Real Life Astral Regions

Some parts of the lower astral areas contain , , ,

J r. t fc ^ j. ry • 1 c Fig. 31. Exploded view of internal subplanes approximations of real life that are often mistaken for and sub-subplanes reality, or for the real-time zone. These can be thought of showing realms and kingdoms as extensions of the real-time zone, containing raw energetic reflections of consciousness, both objective and subjective, that have not yet undergone any noticeable dimensional filtering and ordering. These contain a fluid and changeable mixture of landscapes and structures. While these often seem to bear similarities with the physical dimension, closer examination reveals nothing more than a fluid concoction of subjective astral reflections.

Lower astral areas seem to be quite heavily affected by dreaming minds in the local area. They may be a kind of no man's land or a crossover between the real-time zone, the astral planes, and the dream dimensions. Just wandering across what appears to be your hometown, in the lower astral dimension, can take you through many different cities and countries, and often into alien places that do not exist in the real world at all.

The lower astral areas are fairly dismal places. Although heavily traveled by projectors, they lack order, are usually badly lit, and seem shoddily put together, a confusing mishmash of cities, landscapes, peoples, and times, all of which appear to be in a constant state of flux. Experiences here can be quite confusing.

While these areas are often heavily populated, many of the people found here appear to be half-asleep and wandering astral projectors. They are usually not aware of where they are or of what they are doing, although on the surface many seem actively engaged in performing some task or other. If wakened by another projector, they usually remember who they are but are amazed at where they are. This area is best considered a lower astral subplane, but is not truly negative, although parts of it can contain negative aspects, and anything and everything can be found there.

The last time I visited this dimensional area, I found myself floating through a wide corridor, full of twists and turns and crossroads and underpasses. It teemed with people, most of them — judging from the tingly energetic reactions I got as I passed through some of them — other projectors. The

place had a faintly ruddy tint to its dim and clammy atmosphere. I felt as if I was inside some giant underground maze. I stopped and spoke politely to several people, but although most were happy to chat, I could not get any real sense out of anyone.

Low-level astral projectors, if they are aware, are usually hyper and overexcited. This overexuberance results from the astral experience itself, although it will rarely be remembered. On the other hand, many people in these areas do not know they are projecting. Overall, they mill around like ants with no particular purpose, talking to each other about nothing in particular. I found a few open areas with buildings and more people here and there, but there was no order and the whole place made little sense. I soon got bored with all this and aborted the projection.

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