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Five tactile imaging actions are used to manipulate the energy body, using the same basic techniques throughout. Scratch or rub each energy center or energetic pathway as needed, to help target it and make it easier to follow with awareness alone. As well as feeling these actions on the surface, feel them happening beneath the skin and slightly inside the body. With all the above awareness actions, it is the action of feeling a point of body awareness moving on or through the physical body that stimulates the substance of the energy body. The size of the awareness actions given below are to be varied to suit the body part or energy center being worked on.

Stirring Action: Move your point of awareness in a clockwise circle through the surface of your skin. This is as if you were stirring the target area with a single finger of one of your awareness hands. This action can be counterclockwise if preferred.

Brushing Action: Move your point of awareness back and forth through the skin as if brushing that area with a paintbrush.

Fig. 8. Stirring action on kneecap

Fig. 9. Brushing action on kneecap

Wrapping Action: Move your point of awareness around the targeted area, joint, or limb, as if continually wrapping an imaginary bandage around it.

Tearing Action: Use your awareness hands in a two-handed tearing action. Imagine you are holding a small bread roll or do-nut on the skin, or just under it, and are repeatedly tearing this apart with your awareness hands, over and over. This action is mainly used on primary energy centers, but can also be used as an alternative method for stimulating secondary energy centers and groups of exchange ports.

Fig. 10. Wrapping action on kneecap

Sponging Action: Imagine or feel your awareness hands holding a large sponge, with you sponging water upward through the entire area being worked on. This is mainly used as a whole-limb action. It can be used to sponge energy up just one side of a limb, but is primarily used for raising energy through the whole of a limb or body part.

Fig. 10. Wrapping action on kneecap

Fig. 11. Tearing action on kneecap

Fig. 11. Tearing action on kneecap

Fig. 12. Sponging action on leg

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