Astral Momentum

Most new projectors experience simple movement problems during their first few projections. Movement problems are more noticeable in the real-time zone than in the astral planes. In real time, simply moving across a room in the right direction can be a major accomplishment for a novice projector. This lack of control is quite normal, and happens simply because new projectors are unfamiliar with the real-time projected double and its environment. This is a little like finding yourself suddenly in zero gravity and not knowing how to move around properly. Some experimentation and practice is necessary.

A type of momentum problem very much like one you would find in a real zero-gravity environment causes most early movement problems. This momentum causes projectors to continue moving after they have decided to stop, and may take them through walls, ceilings, doors, etc. I think this is caused by the strength of the awareness action used to cause the initial motion. If this action is too strong or is continued for too long, projectors will move farther than they planned and find they have no brakes with which to stop. If the movement-causing action is not done right, they can also move in the wrong direction entirely. Only practice teaches projectors how to get about with any degree of purpose, accuracy, and grace.

Learning to move while out of body can be a very comical process — in my early childhood experiences with real-time projection, I always started by trying to navigate my way through the house to get outside. I would float and slide and blunder through walls and doors and usually end up getting stuck in the roof. Then, when I finally managed to leave the house, I'd skim along the road trying to get up enough speed so I could take off like an airplane or a bird. I would get airborne for a while by flapping my arms or using a swimming action (which really does help with flying), but could never seem to clear the surrounding trees and rooftops.

Falling was interesting, as it seemed to happen in slow motion. I would feel a kind of slow and heavy impact when I hit the ground. I remember feeling something that could be likened to out-of-body concussion, and something like a vague feeling of remembered pain, but falling never hurt me or sent me back to my body, and I never seemed to penetrate the ground on impact. I would skim down the road taking a series of giant leaps, getting airborne for a while and flapping my arms like crazy, trying to will myself higher and faster. I wanted to fly like Superman, but could never quite break free of the strangely slow gravity I felt that kept pulling me back to earth every time I got airborne. Because of this, I often floated unintentionally into strange houses, blundering about like a drunk in zero gravity. I seemed to be continually apologizing to an endless number of perplexed strangers in passing, as I floated in and out of their houses.

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