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Most novice real-time projectors have some difficulty moving through solid objects like walls, doors, and windows, not to mention solid rock. Their belief system seems to play a large part in this difficulty. If they believe they can move easily through a solid wall or door and are willing to just do it, without even thinking about it, novices will be able to do so. If just believing they can move through solid matter does not work, it may mean they are not subconsciously accepting this ability. Awareness effort and willpower can be used to overcome this. There are also a few ways of tricking the subconscious mind and getting around this problem. Once it has been done a few times, it quickly becomes easier as the subconscious mind begins accepting this ability. I've listed below a few tricks that have worked for other people with this same problem.

1. Avoid windows and mirrors during real-time projections, as well as any other highly reflective surfaces, even still water that is reflecting the sky. Passing through a reflection can shift you out of real time and into a mirror-image world, into an anomaly. This is, in principle, very much like how virtual reality projection works. Once inside an anomaly, it can be difficult to return to the true real-time zone without returning to the physical body. Use walls, ceilings, and doors, wherever possible, to maintain me real-time aspect of your projection. Even looking into a mirror or reflection is a potential hindrance to the integrity of a real-time projection. It is very easy to unintentionally slip into a reflection without noticing the shift out of real time, into an anomalous copy of it.

2. Moving through obstacles backward has helped many people overcome their difficulties passing through solid matter. Position yourself in front of the barrier or wall you wish to pass through, then turn around and simply push yourself through it backward, without looking and without thinking about what you are doing. Don't think about it; just do it! This method is also handy for passing through reflective surfaces without shifting into an anomaly. If projectors cannot see a reflection, it will not usually affect them.

3. Take a run at the obstacle by putting your head down and barging your way through it quickly, without thinking about what you are doing.

4. Find a crack, keyhole, or window and look through it. Concentrate on what you can see on the other side and feel yourself as being there on the other side. Really want to be there. Wish for it as hard as you can! In most cases you will find yourself suddenly on the other side. This is something like very short-distance instant projection.

5. Approach the barrier while keeping your mind clear. Reach out with one hand and, without directly looking at your hand, push it into the wall. Push your arm into it up to the elbow. Observe that your arm easily moves inside the wall and remember what it feels like on the inside. Your hand will feel slightly tingly and fuzzy. Will yourself to start moving forward. Push yourself forward firmly, head slightly lowered so it enters the wall first. You don't really have a head, so just feel yourself as lowering it. Keep your mind clear and do not think about what you are doing. Once you feel yourself moving through the wall, keep going and walk on through it. If you have to, claw, wriggle, or swim the rest of the way through. There is no possible way projectors can become stuck inside solid matter, so there is no possible way this could cause them harm.

6. If you know what is on the other side of a barrier, imagine yourself being there. Feel yourself being there as if you really were there and you will usually find yourself suddenly there on the other side. Make sure you imagine this destination correctly if you want to stay in real time. If you are wrong about what is on the other side, you may cause yourself to shift someplace else.

7. Use resistance and texture. While moving through the brick wall of a house, for example, you will see layers of paint, plaster, mortar, and brick, well lit and clearly defined. Try standing next to a brick wall, then slowly putting your hand inside the wall. Feel what it's like on the inside. Next, try slowly pressing your head inside the wall, just enough to see what it looks like on the inside. You will not only see and feel inside it, but you will also be able to taste and smell it. This is an incredible experience and will not hurt or damage you in any way. If you manage to penetrate a wall with your hand and head, what's wrong with going all the way and passing right through it?

projeclor'sview inside wall projeclor'sview inside wall

Fig. 27. A projector's eye view of passing through solid matter

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