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This Workbook is dedicated to the Hoodoo and Les Vudu,

To the Kami and the Kammamori,

To the Lares and the Penates,

And to the Numen and the Numina of the Monastery of the Seven Rays,

In thanksgiving for their inspiration and assistance

Over the past twenty-five years.


Let me tell you about the world of esoteric prayer from my own personal experience. I have worked with these energies for a number of years. I have even gone to where the teachings are given out and where the power of esoteric prayer is worked daily.

When I was in Haiti, I entered deeply into the mysteries of the spirits as they are known there. They are called the "Loa" or "Les Vudu." These are spirits and they hear our prayers and work with the energies of prayer in quick and always helpful ways.

After my development into initiation consciousness, I was able to write a number of lessons and other papers on these Holy Spirits and their work. I taught that when you use esoteric prayer, what you do is talk to the spirits as if they were sitting next to you. You talk to them inwardly, of course, but they never act or appear as if they know everything and that there is no need to talk to them. They are always ready to listen to us, especially when we speak to them about something that is very important to us.

It is by this means that we learn the power-secrets of esoteric prayer, since it is the life of the spirit to teach us to know in this way. This way is the way of the Gnosis, a very ancient word from the Greek language, which means the knowing of the spiritually attuned. In the Gnostic church, which is based upon esoteric prayer and spiritualism, we teach all persons to become attuned to the ways and words, or powerful lessons, which come from the Holy Spirits.

I was recently in Japan, where I made daily attunement to the Holy Spirits, which are over there and which have the name of the "Kami." Naturally, these spirits are universal beings, but I went to Japan in order to make contact on a daily basis with them by means of the way of esoteric prayer and as well to visit the many holy shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to the Holy Spirits in that beautiful country. Every day, I experienced an advancement in my way of communion as I grew more and more aware of the powers of esoteric prayer and the energies, which were everywhere, sent by the Holy Spirits. For a long time, I have been under the direction of the Japanese Master, Doctor Kammamori, and there he led me from one level of being to the next. It was he who enabled me to see how the laws of the Kami, or the Holy spirits of the Shinto Religion, could work in daily life. Each day, I worked with the energies of the spirits, as he, Doctor Kammamori, had instructed me.

When we work in the experience of esoteric prayer, we really come to know about spiritual light and energy. I think that you have be inside of what is happening to you in order to understand it fully.

You may wonder what we are doing in this book of spiritual work. Well, let me tell you that we are concerned with esoteric prayer and with teaching how it works and what it can do. I think that prayer in this sense is the application of the lessons of spiritualism and the gnosis to our seeking eternal communion and closeness to God-Energy, through the Holy Spirits. I think it is there that we solve the problems of daily life, which arise and seem to bother us so much. This kind of problem solving is important because in order to gfow in the spirit, we have to move on to a higher or more perfect relationship with the Eternal.

At one level a problem exists, which is bothersome to us. Then we move in the spirit on to the next level, which is the higher point of view. There our relationship in the gnosis is one of greater closeness of God. Our relationship to God-Energy has improved because of the Holy spirits. They have led us to an improvement. Now, at that higher level in our relationship with God, we are able to solve that problem with the spiritual powers, which come to us from that level of beingness, or because we are closer to God, we are better beings and have more God-Energy in us. This is the goal of gnostic teachings. When we work from that higher level, we look at the problem that was before us and are now able to bring it back to where it was supposed to be all along. In other words, when we are in the spirit, we are able to see things from the viewpoint of God-Energy, and from that view we see all things the way the Holy spirits are able to see them.

Whatever exists is really not supposed to cause harm or misfortune. It is supposed to be part of the energy of the lifestream of the spirit. So we take the God-Energy of the Holy Spirits and quite simply apply it to the world of problems. The problems are then sent back to where they were before our experience touched them and perhaps disturbed them. No longer are they problems for us, rather they are parts of experience and we know (gnosis) what the ways of their own life should be. They were not to be disturbed nor were they to disturb us in any way. By the use of this experience, we see everything as a kind of lesson in the real growth of the soul, from one world to another.

The teacher of spiritualism, Kardec, always told us to look to the spirits for insights into the way we were to live each day. Those early French gnostics of the last century, under a strong influence from Kardec, stated that gnosis (or spiritual knowledge) was the way in which we were to make prayer work in an inward and absolute way. We were taught to by the Holy spirits how we are to use the powers of prayer and ritual magick.

These same gnostics, and they were very familiar with Voudoo and Shintoism as forms of the universal religion of gnostic spiritualism, taught us to enter into communion with God and thereby become able to see things, perhaps all things, the way god sees them. Certainly, we have his energy to work with and in this matter, we can move beyond all limitations into the lifestream of divine light.

The spiritual circumstances of light from the Holy spirits are always ours when we make use of the principles of esoteric prayer. We are living in a constant conversation or dialogue with divinity. The religious dimensions of life and thought comes to us and sits down beside us and enables us to see every day as a working with gods and Holy spirits. Let me help you to see each day as the beginning of a new conversation with God through the gnosis of the Holy Spirits. They certainly have led us that way in this workbook.

They teach: The Reservoir of Power — Mysticism is the lifestream of the spirit. It is the lifestyle of those who commune daily with God-Energy. Mysticism is the basis of the prayers to the Loa or Les Vudu, in Esoteric Haiti, and to the Kami or Kammamorian spirits, in Esoteric Japan. Vedic or gnostic prayer is the basis of communion with the Mystic Fire of the ancient Hindus (Agni). Each day we come to learn how these holy powers operate in our lives and how we can be and become more attuned to these Holy Spirits than we are or have been. We want more of the operations of the mystic pathway in our life and existence. If you believe in the power of God-Energy, you will intuit that It (Agni) is now present everywhere in your experience. You are then a mystic.

Focus the energy of God in your life by drawing on the way of the Holy Oracles. Learn to enter that religion which is an aspect of both Esoteric < Voudoo, mysticism, Devotion to the Kammamorian Spirits and the angelic communion of the Faith-Energies of the Christ and the Mystic Fire of Agni. This is the attunement of the Gnosis. In all of this, you will seek more and more ways in which to bring the Holy Spirits and their sacramental mysteries closer to you. Let me tell you that the Holy Mother of God, the Primordial and Eternal Goddess is seeking to make the esoteric prayer-life and teachings of the spiritual world the experience of all Her children.

The esoteric teachings and mysticism of the spirits from all of the mystical and God-Energy religions are truly powers and experiences to feed your soul. These energies are directed to your soul in very precise ways because even in the west, among the gnostics who will use this workbook, you can realize how close you are to a science of prayer in liturgies, oracles, ceremonies, rituals, and meditations.

Yes, you have the ways and the paths whereby the spiritual power can be directed into the problem area and then with the power of light that entity in that area can be cleaned and made pure as the light of God, your radiant source.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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