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There are no simple explanations for the underlying causes of the reality fluctuations that plague real-time projectors shortly after their exit out of body. I wish there were; it would make my work that much easier. In most cases, especially with new projectors, reality starts to fluctuate only a couple of minutes after the exit. Reality fluctuations are more noticeable during real-time projections, especially inside projectors' own houses, as the details of this area are well known. Several possible factors have the potential to cause or contribute to reality fluctuations.

The surface mind, if not strictly controlled, provides a continual stream of random dialogue and guessworklike thoughts. Some of this surfaces from the subconscious in response to associations triggered by thoughts, surroundings, and events. Part of the problem here is guesswork, or what is commonly called the overlay. The overlay plagues psychics, clairvoyants, and remote viewers alike: guesswork thoughts interfere with objective perception and analysis. In the case of real-time OBE, the overlay has a far more creative effect than in real life. It is much more visual, and hence will often trigger the creative powers of the subconscious mind.

For example, if an object, shape, or shadow is vaguely seen during a projection, the surface mind will often guess what it is, even if the projector is not thinking about it. This can stimulate the subconscious mind into altering the object, or into creating a form to fit whatever has been half-guessed. If a projector is subconsciously fearful of the out-of-body environment, these vague shadows can easily transform into fearful images.

During any type of projection, the subconscious mind holds the bulk of creative power. Once triggered, it can create complex objects and scenarios instantly, without the time and effort required to build a similar creation using the weaker creative powers of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind waits in the background, ready to leap out and create something at the drop of a hat. But there is usually no intelligent purpose in what is created.

The dream mind, when it becomes active, can access the strong telepathic, energetic, and empathic links between the physical/etheric body/mind and its projected double, via the silver cord. It is therefore capable of causing reality fluctuations — something like dream-generated real-time hallucinations — around the projected double. The effects of dream mind interference are most noticeable within a hundred yards (ninety meters) or so of the projected double, and lessen with distance.

The length of time it takes any projector to enter the dream state is extremely variable. The start of reality fluctuations during a real-time OBE can be used to indicate when the dream mind is becoming active. This is a very good time (recommended for beginners) to end a projection, and to attempt a conscious reentry while the physical/etheric body is still easily awakened, before it falls into a deeper level of sleep. However, as projectors gain experience and get to know their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations, reality fluctuations can be weathered and even overcome to a certain extent. Time out during an OBE can then be gradually extended, with successful reentry still being possible.

With any projection attempt, the desire and effort to induce projection will often carry over into the dream state. The dream mind of a projector will often believe it is still involved in a prolection attempt when it becomes active, especially if it fell asleep right in the middle of one. When it feels projection-like symptoms coming from its physical/etheric body (vibrations, rapid heartbeat, etc.), it will believe it is having an OBE exit from inside its physical body. It will then experience a false but very realistic dream version of a conscious-exit projection.

The dream mind's imaginary OBE will seem extremely real to it. The real-time aspect of this dream OBE will be based on the projector's actual memories of the surrounding area. This has the potential to overlay the true real-time OBE (which is already in progress) with a false dream version of exactly the same thing. The false dream projector will always have a different viewpoint from the true real-time projector. The false projector may believe it is in another part of the house, or it may be simply facing another direction than the true projector really is. This can overlay the true realtime environment with a twisted, backward, or fluctuating scenario that will not make any sense at all to the true projector.

Other minds, awake or asleep, are also capable of contributing to reality fluctuations. This can be thought of as mental static or background noise. Distance affects the strength of this type of interference. The reason for this is directly related to how the projected double becomes noticeably less affected by its own physical/etheric body with increased distance from it.

Projectors operating in sparsely populated areas will notice much less background noise. Heavily populated areas have greatly increased background noise. For this very reason, serious metaphysical pursuits and magic rituals are never carried out in densely populated areas.

The brow center or third eye of a projector is also capable of receiving visions during an OBE. Primary energy centers are far more active during OBE than during the normal waking state, due to the increase of energetic activity within the physical/etheric body. An active brow center during a projection can thus act as something like an untuned vision receiver. (This varies according to the level of the clairvoyant ability of individuals and is hence less frequent.) It can cause strange visions and unexplainable imagery, seemingly unrelated to the projector during a real-time OBE.

Brow center activity can also cause complex visions to be experienced during OBEs. If a projector's brow center receives a strong vision during the course of an OBE, the projected double can find itself experiencing that vision firsthand, from inside the vision. In effect, a strong vision can cause a dimensional shift that transports the projected double into an astral realm. A vision experience like this will usually end the real-time aspects of an OBE for its duration.

Once reality fluctuations start during a real-time OBE, it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening. I do not recommend even trying. Attempts to do so will lead to further complications and generate even wilder reality fluctuations. It is usually best for projectors to accept whatever is happening, to keep their mind as clear as possible, and to continue on with their OBE as best they can. If reality fluctuations become pronounced, though, it often helps to move away from the affected area and hope things will be more stable elsewhere. If this fails, wise real-time projectors will attempt to reenter their physical body while they still can, or risk losing the memory of that experience entirely.

While energetic development can extend the objective real-time aspects of an OBE, a mixed bag of perceptions is to be expected by most real-time projectors shortly after the exit. The norm is a strange and fluid mixture of objective and subjective perceptions, with reality fluctuations steadily increasing as the projection continues. This leaves most projectors floundering for some kind of a logical cause or explanation, which is unlikely to be found. While annoying, reality fluctuations are not bad or negative elements of an OBE. They are usually just a little on the wild and ridiculous side, that's all.

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