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To create a custom virtual realm, get a picture, painting, or poster of a pleasant scene, something bright and sunny. Hang it on the wall or ceiling, or even in another room close by. Get a small, low-powered directional lamp, spotlight, or torch and set it so that part of the poster is softly illuminated by it when the main light is off. Customize a virtual realm by affixing small pictures of objects and people you want to find there. Try to make these extras blend in by keeping them roughly in the same scale as the picture.

You can use a mirror to enhance a virtual reality (VR) realm. A mirror adds depth to a two-dimensional picture, which helps create a much clearer and more realistic virtual realm. Place your picture facing a mirror so its reflection can clearly be seen therein. You do not have a body to interfere with this reflection during a projection, so the picture can be fairly close to the mirror. Dressing tables or wardrobe mirrors are ideal for this purpose. Simply stand or hang your chosen picture opposite a mirror and place a low-wattage lamp so that the picture reflects into the mirror. Or use a wallpaper mural. This can be entered directly or through its reflection.

A small picture of someone living or deceased can trick your subconscious mind into creating a replica of them in a VR realm. This may be an effective way to communicate with deceased persons and spirits in a controlled and safe environment. The VR replica has the potential to attract the actual spirit of the original person, which could make meaningful communication possible.

A custom-made realm will contain a great many familiar elements that you will always find there whenever you enter it. This helps enormously with overcoming natural fears associated with projecting into the unknown out-of-body environment. A safe haven is thus created, a kind of bolt-hole that can be entered whenever you become anxious during a real-time projection.

A virtual realm can also be used as a staging area for projecting into the astral planes. It can be used to avoid the real-time zone completely if this is causing you apprehension. To enter the astral planes, travel beyond the limits of what is depicted or reflected inside a virtual realm. Move over that hill, behind those trees, or off the edge of whatever is depicted in the picture being used to create the virtual realm. Once you move beyond the picture's limits, you will be in an anomaly and will soon fade into or find your way into the astral planes. Where in the astral planes you end up will depend on your energetic value and angle of perception at the time of the projection.

Fig. 26. Picture box setup with mirror

Spotlight: A simple spotlight can be made by wrapping a pencil torch (penlight) in aluminum foil and making a small hole in the foil through which light can pass. Adjust the torch to direct a thin shaft of light onto the picture being used. You do not need a great deal of light for this purpose.

Picture Box: Another way of setting up a VR entrance is to use a cardboard box. A small oblong packing carton will do for this purpose. Paint the inside of the box with blackboard paint, or line it with black crepe paper so the inside is all matte-black. Affix the picture being used to the bottom of the box, face up. Leave the other end open to provide access for the projected double. Lay the box on its side and illuminate the picture by taping a pencil torch or torch bulb to the inside of the box, so its light falls onto the picture. Take care not to use a lamp that could create enough heat to ignite the cardboard box. You do not need a lot of light.

The above setup can be enhanced by placing a mirror in the bottom of the box. A cheap mirror tile is perfect for this purpose. Affix the mirror to the bottom of the box and set the picture at about a forty-five-degree angle at the other end so it reflects into the mirror. Leave a gap above where the picture is set to provide access for the projected double. Set the light so it falls onto the picture and causes it to reflect into the mirror at the other end of the box. A clear reflection can then be obtained. One end of the picture box should be left open above or behind the picture so the projected double can see into it and thus gain access to the mirror at the other end of the box.

The picture box setup can be put atop a wardrobe or somewhere else convenient in the room and its light turned on before a projection. It can also be hung from a doorknob, affixed to a wall, or simply put on the floor somewhere. However, it is advisable to put it as far away as possible from where the physical body will be in the room, to lessen the pressure between the projected double and its physical body. If the room being used is very small, the picture box setup can also be placed in an adjacent room.

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