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There are two ways to raise energy into your body: with awareness alone or with awareness aided by breathing. The basic techniques for raising energy with awareness alone are generally used as part of a full-body circuit, or for raising energy to primary centers. They are also very useful when it is impractical to do anything more elaborate. For example, try this if you are tired and just want to raise some quick energy before falling asleep.

Prestimulate feet, using the techniques learned in the previous chapter. First brush across all toes with a single action, then use the whole-foot Fig. 19. Leg energy raising sponging action, one at a time or both together. Continue with this until to sub-navel center you feel some activity.

Split awareness (optional) by reaching down and grabbing the energy in both feet with your awareness hands and pulling it upward with a deep sponging action. Sponge it up through the whole of both legs to hips, as if sponging water up through them. This action forces energy to flow into feet and up through legs.

Take energy up through your thighs and over the front of your hips, skipping the groin area, letting it flow directly into your sub-navel storage center from each side. The sub-navel is midway between your bellybutton and pubic line and about two inches inside your body. This action does not have to be precise; the general feeling of raising and pushing energy into this area is all that is required.

Develop a rhythmic drawing action, sweeping and sponging energy upward through your legs and into the storage center. Take two to three seconds over each upward sweep, or whatever feels most natural. At the end of each upward sweep, flick awareness back to your feet, ready to start over. If awareness does not split easily, use one leg at a time, alternating between them with each upward stroke.

When you get a good flow of energy moving into your sub-navel, you may feel a fluttering, bubbling sensation similar to stomach wind. This is a very good sign, indicating energy is successfully being raised, converted, and stored. The exact site of this sensation varies slightly from person to person, but is usually within an inch or two of the center.

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