Projection Technique

Achieving conscious-exit projection requires learning a delicate mental and physical balancing act. This can be likened to a baby learning how to walk. A baby has to learn how to cope with gravity, body weight, and balance, and must coordinate many undeveloped muscles, nerves, and skills, all at the same time. The first few times babies try to stand, they totter and fall over because their brain does not know how to coordinate everything.

Similarly, during early conscious-exit projection attempts, would-be projectors attempt to hold a deeply relaxed physical and mental state while trying to exteriorize their sense of body awareness, while also trying to deal with some pretty major energetic sensations. There are so many new things to do and adapt to, and these must all be done just right while so much else is happening, that it is very easy to lose control and fall back into the full waking state.

Applying the skills that make up projection can take time. The brain learns to coordinate multiple tasks best through applied effort and regular practice. The more time spent trying to project, the better the brain will get at coordinating everything and the easier the whole exercise will become.

Before you attempt any of the projection techniques in the following chapters, consult the training and development units earlier in this book. All the required terminology, background, and techniques are there.

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Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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