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While physical fitness is most definitely not a necessary precursor for conscious-exit projection, it can be a big help. A reasonable level of fitness makes it easier to attain and hold a deep level of physical relaxation and the trance state. A healthy physical body will generally have less discomfort caused by coughing, cramps, and circulation problems. Problems like sleep apnea can also be caused or made worse by a poor level of fitness, and anything like this can have a negative influence on projection ability.

Poor health and fitness do not prohibit conscious-exit projection. Some illnesses may even make projection easier. Projection techniques may need to be modified, especially the resting position used, to compensate for an illness. For example, if coughing is a problem, a more upright projection position will help ease the trouble. If poor circulation is a problem, more attention will have to be paid to bed or chair padding. For muscular or spinal cramps, the position and padding used during projection attempts will need modifying to provide better support. If a health or disability problem is severe, it may be wise to consult a medical doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. You don't have to say why you are seeking increased comfort. You can merely cite the desire for deep physical relaxation.

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