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Many projectors, though able to operate well in the real-time zone, seem unable to deliberately enter the astral planes. They may occasionally slip into astral realms spontaneously, but they are unable to perceive any type of astral entrance structure at all, which makes astral navigation extremely difficult. Perceiving some type of entrance structure (either tube-type or plane-type) is necessary for projectors to explore and return to specific astral regions, or to find their way into higher dimensional levels.

On the other hand, many projectors seem unable to operate in the real-time zone. They tend to slip directly into astral realms, while also bypassing any recognizable type of surface entrance structure. I spent many early years of conscious-exit projection stuck in the real-time zone. I found it difficult to deliberately enter the astral planes, although this did happen occasionally, until I learned a few tricks to overcome this awkward dimensional hurdle.

The method I use and recommend for getting into the astral planes is this: Starting near ground level, aim midway between the horizon and straight up and take off. Fly at the greatest speed possible. Start moving upward and feel and become aware of the star-filled universe spread out before you. Even if it's daylight, image this in your mind's eye as you reach out and feel for the stars beyond Earth's atmosphere. Fill your mind with the feeling of enormous distance and shoot for the stars. The incredible acceleration this causes makes your vision blur momentarily, and you may experience a brief tunnel-of-light effect.

To increase accuracy, you can instead hold an image of the rear cover art of this book in your mind's eye as you shoot for the stars. The first sign you'll have that you have succeeded is the dimensional shift, which feels like a brief falling sensation accompanied by a moment of blurring disorientation. You will then either find yourself in a color-tinted area close to an astral plane-type entrance structure — (which is most likely) — or you may find yourself already inside an astral realm, which is slightly less likely. Even less likely, you may find yourself near or inside an astral tube-type entrance structure.

This method takes a little practice, but does work and is fairly reliable. Once you get to an astral entrance structure, you should be able to find your way back there again. Simply hold the remembered image or the look and feel strongly in mind as you shoot for the stars. The rear cover art of this book gives a fairly accurate representation of what a real astral-plane entrance structure actually looks like. This is taken from my living memory and has been interpreted by an artist for this purpose. If you can image this strongly enough in your mind's eye, you should be able to project to this plane fairly easily. Look on this picture as a kind of astral mud-map to an entrance structure.

If this method fails entirely, which is highly unlikely, you may find yourself on the other side of the galaxy, or in another galaxy. If this happens, enjoy space flight and explore. Nothing you might do can possibly hurt you, no matter how far or how fast you go. You simply cannot get lost in space. Do not worry about finding your way back to your body, either. Your physical body will pull you back if it needs to, or you can simply feel for your body and return to it.

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