the moment of separation, sounding much like a light switch being thrown. This may be a symptom of the mind-split occurring.

Both physical and projected aspects continue to record two completely separate sets of memories, in two unbroken streams, separately and independently, until reintegration. If the download of the projected double's shadow memories (into an accessible level of the physical brain) is unsuccessful, the physical/etheric mind will have no way of knowing that a projection ever took place. In this case, only the memories of the physical/etheric aspect will remain. This is what normally happens after a seemingly failed projection attempt, where projection-related symptoms have been experienced, e.g., vibrations, rapid heartbeat, and falling sensation, but an OBE is neither experienced, realized, nor remembered, after that moment.

On reintegration, the strongest set of memories for the same time period — usually the physical/etheric body's side of the experience, its thoughts and dreams — becomes the memory stream retained and recorded in the physical body's permanent storage mechanism, the human brain. This is because the physical/etheric body's memories are automatically recorded by the physical brain as they happen, making shadow memory recall, by nature, a fairly difficult proposition.

If the projected double does not succeed in impressing its shadow memories strongly upon the physical brain during reintegration, or if the physical brain is unreceptive, its shadow memories will usually fail to make any noticeable impression at all. They thus become effectively lost to the conscious mind.

Shadow memory loss is far less likely if the physical/etheric mind works with its projected double before, during, and after their reintegration. This is part of the reason why I strongly advise people to keep their early projections ultrashort, as this greatly increases their chances of reclaiming their shadow memories during reintegration.

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