Lesson Seven: Hoodoo Secrets for Getting Lucky Numbers That Win

The Spirits Help Us to Win when We Make Bets

Whenever a person wants to place a bet of any type, or whenever that person wants to get some kind of number that will win in a game of chance or sport, all he has to do is go to the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo, and success will be his. It is very simple, for the spirits will give us favors, if we continue to serve them, for this is part of the contract we have with them. The more we promise to serve them and to work for them, the more they will show us favors by making circumstances and happenings come into agreement with our wishes. So they can make us more and more lucky, because they control all events from behind the scenes.

Do not think that we can have luck by ourselves. We can't. The spirits alone can bring us luck, and they make the winner to be who they want the winner to be in every case. In every circumstance of success in bets and games of chance, the spirits have come into the picture and have adjusted the real circumstances so that the actual winning person was their choice. It is very simple for the spirits to do this, because they can control space and time. If they can control states of space and time, they can also control everything that occurs inside of space and time. Well, we know that everything occurs in space and time, and what the spirits do is simply make arrangements in space and time that are convenient to what they want to happen. They are so powerful that they can set the stage for any event that happens and no one would be any wiser if they did because they act entirely behind the scenes in everything that they do. That is, they act from the invisible side of nature, and build up all things as they want them to be or happen. So the spirits control everything.

Now, the spirits know that we want to win when we make bets and when we go to the races; they want us to pick the lucky numbers that will come in first or ahead of the others. So they have worked out a way of letting us know which will be the lucky numbers and these are the ones we are to follow if we really want to get to be a winner and never again be a loser. The* method is very simple and it involves first of all our really wanting to be a winner. Next it involves our making use of an oracle way of learning from the spirits what numbers are right for what games or races. In order to get into the right mood, you have to use your table and candles and quiet yourself down and get ready to receive the communications from the spirits. Remember that they are ready to help you, once you make contact with them. Next, you will begin to use the oracle of spirit lucky numbers, which is a simple system for making contact with the invisibles.

The Oracle of the Spirits for Getting Lucky Numbers

Take a simple pair of dice and say to the spirits that you want this pair of dice to serve as your communication machine with the spirit world. You will then bless the pair of dice with the following prayer to the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo:

SPIRITS OF LUCKY HOODOO SEND YOUR POWER INTO THIS PAIR OF DICE SO THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE COMMUNICATING WITH ME THROUGH THIS MEDIUM. Now that you have set the dice aside for this special use, you cannot use them for anything else, because they are so holy. They cannot be used in any other way than for the spirits to come into them and use them to speak through. And if you think of doing otherwise, or do otherwise, you will cause the power to leave the dice and then you will have to have the dice made magickal all over again. So, remember to keep the dice on the altar in a special way and never use them in a way for which they were not intended. This is important if you want to hold the power of the spirits in your life, you have got to keep the special objects in a sacred way. That is not for any other purpose but for the spiritual purpose for which they were dedicated to the spirits.

Now, in any race or any betting sequence, they usually have a major sequence and a minor sequence of numbers. For example, you have the first race, the second race, the third, the fourth, etc. But you also have horse number one, two, three, four, and so on. Sometimes they have different numbers but you will find that the numbers are usually between two and 12. So this means that you will be asking the spirits for two sets of numbers; the number of the race and the number of the horse in a particular race. You have to keep this in mind, for this is a precise science of horse-race betting and should not be used unless you are willing to take the time and effort to get your numbers from the spirits with care.

So now you have in your mind that you will be asking the spirits for two sets of numbers. These numbers will apply to the race you plan to attend, for you will apply lucky numbers to any given set of races and the spirits will then control the events so as to issue success of the number you hold for big winning. You will then pray to the spirits and you will ask them first to give you the number of the races to bet in. IJse only one die this time, to see if the number one will show up. If it doesn't, you will then use two pieces of dice from then on, as the spirits don't like to bet in the first, race, for it is during the first race that they take over and adjust things to their plan for winning. Let's say that you have now tossed the dice onto the altar and the number three has come up. This means that you will not bet in the first race, for they will want to upset the tricks placed in the race by any crooks and managers who think they can control a race, and alter the facts so you will become lucky and the gamblers who have fixed the race will become unlucky. Remember that the spirits do not like dishonest people and they kill them off whenever they get in the pathway of the spirits. But the spirits always will help the poor and honest person because he is on their side and under their protection. So during the first race the spirits will usually take over the management and running of the racetrack in question for the time of the races.

Throw the dice again in the pair of pieces you have to get the other numbers, so let us say that three and three turn up, this adds up to six, so you have the sixth race. Throw it again, two and five turn up; this means the seventh race. Again you throw the dice and one and two turn up, this means that the spirits are going to give you two lucky numbers for the third race. This happens quite a lot, so you should be ready to accept the idea of placing two bets in the third race. Now, after you have gotten your table of races worked out, you have three, six, seven, and three. Now you will want to get the numbers of the horses for each race. I might add, you can get lucky numbers for all of the races, but you have to take what the spirits will give you, and not always do they place bets on all races, only what they send to you. They like to rest or to have you take a break during some of the races. Now to get the numbers of the horses, you throw the dice again.

To get the numbers of the horses for each race, you will want to toss the dice to get the lucky numbers in one of two forms. You throw the dice, for example, and you come up with one and one. This could be either 11 or two. Well, in a race they may not have both an eleven and a two, so bet on what they do have. The first race you will bet in is three, you can bet on 11 and two, but if 11 doesn't appear, bet on 2. Throw again, and you come up with one and five, or 15. This can be either six or 15 in race number six, but both won't show, so bet on what does show. Throw again, three and two again. Well, it must mean five because 32 doesn't ever show up as the number of a horse or dog in a race. Lastly, throw and up comes two and four. Well, 24 is unlikely, so the spirits mean six. So that in the third race you will bet on both 11 and two if they both show, and six, so you will split your bet two or three ways.

Now you have your table of lucky numbers and then you have to look at the racing news to find out which number is running in which race. Place your table of numbers on the altar and ask the spirits to bring you luck in the race that will take place at a specific time and place and where you plan to go and make small bets, but bets to win. The spirits do not like big bettors, because such people become obsessed with betting and gambling. They will cause failure if you give yourself over to gambling. But to the poor and honest man who makes small bets, they will send their success, if he is faithful to them and uses the money for good purposes. After you get your table written up and placed on the table or altar, you will then thank the spirits in the deep of your soul. They will then send to you the powers of success to use these numbers that win to bring into your life the energies of success. Now remember to compare the table you have with what will be the running in the race that day In fact, you can follow the races a few days by the newspapers in order to get used to seeing if you are doing well in your getting the numbers that win. Remember that the numbers are not to be thought of as ends in themselves, but only as the ways in which the spirits show their power. For example, while I have advised many as to how to win at the race track, I myself have never placed a bet. I get my money through the magickal use of the energies of contraite. However, let me tell you about a lady who did make it big at the races.

Hoodoo Lady Josephine's Big Day at the Races

Hoodoo Lady Josephine is a very powerful medium and spiritual adviser who tries to help many people. Because she is working for others, she doesn't devote time to doing things for herself. Things for big money just happen to this big mama lady who has a heart of gold as big as the world. She came to me for magickal treatment according to Voudoo laws and I put her in touch with the spirits who stand behind the arts of betting and gambling, just as I have done in this lesson. I got her some numbers for races and some numbers for horses, and she went out and placed very tiny bets, as small as you can, for she wasn't a gambling lady, but needed just a little change for the holiday. The spirits came through and gave us the following table to be used in placing bets:


8 again 13 or 4 split bet

7 again 12 or 3 split bet

8 again 16 or 7 split bet

7 again 12 or 3 must be very lucky

7 again 14 or 5 must be very lucky

Well, Josephine took the numbers that the spirits gave to her through me and placed small bets. But because the seventh race seemed to be so important, she placed larger bets on the two horses, which were three and five, actually running. She did this because she said she felt that she could really clean up on this race, although I advised her that it could be an illusion, and that she might not win if she made a big bet, but would only win if she placed little bets. She said that if she did win, she would use the money to build up the spiritual work and pay off the debts on her church, which was devoted to the worship of the holy spirits. Well, she turned our to be right and won in every race she bet in and only bet where the spirits had given her the numbers. She won a lot of money in the seventh race, because she felt the spirits wanted her to be very lucky. This money she used to pay for a new roof on her church and also for fixing up the altar and paying off a couple of debts to a bank that wasn't being too friendly towards her. Well, it turned out to be a demonstration of the success of this system and she uses this method only once in a while now, but always with some really good success.

Note that she did not bet in the first race and she rested in the third race and after the ninth race she didn't place any more bets. There were 12 races that day, but the spirits didn't want her to bet in the first, third, tenth, 11th, and 12th. But they wanted her to bet in the others and that is what she did. So her success came entirely from the spirits and that is how she won a lot of wonderful money to help her work and herself. So follow the spirits and do only what they will tell you. Then when you are through with the betting, be sure that you thank the spirits at your altar and light your candles and let them know that you are grateful to them for what they have done for you. Never let anything go by for which you do not give them thanks, and it can be very simple, just like this prayer, with which I am ending this lesson:


Lesson Eight: How the Hoodoo Is a. Success in Love and Sex

The Secret of Attraction

Eveerywhere in the world there are positive and negative energies. These energies are what holds the world together and they are held together by their sense of mutual attraction. There are certain experiences of attraction, which each one of us has. We meet someone quite casually and before long we are in the process of making love. Many persons wonder about this power of attraction and how it works. Let me say that attraction is a basic law of all being and that somewhere in the universe there are many souls waiting to make love to someone just like yourself.

The secret of attraction is not based on sexual opposites, because attraction happens more often among the members of the same sex. This explains why young men are attracted to a gang leader and why women seek to follow the leadership of fine persons of their own sex. Men are attracted to men and the women to women. Now, we have been taught by society to seek love from the opposite sex and this has resulted in forced marriages and much divorce. Many men have to learn from experience. For example, there was a rich banker in Haiti who wanted to study with a magician who had attracted him very much. The banker's wife objected so much that she finally divorced him. Now, he was free from her, and could study the occult and magick without her opposition. The power of the magick was so great that it broke up his marriage. In other words, the male magician was so powerful in his attractions that he destroyed a marriage which had been stable for 20 years. The banker had, as a young man, been hypnotized by society into an early marriage in the Catholic religion. He had been the father of four children and went to Mass with his wife every day. But deep in his soul he was unstable because of a need not met. He had many female friends over those 20 years of marriage, so he had plenty of sexual outlets and changed his mistresses often. But he was not satisfied deep in his soul.

When I heard of this attraction between the magician and the banker, 1 asked my master what was the basis of this relationship, which alone seemed to satisfy the banker, an otherwise unfulfilled man. My master in Voudoo said that the relationship between the magician and the banker was also a sexual relationship, for it now existed at all levels. He also advised me to look into the fact that the banker was now totally satisfied in every sense, something he was not before. I wondered about the power of attraction which was there, and the master said that it was a natural law at work. The banker was born under the sign of Taurus and the Moon was in Scorpio. Furthermore, the banker had Cancer as his rising sign also. Well, this shows that banking and saving money were part of his essence, but so must be this sexual attraction he felt for the magician. I therefore asked my master about the magician's signs and learned the following. The magician had the Sun and Moon both in Scorpio and his rising sign was Capricorn. Naturally, the combination of Scorpio and Capricorn is very good for magick, but the natural attraction of Taurus is to Scorpio and with the Moon in Scorpio the attraction is even stronger.

(NOTE: Our recent USA President Nixon was surrounded by Scorpios and Cancers and Pisces, himself being a Capricorn with the Taurus Moon and Virgo rising.)

Thus there is in nature this powerful law of attraction which brings souls together. Each person at birth brings with them certain influences from the higher worlds.

These are shown in the rising sign, Moon sign, and Suri sign of the person. For example, my Sun sign is Capricorn, my rising sign is Virgo, and my Moon sign is Cancer. This is very good for magickal work. My master in the Voudoo sciences had his Sun in Capricorn, his Moon and rising signs were Scorpio. These three astrological influences are very important for understanding the law of attraction as it works in each person's life.

When this law of attraction enters into the emotional life of the person, we can say that they are "in love," and when it is manifested in the sexual actions, then the two poles of attraction have fully grounded their attraction. But this attraction is so firm in the nature of things that I will call it by its proper name, which is "personal magnetism."

The Law of Personal Magnetism

Personal magnetism is based on the attraction of cosmic forces, and the fact that each person carries with him this force in his personal soul. The secret of love and sex is to find out what persons will be then attracted to you, so that you can then ask the spirits to help cast the spells for love and sex. The spirits will not help you unless you know just exactly what you wish. For example, my teacher was a Capricorn and Scorpio type, so he told me that in his absence he would prepare a secretary for me who would have qualities compatible with myself and with the teacher. My secretary has a combination of Scorpio, Cancer arid Capricorn magnetism, so the law seems to be working quite well. Now, it is difficult to find exactly what you wish on your own, but the Hoodoo spirits can easily set in motion the causes which bring about the meeting of attractive forces. This is important for you, so that you can see by a study of the law what you will be seeking and then you will ask the spirits to assist you in making this real and important in your life.

I will now go through the Zodiac of the Hoodoos and make brief comments upon each sign to show its attractions.

1. Moon in Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. This should attract the same or the Moon in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

2. Suri in Taurus. This sign will attract Scorpio, but also Cancer, Capricorn, and Virgo, as well as itself.

3. Sun in Virgo will attract Pisces, but also Cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio, as well as itself.

4. Sun in Capricorn will attract Cancer, and also Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo and Taurus, as well as itself.

5. Sun in Scorpio will attract Taurus and also Capricorn and Virgo, and Cancer as well as itself.

6. Moon in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will attract the Moon in Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, as well as itself.

7. Sun in Pisces will attracts Virgo, itself and Cancer.

8. Sun in Cancer will attract Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces, as well as itself.

9. Sun in Libra will attract Arios as well as itself.

10 Sun in Aquarius will attract Leo as well as Gemini and Libra and itself.

11 Moon in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo will attract itself and the Moon in Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

12. Sun in Gemini will attract the Sun in Sagittarius and itself

13. The Sun in Sagittarius will attract Gemini.

14. The Sun in Aries will attract Libra.

15. The Sun in Leo will attract Aquarius.

16. The Moon in Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini will attract itself and the Moon in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.

It is important to understand that these are merely the ways in which the laws of attraction work for the Sun signs. My understanding is that if there is an attraction in a relationship, then it would seem that some secret factor is at work, which does obey the laws given in this lesson, but which is unknown to us at the time of our initial inquiry. After all, we are not expected to be astrologers, and so few of those know any truth, so we just want to operate these laws to our advantage and get from them the rewards of love and sex which we seek.

You will note that the earth and water signs have the very widest range of attraction. This is because their powers in Hoodoo science are the highest. All of the really big Hoodoo masters are of the earth or water signs, since Virgo rules Voudoo, Capricorn rules Hoodoo, and Taurus rules witchcraft. Those who lots of earth and water in their charts of birth are really cut out for this kind of activity. For example, I have always wondered why I had this strong attraction towards Hoodoo. In fact, all other systems never seemed to satisfy me. I was like the banker in our earlier story, except I was dealing with forces and ideas. Well, I have the Sun in Capricorn and I have the Moon, Earth and Pluto all in Cancer and conjunct in their powers. My rising sign is Virgo and I have Neptune rising in that sign (this is the planet of shamanism and mysticism of a primitive sort). My Jupiter, which rules rituals and ceremonial magick, is in Scorpio. Hence this is the basis of my attraction to the Hoodoo system of spirituality.

Love And Sex Spellbinding

Now you know the law of attraction, you can apply it in the work of spellbinding for love and sex. This is a very simple process and does not require much to be done in addition to your using your Hoodoo altar-table in the usual manner. Now you must really set your mind on the type of person you wish to attract according to your laws of magnetism. I have given you the rules and you will have to observe them as guidelines for your work. You will sit at your altar table and you will make up a magickal charm on paper, according to the old Hoodoo method and place it between the red candle and the black candle, as shown in the chart in Lesson Four. You will use peach-flavored brandy in this method, because it is concerend with love and sex and the excitements of very hot passions. The chart you will make is the following magickal design.

[insert chart from manuscript here]

Then you will say the following magickal prayer to invoke the spirits of Hoodoo love and sex to come to your aid in this matter.

HOODOO SPIRITS OF LOVE AND SEX POWER COME TO MY AID AND BRING ME TO A VERY GOOD LOVER WHO WILL BE HELD TO ME BY THE POWERS OF ATTRACTION AND PERSONAL MAGNETISM Then you will drink down the glass of peach brandy arid thank the spirits for what they have done. You will put out the candles and say: IT IS DONE. Break contact by a clap of your hands.

This spellwork is designed to bring to you a terrific lover which the spirits know is suited to you perfectly. Remember that the spirits know what you are in terms of the laws of attraction and so they will know what to bring to you. They know just what you need.

The magickal chart or card which you make is a talisman of the powerful magician-spirit Bacalou Baca or Bacoulou Baca, which is his magickal name. He is the spirit of Capricorn in Hoodoo and he is a very helpful spirit in trying to attract love and sex. He is worshipped in temples by means of sexual actions, which are very important to him for his building up of reserve forces. Thus, lovers at the time of the climax or orgasm will send the power of their intense passionate pleasure to this spirit, in order to give him special energies which will bring good fortune and love to them and many other gifts. Let me say that this is a form of exchange of energy with the spirit of Capricorn and this exchange of energy is due to the need of the spirit to have something that he can transform into material power, money, gifts, gold, or good fortune. The sexual energy is thus exchanged with the spirits for this material well- being.

Also, you must understand that the spirits will bring you into circumstances which are what they know is best for you to do what they want. We have to get away from the thought of getting in love and sex what we want. The spirits really know much better than we do in this matter and because of this they are better suited to make adjustments which affect our destmy. Let me say that they often bring people together in order to cause certain energies to be combined or brought forth in production. They might wish to experiment and cause something to happen that has never before been produced. This is how true love and sex operate in the lives of those who accept the powers and the real presence of the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo, so you must become open to these spirits and willingly agree to serve them, for you know that they know best for you and for those who follow them faithfully have never gone wrong and have really benefitted considerably. That is why I say again to you: Serve these wonderful spirits of Lucky Hoodoo and receive the rewards of this service.

Lesson Nine: How the Hoodoo Man Keeps His Nature High

In my many years of magickal practice with West Indian followers of Lucky Hoodoo, I have been asked many times to give information and help to men in order to aid them to have their sexual vigor restored. Sexual power is very important for many occult or magickal reasons, which are often more powerful than the use of sexual power in love and sex. in many religions it is said that sexual power is bad or evil in some form, so that to have a low nature is considered a good thing. This is not so in Hoodoo and in all of the more basic forms of Voudoo, where all of the spirits are known to have very high natures.

No man must be shy or ashamed because his nature is low. Lucky Hoodoo can make it high and keep it very high. The reason for this is that the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo will want their servers to have high natures filled up with sex power, so that the spirits can be better served. All of the religions which state that low nature is good are false and distorted pictures of a sick mind. Everything in nature shows the power of the high sexual nature of the Hoodoo God of the spirits, so we follow him and not the negative aspects of popular religious foolishness.

According to Hoodoo, all of the spirits are big in their sexual parts and powers. They are big in their desires for more and more power of will and action. They are big in what they want to have done and what they are in the act of doing. Thus, a high nature is part of the Hoodoo picture for all men. If they say that Voudoo is the religion of power, so that say that Lucky Hoodoo is the religion of high sexual power and nature.

In Lucky Hoodoo we teach that there is in each man the powerful god of regeneration and creativity. His name is Papa Gayday. His symbol is the man's sexual organ. The sexual organ is possessed by Papa Gayday and when it is possessed the god gives a very high nature to the man who owns the organ being possessed by Papa. Papa Gayday is worshipped through all forms of sexual action. Anything that gives pleasure to the organ is a form of delight to Papa. If the organ has much enjoyment, Papa Gayday will give to it a will and mind of its own, so that the organ becomes a magickal wand or symbol of the will of the god of all sexual power. For this reason, even very old men, who have dedicated their lives to Papa Gayday are always able to have much love and sex, lor they never lose their natures. The high power of their natures is proof that Papa Gayday has still possessed them and will continue to do so to the very end. For this reason, many students of magick will come from miles around and often from other lands just to be initiated into the magick of this voudoo wand. For by worship of this power, there is a transfer of power from the god to the student, by means of the rod of power of the magickal wizard of Lucky Hoodoo.

The Fountain of Youth

There was in ancient times the belief that there was somewhere in the world a magickal fountain, which would restore to youth all who drank from it. This fountain of youth was, however, misunderstood by those who went looking for it, for the true fountain of youth is the magickal wand on the body of man. Those who come to this magickal rod of power will be blessed by its mysteries, which are those of the holy cream of eternal power.

A white woman from New York went to Haiti and witnessed a powerful healing of a blind child The child was brought to the magician who then sought to pray to the god to give the power of healing in the nature of sexual power. The god and all of the spirits of the Nibbho family agreed to this act which shows forth the divine power of the god. Thus the magician took from his rod the magickal cream ot healing and placed it upon the eyes of the blind child, who was restored to sight. This has been done to those blind from birth or handicapped in various other ways. In each case, the fountain of youth and healing was revealed in the presence of the faithful. This is the way in which the gods of Lucky Hoodoo can come into our lives and heal in many ways what is a problem of health for us.

The Food of the Gods and Spirits

In the most secret part of Lucky Hoodoo there is the teaching that the food of the gods and spirits is this magickal cream. The priests of this ancient religion were supposed to feed this power to the gods almost each day. This power was then taken by the gods and transformed into magickal powers, gifts, riches, and all favorable circumstances. Thus, the magicians were the most powerful in all the world. In ancient cultures, the religions made offerings of blood to the spirits. But the magicians, in order to have even greater power, made offerings of the sacred cream, which comes forth from the rod or the magickal wand of the wizard of Lucky Hoodoo. Thus, while the gods gave minor favors to the religious people who made blood offerings, yet they gave their truest favors to the magicians, for the sacred crearri is the most powerful of all magickal substances in this world. It is the basis of material existence.

We do not know fully what the gods and spirits of Lucky Hoodoo do with this magickal or sacred crearn, but it is very important to them and has been secretly known to be their food since the earliest times of Atlantis, if not before that time. What we do know is that these magickal creams form the basis for the materialization of powers and riches by the magician in the world and for the continuous prosperity of those who follow the cult of Lucky Hoodoo, all through their lives. Finally, we can safely say that those who domake the regular offerings to the gods of this food for magick, are kept in the fullness of sexual vigor and always have a high nature.

Magickal Places and Acts of Sex

There are in every society those secret meeting places where men may find the release of sexual tension which is so essential to their harmony of nerves and bodily health. In places set aside by the centuries-old laws of sexual relaxation — and I do not refer to houses of prostitution, which is a terrible and evil plague upon mankind ---men will meet men and there one will seek to have done what the other is more than willing to do. I do not wish to speak more explicitly, except that those who go there are driven there by weird magickal powers and influences, which come from the unconscious levels of mind. Those who meet in these dark and often very damp places are under the elemental forces of the deeps and must come together for they are driven by wild and barbaric passions. There exists in those places a kind of daemonic priesthood, truly the sons of the underworld in all of his power, and they willingly drink the sacred cream like strange vampires, who cannot explain in any form their bizarre behavior. They, the members of this priesthood, are driven to these places to await the victims of their thirst. They cannot explain why they have come there, all they know is that they must take hold of the magick wands in their mouths and drink like a madman lost in the desert, who has just come upon a refreshing oasis.

The victims of this priesthood since the times of Atlantis have been relaxed by this weird action and they have returned home less tense and more aware of other parts of their lives. No longer are they obsessed by the sex passion. Frequently they have received the effects of good luck upon their return to the world of moderate feelings and cares. While the victims of these elementáis, they have not been victimized, but rather they have gone to the place of offering and have paid their tribute to the gods of the deeps. Then as faithful to their cult, they have received from the gods the rewards of obedience and service.

To the magickal observer, the throats and mouths of the priests of the weird and secret rites are tubes and tunnels, cisterns and sewers which go down, deep into the elemental levels of being. There at the bottom of this magickal passageway we can find the deep ones of unspeakable evil, who being protectors of the magickal wand in all of its erect glory, are also the gods of gold and fire and all enlightenment. Here or there, to be more precise, there is no obscenity, there is only the exchange of energy. In the areas of those sewers into which vast amounts of blood have been poured, as nearby to slaughter-houses and meat packing establishments, one finds also such deep elemental contacts. This is surely evil; but it is also very powerful magick.

Modern society has created these places of moral danger through its Judeo-Christian ethics, which is foreign to the ancient morality of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Christians, who eat the flesh and drink the blood of their god, practice in sublimated form this ancient eating of the divine wand of power and swallowing the sacred cream. But the religion of the dying god has been false in its understanding of the ancient priesthood, which has been driven into the darkness and dampness of the washrooms and baths. The ancient priesthood of darkness lives on, for it has the strength of eternity. Evetually it will come to destroy Christianity and the morality of denial in passion and lust.

The Power of Light, Which Is the Sun

The basis of Lucky Hoodoo is the worship of the spirits, who represent the spirits of the Sun. The priesthood of light does not swell in the dark and damp places of the persecuted but in the solar temples of the phallic cult. The presence of the sacred cream in human life, in the body of man, was proof of the presence of Sunlight in the life of all being. Hence, those who come before the rays of the Sun were thought of also as a special priesthood, which we might call the priesthood of daylight. For them the sacred cream came forth as a gift from the gods and was to be used to create. While at night this cream was fed into the cisterns of magick shaped like the gaping mouths of so many sea-monsters and vampires. Thus, there were two kinds of magick associated with the use of the sexual nature in man, and each had its promise of long life and much vigor.

In Lucky Hoodoo, we are able to draw upon both orders of force, the night powers and the day powers. In Egypt they were called the powers of Set and Osiris, or sometimes Seth and Horous. In each case, you must be willing to offer your sexual power to the spirits in exchange for their blessings and gifts. In each cult, the man must be prepared to turn his back upon the modern religion of restriction and come face to face with the ancient ones, beyond all time and space. He must know that his organ is a magickal powerhouse, a place wherein the spirit of the mightily and victoriously crowned Papa Gayday makes his abode.

Lucky Hoodoo makes it possible for its men to seek either of these forms of magick, which will enable them to live with the fullness of sexual vigor and with a nature always high. Both are the forms which come to us from ancient times and then beyond to the other worlds, much older than our own. In all of these places the phallus, the organ of manhood, is viewed as the place of the gods, or an Atua, filled with the powers of the spirit. There will be always those who will seek sexual exchange with the powers of the Sun which are beyond those of the surface of this earth, such men will be called the solar phallic men of power. Others will come into the deep and dark dampness of night and seek the Moonless starry nights where the powers of weird and ancient magick rule. In such places and at such times, men are eaten up with their lusts and animal passions, they are driven by elemental cravings and wild ravenous things, which go beyond — way beyond — the blood lusts of the Moon cult. And when he has decided upon which pathway to use, and he may use all and any at any time, he will knwo that he is making contact with the agents of the ancient powers, who have been hidden in the earth for endless periods of time. And there in the deep and secret places of his finding, the man of sexual power will offer his essence to the gods from beyond the veils of time and space, and there in the offering of his most precious being, he will be released of all tension and all pressure, and there he will come to see the world as the spirits see it, as free from all storm and stress and perfectly relaxed and at peace. And in that moment he will realize that they will make him strong to give to them as long as he willing to go to them and give the gift of his very innermost being.

Therefore, let the man of Hoodoo sit at his altar and after having lighted the candles and begun his meditation, he will give to them that are the most ancient and most powerful spirits in the universe, through the act of self-love, the power which they seek, for which they will give back to him all that he seeks and especially the continuation of the highest of his natures. And let him regain his strength after the power has been drawn off, by drinking the apricot brandy, which is the symbol of what he has done.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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