Astral Feedback

As the above mind-split experience shows, astral feedback can occur if the physical/etheric mind connects with its own real-time mind during a projection. Direct astral feedback is a powerful energetic, telepathic phenomenon that, if allowed to continue for too long, could very possibly cause psychological, energetic, and even physical damage to the brain. Direct astral feedback is like forcing the human mind to grasp actual infinity — the limitlessness of which no human mind is capable of grasping.

Fig. 3. Dual memory streams of mind-split, from separation to reintegration, showing failed shadow memory download.

Full astral feedback, as shown above, seems to occur only when both physical and projected doubles are fully awake and focused directly on each other at the same time. This can easily be avoided by not looking too closely at your physical or projected bodies, from either aspect, during a projection. If this does happen, however, astral feedback can be broken very easily when it first starts by simply shifting the attention of the projected double away from its physical body and leaving the area immediately.

But the energetic sensations caused by the reintegration of the projected double with its physical body are extremely important to shadow memory recall when working with the mind-split. All reasonably competent real-time projectors can re-create a full mind-split experience with astral feedback, provided they can hold their physical/etheric aspect awake for long enough after the exit, and if they can use real-time sight ability to make the necessary visual/telepathic connection. This will provide firsthand evidence of the mind-split and its far-reaching effects.

To sum up, astral feedback has three main aspects:

1. Telepathic connection: Astral feedback results from the physical/etheric and real-time mind focusing directly on each other during a projection, forming a direct two-way, reflecting, compounding, and incredibly strong tele-pathic connection. This is something like the infinity effect you get when you hold two mirrors facing each other. Each mirror (or mind) reflects a reflection of its own reflection (identical minds) and this compounds back and forth into infinity.

2. Visual Connection: When the physical/etheric mind is awake during a projection, it usually gains some degree of real-time or astral sight. This allows it to see into the real-time zone around it, making it possible for it to see its own projected double. This in itself presents no real problem unless the projected double looks back at it. They then begin seeing through each other's eyes, and this causes a reflecting visual link that begins compounding into infinity, along with their thoughts and feelings. A direct two-way visual connection appears necessary to cause astral feedback. This is a very disturbing phenomenon and I don't recommend you try it for more than a few seconds at a time.

3. Emotional Connection: Emotion can also form a part of astral feedback, as above, but will more often cause a different type of feedback on the emotional level alone. Emotional feedback, which does not appear to require a telepathic or visual connection, is quite different from astral feedback. It does not cause the same nauseating feedback effect, but can affect the physical/etheric body and its projected double quite strongly. Fear, anxiety, anger, excitement, and the sexual urge — especially primal urges such as fear and sex — all have very strong emotional undercurrents that can cause particularly strong emotional feedback between the physical/etheric, real-time, and astral bodies. If not taken into account and controlled, primal urges can reflect back and forth, growing in strength and compounding. This can cause enormous problems for an unwary projector.

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