Arm Energy Raising

Energy can be raised through arms as well as legs. The arms are normally only used as part of a full-body circuit or for stimulating primary centers, but can also be used on their own.

If you are sitting in a chair, either hang your hands by your sides or rest them palm upward in your lap. If you are lying down, hold your hands above the bed with elbows resting on the surface of the bed. Alternatively, spread your arms wide and rest them on the bed. Any position will do for this purpose and comfort is important. If you cannot split awareness easily, alternate arms and raise energy through them one at a time.

Prestimulate both hands, then center awareness firmly in hands.

Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands, through the whole of both arms to the shoulders, and on up through to the back of the neck. This is where it will join with the energy stream being raised through the spine, as part of a full-body energy-raising circuit (see below).

If this technique is being used on its own, take energy through the shoulders, down over the chest and stomach and directly into the sub-navel storage center.

Use two- to three-second energy sweeps, flicking awareness back to hands at the end of each arm sweep, ready to start on the next.

This technique can be combined with breathing, by raising energy through the arms during the IN breath, and flicking awareness back to hands during the OUT breath, ready for the next IN breath.

Fig. 20. Arm energy raising to sub-navel center, plus alternative method taking energy over head

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