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Fear is a natural defense mechanism. True bravery is the ability to control fear while continuing to function in a reasonably normal fashion. Bravery is not the ability to feel no fear at all.

One of the greatest causes of out-of-body fear is the tendency most projectors have to project late at night before sleeping. An OBE can definitely be a bit on the creepy side during the dead of night. But some people find themselves surrounded during an OBE with at least enough light to see by, even on the darkest of nights. This light, generally localized to the projector's immediate area, is called astral light, and is generated by the projector's subconscious mind. It can usually be brightened simply by willing it to brighten. The out-of-body environment is sensitive to the mind of a projector. Feel the light brightening and will it to happen. Look for this brightening and expect the area around you to brighten. See the shadows fading and everything becoming clearer and more distinct. The area around you will soon become much brighter; this brightness will follow you wherever you go. Expect it to follow you and it will. Everything will then be much less gloomy and intimidating.

The simplest and most effective way to reduce fear is to project during daylight hours. Instead of taking an afternoon power nap, you could have an afternoon OBE. You'll get the same amount of rest, but will have a great deal more fun. There is nothing at all creepy about projecting in daylight, and there is a great deal more to do and see during daylight hours. If you do not have the opportunity to project in daylight hours, I suggest an immediate shift into the astral planes shortly after the exit. The astral planes are very interesting places to be and are generally well lit. There is nothing at all creepy about the astral planes; often you will find yourself in full sunlight once you arrive there.

Some type or level of fear usually will continue to plague new projectors until their self-control is better suited to OBE. In time, repeated exposure to the out-of-body environment removes its unknown qualities, causing fear levels to drop significantly. Out-of-body endurance and functionality will also steadily improve as personal experience is gained. This gives projectors progressively more and more freedom.

There is nothing wrong with having some fear when you project. Fear is healthy and forces you to be cautious. A little fear and caution will keep you alive and kicking much longer than foolhardy bravery will. As long as you can control your fear and don't let it consume you, it will serve you well. I still feel a little trepidation and anxiety whenever I leave my body. I never really know what I'll find each time I go out. I will probably always feel this healthy respect, even though I have projected countless times and can control myself extremely well. I know what to do and what to expect, but when it comes right down to it there is always a little anxiety at the back of my mind. This is especially so with an exit in the dead of night, when the real-time world is always a little on the creepy side. Control yourself and be as brave as you can and just do your level best, no matter how scared you really feel inside. No one can do any better than that, my friends.

Religion and OBE

Many people worry that they are violating some religious law if they project out of their bodies. They worry there might be a line of text in the Bible or some other holy book that forbids it, and that they might thus be doing something detrimental to their soul. As far as I am aware, there are no direct warnings given in the Bible or any other holy book, anywhere, which clearly prohibit or warn against projection.

I do not intend to get into a religious debate over this. I am sure that many good people in the world would delight in correcting me on this matter, and cite biblical text that could be construed into meaning projection and OBE are bad things. But religious opinion against OBE comes not from personal experience and an investigation of the evidence, but from what I believe to be unrelated textual interpretations. This type of argument is therefore best considered as being uninformed conjecture.

Everyone in the world projects in some way or other whenever they sleep. There are no exceptions to this rule. This includes all the people who decry the practice of projection on religious grounds. The vast majority of people simply do not remember it, or as sleep projectors have nothing to really remember apart from an occasional dream. There is nothing occult or mysterious about OBE. It is a completely natural function. And, as everyone does this unconsciously anyway, what logical reasoning could there possibly be showing this perfectly natural activity should not also be done consciously?

I sincerely apologize if I have upset anyone here. No offense is intended. I believe our Creator designed and made us exactly as we are, with a bioenergetic body that naturally generates the energies required to project during sleep. We are all inherently capable, with a little practice, of deliberately stimulating the generation of these same energies. And, we can also learn how to simulate the natural sleep state by entering the trance state (body asleep + mind awake) so we can leave our bodies consciously. If we were not all meant to have the ability to function out of body, then why were we all born with the innate ability to do just that? Did God make a mistake when God gave us, one and all, our bioenergetic and pure-energetic aspects, along with our inherent projection capabilities? I do not happen to think so. I believe God is perfect, as are all God's creations, and that God is incapable of error.

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