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Focus body awareness alone on the specified target area and try not to use your eyes unless you really have to. Many people find they cannot learn MBA or T.I. techniques without using their eyes to help target specific areas. Do what is necessary, but wean yourself from using your eyes as soon as you can. Many advanced exercises and techniques given later in this book do not allow the use of eyes or other targeting or highlighting aids.

Circular Exercise

The best way to learn tactile imaging is by doing it. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, or on the arms of your chair, palms down and fingers slightly spread. Close your eyes, relax, and shift your awareness to the base of your right thumb, topside. There are important secondary energy centers (small chakras) in the thumb joints and you are now going to stimulate one of them. Many people will feel one of the thumb centers (small chakras) activate the first time they work on them.

The first area to work on is on top of the large joint where your thumb joins the right hand. Flex your thumb while holding this joint between your other fingers to help locate it. Lightly scratch a circular area, clockwise, on top of the thumb joint, about half an inch (1 cm) or so across, to highlight it with awareness. Slowly trace a finger around this same circular path, while following the touch of that finger with your point of awareness. That point of touch, that point offeel, is your point of awareness. Continue following this action until you can remember the exact feel of this circular movement and can re-create this action with your point of awareness alone. (A small artist's paintbrush can also be used for this purpose.)

Feel the tingling target area on top of your thumb joint with your point of awareness. Re-create and feel the circular stirring action. Move your point of awareness in a small clockwise circle in that area, as if you were stirring it with an imaginary pencil. Concentrate and feel this action, continuing the motion with your point of awareness alone.

Move your sense offeel through your skin with a circular motion. Keep stirring this center with one or two circling actions per second. (The timing is not crucial.) In a short time, this action will gain its own momentum and become almost automatic. It will then take very little effort to continue this action. Hold your point of awareness very close inside your skin as you do this. Feel your point of awareness Fig. 5. Tactile imaging stirring technique on thumb joint

continually circling and moving through your skin in the target area.

After a while — anything from a few seconds to a few minutes during a first attempt — you should start to feel a slight localized heaviness, pressure, tingling, buzzing, or even a bone-deep tickling sensation inside your thumb joint. This may extend into more of your thumb and hand. This sensation indicates that the energy center in the thumb joint has been successfully stimulated into a higher level of energetic activity. If you feel this, immediately move on to the next exercise. If you feel nothing, after trying for several minutes, move on to the next exercise anyway.

Stirring Exercise

Move your point of awareness in a straight brushing action up and down through your right thumb, from just above the joint at the base to the tip of the nail, feeling this pathway as you go. Move your point of awareness continually back and forth through this area. You are now brushing your entire thumb with your point of awareness and are thus stimulating that whole area energetically. Feel the brushing action through the whole of your thumb. The sensations you may have felt earlier will intensify and spread through more of your thumb as you do this, as more and more secondary energy centers and energy exchange ports in the thumb become energetically active. Repeat both exercises on the thumb of your left hand. Repeat the exercise on the big toes of both feet, one at a time, starting on top of the large joints of the big toes only, where they join each foot.

Stimulation Notes

Often there are inactive secondary energy centers (small chakras) on one side of the body, but rarely on both sides. If you feel nothing after doing any awareness action for several minutes, move on to the next exercise. While energy-movement sensations become apparent in the majority of cases, some may feel nothing at all, although I have found a complete lack of sensation to be rare.

No sensation at all indicates the energy body is blocked or inactive in that area. If this is the case, continue with these early exercises as best you can. It is important to learn and practice the technique. Later exercises in this book restore inactive areas and remove energy blockages.

A hot shower or bath not only relaxes the physical body and cleanses the skin, but also promotes a stronger energetic flow throughout the energy body. If you have trouble doing these exercises, try bathing first.

The tingling in the skin caused by the scratching used to highlight target areas is not the cause of energy-movement sensations. Test this, if you wish, by repeating this exercise in the middle of your forearm, or in the middle of a bleep or thigh, where there are no significant secondary energy centers. This test will be found to cause no discernible energy-movement sensations. Alternatively, try this same exercise on another small energy center, but without the scratching. It is the movement of the focal point of body awareness through the energy body, at the site of an energy center, which causes energy-movement sensations.

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The Chakra Checklist

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