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Chaptef* 1. Zothyrian Metapsychology: Ten papers which provide an esoteric system of new-aedn magickai psychology, including the authors own interpretation of the Aiwaz energies, t. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 1: The Lattice Systems 227

2. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 2: The Gospel of Truth from the Meon 230

3. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 3: The Gospel of Truth from His Own Being 233

4. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 4: The Magickai Inflation of the Gnostic Ego, Part 1 236

5. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 5: Logos I 240

6. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 6: La Recherche pour L'Ojas (Logos TI) 243

7. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 7: La Recherche pour L'Ojas (Logos III) 246

8. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 8: La Recherche pour L'Ojas (Logos IV) 250

9. Zothyrian Metapsychology, Lesson 9: The Search For Ojas (Conclusion) 252

10. Zothyrian Metapsychology, I^esson 10: Magickal Techniques of Computer Programming 257

Chapter 2. The Physics of the New Aeon of the Gnosis: This explores the new form of the physics of magick, including Ma'atian, Gnostic, Nemirion physics, and esoteric electrical engineering.

1. Course in Ma'atian Physics, Lesson 1: Ma'atian Inductions 260

2. Course in Ma'atian Physics, Lesson 2: The Maesurement of Ma'at 263

3. Gnostic Physics, Lesson 1: What Do We Mean By the Science of Gnostic Physics? 265

4. Gnostic Physics, Lesson 2: Patterns and Processes in Magickal Computers 2o"

5. Gnostic Physics, Lesson 3: The Meaning of Idealization and Realization in Gnostic Physics 273

6. Nemirion Physics, Lesson 1: Neptune in Capricorn 277

7. Nemirion Physics, Lesson 2: The Atlantean Explorations of the Ultra-Unconscious 280

8. Nemirion Physics, Lesson 3: Points of Entry to the Zothyrian Empire Esoteric Electrical Engineering, Lesson 1: The Cosmic Computer 286

10. Esoteric Electrical Engineering, Lesson 2: Esoteric Logic as Both Esoteric Idealism and Esoteric Initiation 289

11. Esoteric Electrical Engineering, Lesson 3: Transcendental Objectivity and the Initiations of Esoteric Idealism 292

Chapter 3. Gnostic Elnergies in Esoteric Hinduism: Explores gnostic energies as they are found in esoteric Hinduism, as I construct it.

1. Sutratmic Researches, Lesson 1 295

2. Sutratmic Researches, Lesson 2 298

3. Transyuggothian Power Secrets, Lesson 1: The Doorway 300

4 Transyuggothian Powers Course, Lesson 2: The Masters of Magick 303

5. The Ojas-Yuggoth Papers, Lesson 7: The Yuggoth Ray 305

6. Tantric Phvsics, Lesson 1: The Brahrninical Secret 308

/ Tantric Physics, Lesson 2: The Kamatattwas 310

8. The Aryasanga Physics, Paper 1: The 96 Layers of Vijnana 313

Chapter 4. A Magickal Technology: Here we explore the matter of the physical body and imagination as magickal energies and powers. ,

1. The Varuna Gnosis Papers, Lesson 1: Fundamental Theory, Section A —

VuHotronics and Yemeth Engineering 316

2. The Varuna Gnosis Papers, Lesson 2: The Vudotronic Induction of EEE bnergies 318

3. The Varuna Gnosis Papers, Lesson 3: The Vudotronic Instrumentation 320 4 The Varuna Gnosis Papers, Lesson 4: The Reduction of Vudotronic

Energies and the EEE Energies to Magickal Numbers 322

5. Archaeometrical Biology (Mystical Genetics), Lesson 1: The Magickal Induction of Souls 325

6. Gnostic Zoology, Lesson 1: From Bio-Physics to the Ojas-Organisms 327

7. Bathos-Gnosis, Lesson 1: The Kama-Ojas Field 329

Chapter 5. Magnetic Materials and Gnostic Genetics: The gnostic rnagick of esoteric healing and building of the occult bodies.

1. Magnetic Materialsm and Gnostic Genetics, Lesson 1: The Therapeutic Aspects of Ojas and Other Gnostic Energies 332

2. Magnetic Materialism and Gnostic Genetics, Lesson 2: The Field Theory f of Healing in Gnostic and Initiatic Physics 334

3. Magnetic Materialism and Gnostic Genetics, Lesson 3: Body-Work and the Healing Emanations of Ojas 336

4. Magnetic Materialism and Gnostic Genetics, Lesson 4: The Deduction of Gnostic Genetics from Esoteric Logic 339

5. Magnetic Materialism and Gnostic Genetics, Lesson 5: Pheonismes and the Articulation of Esoteric Logic (with reference to the History of Zothyrian Philosophy as a Technique of Esoteric Healing) 341

Chapter 6. Zothyrian Physics and Radio-Psychology: includes lessons on esoteric psychoanalysis of Dzyan, the radio-psychoanalysis of Dzyan, and synchronistic robotics.

1. Zothyrian Physics, Lesson 1: The Logical Basis of Both IFA and Initiation Physics 34J

2. Zothyrian Physics, Lesson 2: The Null Spaces of To-Gai Initiation Physics 346

3. Zothyrian Physics, Lesson 3: The Application of Yuggothian Matrices to the To-Gai Null Spaces 349

4. Esoteric Psychoanalysis of the "Stanzas of Dzyan," Lesson 1: The Dzyu-Gnosis 352

5. Radio-Psychoanalysis of "The Stanzas od Dzyan," Lesson 1: Esoteric Nature of Fohat 356

6. Synchronistic Robotics, Lesson 1: Design of the Theory 358

7. Synchronistic Robotics, Lesson 2: The Genius of IFA as the Meta-Management of the Continuum of Lattices 361

Chapter 7. The Technology of Appplied Gnosis: Here the emphasis in on three areas of magickal applications of the powers, as map -makers of the transcendental id, gnostic engineering, the Tushil.a Heaven and the higher worlds of consciousness.

1. Map-Makers of the Transcendental Id and the Esoteric Engineering of the Future 354

2. Gnostic Engineering, Lesson 6: Transformation Processes in Time-Station Matrices 368

3. The Tushita Heaven and the Golden Shrine of Michael Aquarius 371

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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