Energy Movement Sensations

I would like to make one thing very clear. Strong energy-movement sensations are primarily caused by resistance within the energy body — natural resistance to an increased flow of energy

through blocked or narrowed energy centers and circuitry. Many people, during the early stages of development, will feel some very strong energy-movement sensations indeed. These sensations fluctuate, gradually reducing in severity as the energy body develops to handle increased energy flow.

The energy, when it responds in the early stages, will most commonly cause a surging, bubbling, rushing-water sensation. This is especially strong and noticeable in the shins and thighs. These can be quite intense and even breathtaking at times. You may also feel strong, bone-deep tingling sensations that appear to come from deep inside the marrow of your bones. Many of my volunteers have reported they have fallen off their chairs and been unable to stand for a while, because surging energy-movement sensations in their legs have been so strong.

Several peculiar energy-movement sensations, often very strong, can be caused by the NEW system. It is fairly normal, while stimulating the feet, legs, hands, and arms, to feel extremely strong buzzing and tingling sensations within them. These sensations will fade slowly with regular use and development, reducing to a warm and comfortable, gently tingling, energy flow. Levels of sensation can also be affected by other factors, such as the condition of the physical body and the strength and availability of free energy, which fluctuates daily and varies from one place to another.

Common Sensations

• Tingling, tickling, buzzing, and vibrating in the soles of feet and toes

• Rushing-water sensation up legs and arms

• Bone-deep tingling inside hands, feet, legs, and arms

• Tingling energetic body-rush feelings up arms, legs, and spine

• Muscular spasming and twitching

• Cobweblike tickling, like ants crawling all over you

• Localized stinging and prickling sensations

• Aching, cold or hot spots, especially in soles and palms

• Muscular cramps

Keep in mind that heavy energy-movement sensations always reduce as the energy body develops. Masters of energy raising, with highly developed energy bodies, feel only a gentle, tingling warmth as massive amounts of energy are drawn into their bodies. Look upon the lessening of energy-movement sensations as signs of real progress in energy-body development.

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