Can The Etheric Body Be Traumitized Or Hardened

A large amount of etheric matter can also be generated and projected in response to temporary physical body death, or by severe trauma where there is the strong possibility of physical death occurring. This type of event can cause a near-death experience, or NDE, to occur. An NDE happens when a person is, literally, ejected from their physical body as a result of some kind of massive trauma, e.g., car accident, bad fall, drowning, difficult childbirth, surgery, or heart attack. An NDE is similar to the death process: The real difference is that the out-of-body experience is temporary.

Persons experiencing an NDE usually find themselves existing very strongly in the real-time zone, often for a fairly lengthy period. As they are so close to the physical dimension, they are usually fully aware of events happening in the real world around them. Because of the nature of NDE's, these events are often centered on their traumatized physical body.

Many people, when they experience an NDE, are very scared and unsure of themselves and hence have some difficulty — quite understandably — in accepting and adjusting to what is happening to them. The sheer trauma of this type of event also ensures a strong shadow memory download during reintegration. In many cases they have accurately reported real-life events and actual conversations that occurred while the NDE projectors were clinically dead.

NDEs surpass any other type of OBE in power, clarity, and memorability, because of the sudden temporary generation and projection of the etheric/plus/real-time body, which is the ultimate realtime out-of-body vehicle. (An NDE can be as clear and memorable as the normal physical waking state.) This indicates how the etheric body plays a part in OBE clarity, and memory in general.

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    Can the etheric body be traumitized or hardened?
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