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During normal sleep, the etheric body expands, refines, and generates the projectable double, which, as stated, contains a complete reflection of consciousness and all memories, both conscious and subconscious. In other words, the projected double holds a perfect copy of its physical self in subtle energetic form, one small step away from the physical dimension.

The projected double can also be thought of as containing all the higher subtle bodies. As the projected double, sleeping or otherwise, is breathed IN by The Source, its denser subtle bodies are progressively stripped away like the layers of an onion as it rises up through the dimensional spectrum toward The Great Center. This is why the projected double exists separate from the physical body during sleep. It waits, sleeping or awake outside its physical body, for the next akashic pulse.

When the astral wind arrives, the projected double is irresistibly drawn upward toward The Great Center, becoming more and more refined as it progresses. The coarser layers of its energetic body are progressively shed as it moves upward, until only its pure essence remains: the highest possible energetic expression of itself. This highest and purest of all energetic bodies is assimilated directly into The Source. A timeless moment later it is breathed OUT, now fully updated, and the akashic pulse carries it back down through the dimensional spectrum. It regains its coarser subtle bodies along the way, as it is blown back into the physical universe, to finally reintegrate with its waiting physical body.

This happens naturally during sleep. The assimilation of adjusted influential consciousness seeds is thus not normally experienced or remembered by the conscious mind — unless it happens to a fully awake real-time projector. Real-time projectors will experience the entire astral wind phenomenon, and may also experience the abstract metaphorical imagery associated with the coded trigger sequences of updated consciousness seeds. This can happen as these seeds are transferred into their awake real-time double, before they are downloaded into the physical/etheric body. This event can cause the awake real-time projector to experience firsthand a powerful out-of-body mind's-eye vision. Because of the fluid nature of the out-of-body environment, this is usually experienced as an event rather than as a vision. I believe that this process causes some prophetic dreams.

All this points to conscious OBE being an unnatural act of consciousness; possibly even a loophole in the working mechanisms of life. But I think this is far too simple an answer when the long-term potential of OBE is considered. OBE is way too powerful and meaningful to be accidental. So it seems logical to suggest that conscious OBE may be an important part of the spiritual evolutionary process. As mankind evolves, I believe the OBE factor will steadily become a more profound and meaningful part of life, on the individual as well as on the species growth level. OBE allows for a strong experiential connection with The Source, The All, The Great I Am, with the originator of everything — tiny sparks of which rest deep within our hearts.

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