Lesson Two How the Hoodoo Spirits Help You to Get Exactly What You Want

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Everyone who comes to Hoodoo wants to have something done for them. The reason why they come to Hoodoo is because they have tried everything else and they have not been successful. That is why they are willing to try the power of the spirits which we call Lucky Hoodoo. But you, dear student, are different, because you are now on the road to becoming a Hoodoo practitioner, someone who will be able to help others because he has been so successful and powerful in his Hoodoo work with the spirits.

Generally speaking, the Hoodoo spirits are asked to do one of four major kinds of things for those who come to them for help. Sometimes we will find a person who has a lot of needs, but they are usually variations of the basic four. These needs are usually:

1. The desire to have good health and be free of illness.

2. The wish to have more money or a better job or boss.

3. The wish to know more about the spirits for betterment.

4. The wish to have a new or better lover for romance and sex.

All of these needs are valid and very good for the person to seek. There is no reason why anyone should feel ashamed to want to have these goals. They are the aims of everyone who is in a right frame of mind. Now, we have to see what the Hoodoo Spirits think about these goals for gain.

All of these aims are based on the need to gain something more. So there must be something or somebody in the spirit world who is willing to help us to get what we want. The answer is that there are many spirits who have as their purpose the helping of mankind to gain what it needs. These spirits come in order to make up for the lack of something which is the basis of need. We are seeking the help of the spirits in order to gain what we do not now have. Fortunately, there are many spirits who are quite willing to help us out. In fact they are often more willing to help us than we are ready or able to let them help us. In other words, many persons are not yet ready to make contact with the spirits in order to have the spirits help them with their plans. But once a person has made contact with spirits, then it is quite simple to ask them to help you with a particular project, which will bring you exactly what you are seeking.

Your own case would be an example of a person who is already on the road to successful communion with the spirits, for you have done the ritual of dedication to the Hoodoo spirits, which was given in the first lesson of this series of documents. Now, we will begin from where we left off in the last lesson, in order to see just how it is that the spirits are able to bring to a person who is seeking something, what that person wants.

In the world of the spirits there is a particular group of Spirits who are concerned with doing special projects. These are called the "Work Loa," and they are to be found among both the Hoo -Spirits and among the Doo-Spirits. These working gods are very helpful to mankind, for they are the powers that enable mankind to got exactly what he wants at any time. They are powerful helpers to mankind, because they are paid by mankind in turn in response to what they have done for him. The "Work Loa" are very wonderful gods in the sense that they have infinite powers, because they are pure spirit and not tied down to this world of earth. Thorelore, they are able to be everywhere at all times and to do everything that needs to be done. However, it is necessary to approach these gods by means of special rituals, for like all of the Hoodoo Spirits, these beings are very much in sympathy with ceremonies and rites.

Many persons are of the opinion that the Voudoo gods can be contacted simply by directing the mind in the way of t.heir being and thus attunement with the Spirits is achieved by pure and silent thought. This may be true for those Big Shots who can build Mental Temples with their minds and imaginations but it is not true for those who are just beginning. Such novices in Hoodoo must make use of ceremonial work and ritual to summon the Spirits, for if a person wishes to summon the spirits, it is done either with a Mental Temple that is built up in the mind or else it is done with a ceremony done in the very room where the person is. But in either case it is done making use of some kind of magick. That is the important factor. It is necessary to make use of powerful magick in order to summon the Hoodoo Spirits at any time. For they respond only to magick, whether or not it is mental or physical it does not matter except to the student or practitioner. They will come quicker through a good magician using physical methods than through a careless student making use of mental methods, only. And it is important to understand this point, for they are not too interested in how you call them to your aid. They are only interested in that you do call upon them to help you.

On the other side and in the world of the spirits, the "Work Loa" can easily recognize a call for help because of the astral colors that it sends along with itself. The call carries with it the secret colors of true petition if it is a sincere call for help. If it isn't, then the colors will be absent and other colors which indicate deception will be present. Pity the poor fool who tries to trick the spirits, for they know everything and that is why they know you and what you want from them. So be perfectly honest with them for they can tell intuitively when you are sincere and when you are not sincere. Even if a person sought to attract them by means of a Mental Temple, and still was insincere, he would not be successful. They can tell even when the person is working in the world of Mind. For the colors of the Mental Temple will apear to be those where insincerity is present and they will not come, except to punish the wrongoder. Therefore be perfectly honest with them and you will be helped.

Another thing to understand is that with them the morals of the human world are without meaning. Moral codes were invented by certain political and religious groups to keep the majority of human beings in chains. There is only one law of morality in the spirit world and that is to tell the truth to the spirits. So if a person desires to make love to another person and the world of human morality would say this is wrong, or even the Bible would say this is wrong, we must understand that to seek the spirits this is not wrong, as long as the seeker is truly seeking that person as his lover. For that reason you must not feel any shyness about speaking to the wonderful spirits, for if you are honest with yourself, you are honest with them. If you are to be honest with them, then they can come to your aid and help you out.

There is a very simple ritual which you can do in order to get the Hoodoo Spirits to come to your aid. This is a simple request ritual, and it can be done at any time, once you have done the dedication ritual and therefore should be done at least one day later in order to give your own astral body a rest. However, it is the basic ritual for getting in touch with the spirits and letting them know just what it is that you want them to do.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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