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5. The black magick family is allied to 2 in its negative phase. The color is black and only black may be used, although purple, gold, and red may be complementary to the black color. For example, in South America, the priests and bishops of Bacaloubaca wear black and red Latin mass vestments and mitres of baroque shape. This family is used to cause trouble and is really quite negative, however, the sexual and ritual magick and the initiations of this family can be powerful and helpful. In Haiti, the priests of this family are all very terrible homosexual sadistic types and are shunned by white magicians generally. This family sets up its temple making use of four devil points, and these points are balanced by points taken from another family, e.g., four points from the Cimitiere. [small syrnbolsof ghuedhe pictured here]

6. The transvection family is usually considered black magick in many ways. It uses only dark colors and uses were-animal masks. It uses weird forms of sexual magick, and in many ways it is allied with 2 and 5. By this I mean that it likes the settings of 2 and the actions of 5, except that it becomes more and more extreme in its manifestations. It is believed simply that voudoo priests may gain powers by entering into their animal level subconscious and subconscious minds and that this atavistic process will help them as oracles and as magickal creators and problem solvers. However, since many of the priests of the Ghuedhe family use lycanthropy as a method, the transvection family work almost entirely with insect-forms or low animals. For example, Ti-Moufette is the Loa of bad smells. Moufette means skunk. Now, the priest of this cult tries to emit as many bad smells as possible and in so doing he creates a magickal force field, which the 1, 3 and 4 families would consider evil or bad. These latter identify the GG work with the sensuous perfumes, rather than bad smells and forms of flatulency. However, this view of bad smells as being demonic is not entirely western, as the Ethiopians consider the experience of flatulence as the expulsion of demons from their bowels. We should therefore understand a primitive mode of thought behind this cultural attitude.

7. The big Baron Family is the GG establishment and considers itself the purest of the traditions. It is strongly Petro and purple, black, red are the magickal colors as well as the magickal days given in earlier lessons. It is necessary for all of the more respectable families to have at least one member in this family with whom they can communicate. As there are nine members this is easily shown. However, the lewd family, which is 9 ius fortunate in having two Barons as its members and these are allied in GG to Ghuedhe Brav, who is the 9th member of the Baron family. The Barons spend most of their time keeping the GG orthodox, that is, free from confusion with other Ghuedhe cults, that is why Baron Cousin 'Azacca is not listed, although he is genuine G Loa, but he is not magickal enough for the GG, or else he has his own magick. The real reason is that Cousin 'Azacca is part of the wholesome side of the Baron family, while GG prefers to work with the unwholesome side. The Barons in addition to magickal administration form an initiatic establishment of the stellar-phallic type and thus back up the initiations of 1, 3, 4 types while also allowing the 2, 5, 6, 8, and 9 families to run wild, as they enjoy doing. 10 is allied with the I, 3, 4 group, with 8, so that there are five positive and five negative groups of Loa in GG. However, family Baron, 7, runs everything and must be acknowledged as the phallic establishment.

8. The spider family is quite small and likes black colors, sometimes red is used very discreetly. This family is closely allied to 6, the transvection family, except that the spider family is also the divinatory family of the negative type.

Thus the spider oracles are as sought after as the oracles of the 1, 3, 4, and 10 families. At one time this family was a subdivision of 1 or 4, but became independent and now is the white-magick divination system of the black-magicians of the GG. It is quite different from the divinations of the 5 family, which are black magick oracles mainly, although they need not be so negative.

9. The lewd family is entirely shocking to many students of black voudoo because it is so perverted. However, it is a magickal side and the Barons here are very powerful. The colors are any and all, but black, purple, red, and blue, and gold and silver are enjoyed. The legend is that Baron Limba and Baron Lundi were expelled from the Baron family because they were so perverted in their sexual expressions. For a while none of the more conservative Loa in the Baron family would talk to them, so sexual exhibitionism and nudism were not approved until later on — now the Ghuedhe priests in Haiti are the most sexually exhibitionist of all — so that these two barons, who are homosexual lovers formed their own school for teaching nude wrestling, usually in tubs or when drunk, and generated such a force that many joined the school. However, they do not use the four-fold pattern for the other families, and have an astral or secret point in addition to the three given. They are very close to the 2 family and the practice of deflowering dead virgins comes from this traditions of this school.

10. This is the most conservative black-magick school in GG. It is composed of voudoo monks and is the establishment behind the Barons. The colors are black and purple, and gold and red are used to modify these major colors. The work is divination and initiation.

Grimoire Ghuedge, Appendix 1.

The following are some of the Loa used in the magick of the Grimoire ghuedhe.

I. Famille Legbha Nibbho:

1. Mirroir-des-Sessions

2. Histoire Fantastique

3. Mirroir Fantastique

4. Mirroir Mystere

5. Mirroir Royal

II. Famille Cimitiere:

1. Ghuedhe Veillee

2. Mystere Linglessou

3. Mystere Grand-Aran

4. Ghuedhe Cadayre

5. Mystere Allonge

III. Famille Initiatique

1. Roi Louanges — Mystere Ghuedhe Luage

2. Mystere Sacredoce

3. Mystere d'Aphotheose

4. Mystere Lutteau — Ghuedhe Lutteur

5. Ti-Retirer

6. Grand Retirer

IV. Famille Divinitoire

1. Mysteres-des-Sanges

2. Mysteres-des-Craines

3. Mysteres-des-Houdeaux

4. Mystere Royal ou Desak'karum

V. Famille Magie Noire

1. Ti-Mauvais

2. Macando

3. Bacaloubaca

4. Bossu-Diabolo

VI. Famille Transvection t. Ti-Pied-Mille-Fois

2. Ti-Moufette

3. Mystere-des-Blattes

VII. Grande Famille Baron:

1. Baron La Croix

2. Baron Cimitiere

3. Baron Samedi

4. Baron Piquant

5. Baron Scorpion

6. Ti-Jean-Zombi

7. Baron Zombi

8. Ghuedhe Nibbho ou Ghuedhe Nimbo

9. Ghuedhe Brav'

VIII. Famille Zariguin:

1. Mystere Araignee

2. Ti-Zariguin

3. Mystere Toile-d'Araignee

4. Maitre Baron Zariguin ou Ghuedhe Zariguin

IX. Famille Impudique:

1. Mystere-Limbi-des-Lutteurs-Nus

2. Limba ou Maitre Baron Limba

3. Mystere Baron Lundi

X. Famille Magique:

t. Legbha Nibbho

2. Histoire Nibbho

3. Grand Maitre Baron Ghuedhe

4. Marrassas Nibbho

Grimoire Ghuedhe: Saturn in Scorpio and Sun in Scorpio

There are many magicians who are interested in the work of the GG section of LCN. Yet, they are not aware of the existential basis of the field for operations, which is derived from exact astrological lattices, i.e., from beings-in-the-world. It is true that there are certain magickal methods which we teach by lesson as written, but there are also ways of learning our system via magickal oracles which are opened at certain times and under certain conditions these give forth teachings not found in our papers or books.

1. In order to feel the power of GG, which is the union of Saturn and the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, you will sit at a table with a candle burning before you but with no other illumination in the room.

2. You will begin to realize that the power of fire is an elemental contact and that you can easily possess consciousness of that elemental contact by talking to the fire before you. You will begin to send your thoughts into the fire and the fire will respond in its various motions. You will realize that the fire moves and responds now in perfect response to your psychic questioning.

3. You are making now inner-plane contact with the fire elemental, which is the closest to the human world and therefore the elemental most similar to human consciousness in the area of communication. You will now realize that you may engage in a limited dialogue with this fire elemental, wherever and whenever you wish to communicate with it.

4. Begin by asking it the following pattern of questions, which will serve to give you an insight into what the elemental spirits think of how you are developing as a magickal practitioner and be very careful about giving enough time to the elemental to make a proper response. This is the flame moves forwards and backwards, the answer is quite like a human nod, so it may be interpreted as yes, if the flame moves from side to side, the elemental may be interpreted as shaking its head, which is our human way of saying no and thus the elemental may be interpreted as providing a negative response to your question. Here are some questions you may wish to ask to test this method of operations:

i. I want to make contact with you, am I sending my thoughts clearly?

ii. Am I making an improvement now, am I telepathing slowly enough to be picked up by you?

iii. Will you direct me in psychic development in working with elementals, as you would be the logical one to teach me?

iy. Am I making enough progress in my magickal development so that I can be said to appear at the elemental level as entering into the GG stage of the LCN work?

v. Am I becoming more sensitive to elemental powers and influences, so that I am able to draw upon your help in my many projects?

vi. Will I be able to see your operations in the 16 sexo-magickal centers of power, with which I am about to begin to make psychic contact?

5. These are only a few of the very many questions, asked very slowly and with a clear psychic thought, that you can raise and send towards the elemental world via this simple contact with fire. The idea is that you will be using elemental and sexo-magickal forces together as you move more and more deeply into the meaning of the Sun and Saturn in the House of Scorpio, which is the sign of Ghuedhe Grimoire.

6. This experiment can be used as a warm-up exercise whenever you wish to make magickal contact with spiritual forces and powers. Now we pass on to the next part of the lesson.

There are 16 magickal sexual centers used by the magicians of GG. Corresponding to each of these centers of space-power there is to be found one Loa-spirit from each of the ten families of spirits used in GG. The purpose of this lesson is simply to give the list and the correspondences, which are to be found in appendix of Lesson 1(a) of GG exactly as they are numbered, for purposes of study. Therefore, we ask you to make up your magickal notebook based on the 16 centers and the Loa as they are exactly hierated or numbered in this paper:

Table of Correspondences for Grimoire Ghuedhe

1. This is the base of the spine center assigned to Moon in Sorpio with attributions from x4, ix3, viiil, viil, Yi3, vl, ivl, iii6, iii5, il.

2. This is the right anal base sacred to the Sun in Taurus with attributions from x4, ix3, viiil, viil, vi3, vl, ivl, iii6, ii5, il.

3. This is the left anal based sacred to the Sun in Virgo with attributions from x4, ix3, viiil, vii2, vi3, vl, ivl, iii5, »5, il.

4. This is the rectum assigned to the Sun in Capricorn with attributions from x4, ix3, viiil, vii2, vi3, vl, ivl, iii5, ii4, i2.

5. A primitive and esoteric center located in the perineum between the anus and center 13, with attributions from x3, ix3, viii2, vii3, vi3, v2, iii4, ii4, i2.

6. A center in the perineum near the right-sided testis sacred to the Moon in Taurus with the attributions: x3, ix3, viii2, vii3, vi2, v2, iv2, iii4, ii4, i2.

7. A center at the base of the right thigh at the scrotum sacred to the Sun in Pisces: attributions from x3, ix3, viii2, vii4, vi2, v2, iv2, ii3, ii3, i3.

8. This is the right testicle center sacred to the Sun in Cancer with the attributions: x3, ix2, viii2, vii4, vi2, v2, iv2, iii3, ii3, i3.

9. This is the left testicle center sacred to the Sun in Libra with the attributions: x2, ix2, viii3, vii5, y'i2, v3, iv3, iii3, ii3, i3.

10. This is an archaic and esoteric center located between the testes and center 13, immediately in a straight line and in the perineum sacred to the Sun in Aquarius with attributions: x2, ix2, viii3, vii5, Yi2, v3, iii2, ii2, i4.

11. Near to the left side testis a primitive center in the perineum located to the front 12 as equidistant from 13 as from 12, sacred to the Moon in Leo with attributions from x2, ix2, viii3, vii6, vil, v3, iv3, 1112, ii2, i4.

12. This center is located at the base of the left thigh at or near the anus conjunct, the scrotum in the perineum and sacred to the Sun in Gemini with attributions from x2, ix2, viii3, vii6, vil, v3, iv3, iii2, ii2, i4.

13. This center is midpoint of the triangle of the scrotum between and R and L testes and the anus and to the front of 7 and 12 only slightly assigned to the Sun in Sagittarius with the attributions: xl, ixl, viii4, vii7, vil, iv4, iiil, iil, i5.

14. This is the prostatic center sacred to the Sun in Aries with attributions from xl, ixl, viii4, vii7, vil, v4, iv4, iiil, iil, i5.

15. This center is located at the base of the penis and is sacred to the Sun in Leo with attributions from xl, ixl, viii4, vii8, vil, v4, iv4, iiil, iil, i5.

16. This is the center located in the glans penis sacred to the Moon in Gemini with attributions from xl, ixl, viii4, yii9, vil, v4, iv4, iiil, iil, ¡5.

Please note that no. 5 is sacred to the Sun in Scorpio.

It is very important to understand that there follow 16 magickal lessons to those who are members in good standing of LCN based upon these 16 hot-points, each with its own Grimoire within the GG and psychic and magickal exercises as normal. However, our list of correspondences and attributions is very important for understanding the basis of the Ghuedhe magick and where its power comes from. Any questions, please write to the author.

Grimoire Ghuedhe: Temple of Methodology

101. The purpose of GG is to create a practical magick or way of working with the most essential of voudoo spirits. So the magician will build a temple out of spiritual forces which are within his own occult anatomy and then the spirits will become operative in his experience in a personal way, they become subject to his will because he gives them the space of his occult anatomy in which to live. This means that his occult body becomes the temple of the Loa used in GG, which are the beings most sought after in esoteric technique.

102. You will be taught where these occult spaces, called the Ghuedhe-Universe, or G-spaces are located. These are very magickal and personal spaces, which you already control so that if spirits come to you and work for you, as the elemental occupants of that space, they are your guests and work for you and only for you. These spaces are initially 16, but they may be refined and are totally 256 occult centers, the same as all other magickal power-spheres of universes of the chakra-systems of esoteric yoga.

103. The body of the magician consists of certain occult centers of power, among them the 16 to 256 sexual space, spaces, universes, or G-universe. This is the area of the

GG type of working. They are entirely magickal and sexual and are employed by the GG priests in a precise order or sequence to realize the most powerful spells and projections of occult will, force, energy, etc., without reference to being either judged by "materialistic ethics," i.e., the ethics of the anti-GG Catholics, or other religions as "good" or "bad." This is because the true Catholics are Catholics of GG, i.e., which is the most real and true of all churches, and hence the focus of true occultism and religious unity with Christ-Legbha-ghuedhe-God. That is the name of the King of all of the spirits.

104. Evil and black magick cannot exist, for they are outside of the God-Man who died on the Cross, who in his death upon the Cross destroyed the power of negative demonic beings to provide resisting centers of evil power to the Catholic church of Ghuedhe.

It is true that to each center of power we can find some spirits which are constructive and some which are destructive. However, all spirits are serviteurs of Ghuedhe and so all are included in his plan to lead all beings to the Man-God who died on the Cross. All Loa are saints attributed to Famille Ghuedhe. That is why the Catholic Church of Ghuedhe and the Black Pope are sources of very successful magickal achievements. This is the pathway of the Cross.

105. It is very simple to use this sexual technique, for you are already priests of

The Catholic Church of Ghuedhe and Master Hector-Francois Jean-Maine is the Black Pope, i.e., the Holy and Catholic Father of all devotees of Ghuedhe. Leogane is the Holy City, Rome is the Leogane of the Holy Roman Church is what we mean. In the early days of this century all of the poor farmers of Leogane knew this technique, which is the Haitian and Catholic manner of esoteric voudoo. That is why of all the voudoo types of faith and practice, we adhere to the Catholic Faith of the Man who is eternally God and who died for us on the Cross. These shamanistic secrets are known to many magi, so our teachings are not something invented by a magickal bishop in Haiti. Rather, we teach these because everybody else has either forgotten these methods are no longer is Catholic in voudoo religious faith.

106. Bishop Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine was the father of Hector-Francois Jean-Maine.

Lucien was the Black-Pope, i.e., Patriarch of Leogane of the Afro-Atlantean Catholic Church. Thus, this is the method of pure African and Atlantean initiation, inasmuch as African magicians continue the magickal systems of Atlantis and Lemuria (Kammamorian Gnostic Catholicism). Masonic orders and secret societies also are often fed by the powers of this tradition, because many magicians of the GG are brothers of fraternal orders and lodges.

107. In order to realize this method one has to make use of the essential list of voudoo Loa, given in the previous lesson paper on GG. These Loa have an attraction to particular and very specialized occultic spaces, which are the centers of the GG and the psychic force-zones of the occult body. Traditionally, we can indicate 16 spaces inhabited by these Loa, and then we can subdivide to 256 and beyond. There are many holy houses of the spirits in these centers of magick.

108. This system as we have seen before is based upon the spiritual centers of the magician. I am referring to his own body. Catholic occult anatomy is only concerned with the spaces of the priest, as there are no priestesses in any Catholic Church. These are not abstractions but must be visualized very intently, often one at a time. These centers have space and very true occult power, and of course there are gnostic demons and aeons inhabiting them. Sometimes the spirits are coming into the centers and sometimes they are seen going out, on very basic voudoo missions. This is where the magician gets his power to make magick powders and spells of various types. The power is used to create magickal conditions very favorable to the work of the priest of GG. Basic exercise follows:

Exercise Number One

Holy power is in many parts of the body. Take your hand and hold it in front of you so that your palm is facing upwards. Look, for example, at your right hand. God gave you this very magickal machine. Christ died on the Cross that the power in this hand be used for good things always. Look at your fingers and see them with your natural African clairvoyance — for all of African ancestry are psychic — see them, I say, as tubes of light, or occult energy, which is both coming into each of the fingers as well as going out into the nearby space. There are as many tubes as you have fingers and thumb. Now, where your fingers bend, the folds of your skin make out three separate spaces for each finger and the thumb. Thus, you have 15 spaces if your hand is intact, without loss. Now see in the center of your palm in the very middle of the lines a special space area, which is also sending and receiving powers and lights.

Now, begin to study each space, all in all you have 16: three for the thumb, 12 for the four fingers, and one for the palm. Look closely into each space, one at a time, and be very slow and careful, not fast and jumpy, but slow and very careful, for you are examining your powers, and these are the powers which God gave you and for which Christ-Ghuedhe died on the Cross, so really they are Holy Powers of the hand. Now, see in each space the face and body of the black-man of Haiti who is looking at you with a smile on his face. He has white hair and very, very dark skin, and strangely colored eyes, with flecks of blue in the black and brown of them, and he is smiling at you. This is Pope Hector-Francois Jean-Maine and he is trying to make contact with you in this special way. Notice a thin white mustache and goatee on his face, a few hairs, for his beard is not very thick. He has high cheekbones of royal African blood, and you will come to see him closer and better as you move your eyes from one part of the hand to the next. Each time you focus on the space you make better contact with your Voudoo Holy Papa, who is now able to appear to you for the first time in this exercise. Do not force the images as they build up, but try to slowly allow the voudoo energy to come to you from Leogane, by using your hand as the occult TV receiver. Also, you know that any time you want to make contact with Holy Papa, this is the way Holy Papa can come into your body-space.

Later if you wish to make contact with Holy Papa and talk to him, you will do this simple exercise and then listen to what he has to say. In fact, you can ask any questions and he can send you the answers. This is a simple exercise, but it teaches the idea that the body is composed of occult spaces. We have a lot of these African exercises to use and teach you in the future, as GG is based on authentic African methods of clairvoyance.

109. In addition to visualization, there are many other tools which you will use to realize the fullest power of sexual voudoo. Sexual voudoo is simply another way of saying GG magick. Thus, for example, let me say that I want to use the power-space of my base of the penis for generating power. This is an occult space and there are various spirits of the GG which come to dwell in that space or can be called into it. Each spirit has its own vever or ritual design. So, for example, I want to hold someone from bothering me. I will make use of the Loa from the Famille Impudique, although I can use many other families of Loa. I will indicate the technique of finding out which spirit I want to use, as you will be taught this when we move along in our materials. Anyway, I will find out which spirit I want to use and select the veyer and mentally draw it in that space, as well as do certain secret things of Haitian antiquity. The vever will perfectly correspond to the space, as there are precise fits between space and symbols. Then I will do special work and send out a specific force for the purpose indicated in what my objective is. Voudoo is both precise and highly effective. You will find the methods easy to use and they do work quite well. I will be using the occult powers of my body in order to hold that person. So remember this magick is based upon the occultic forces of my own body, which is a demonic and sexual machine of powerful GG-energies and forces, which can be sent to work on various matters easily. Of course, there are many other things to do also -- you don't have to spend your time on "heavy" spells all of the time to be a good GG-priest.

110. We really have as many voudoo spirits to do things as we have ideas of what we want to do. There are all kinds of purposes for things and these are wonderful ways of using the energies of GG. There are all kinds of different levels of being and ways of meeting spirits for working with you. Ghuedhe is your special Lord and Jean-Maine is the Holy Papa, and this is the system that covers all being very, very completely. It is truly a practical system for making spells to control any of the situations in life. But remember you already have the spaces inhabited by these spirits and we will provide the vevers for magickal use with those spaces, after you select the Loa to work for you. We use, I might add, the very wonderful Work-Loa to assist us in the realizations of GG.

111. Thus, our components or elements are sexual spaces, the spirits who come and go from these spaces, their vevers,and the purposes we have in mind. Remember, the GG-priest does not carry large amounts of ritual instrumenta with him when he goes here or there, he simply takes himself — that Hector-Francois told me "is enough for the priest of Ghuedhe."

112. In esoteric voudoo and in the symbolism of masonic temples the most powerful points of references are to phallic symbols. I know that you know the masonic symbols, such as the two pillars of the lodge, which have the symbols of the 1-v-l and the p-u-m are themselves phallic engines For the projection of power, and have been so interpreted by anthropologists of secrete societies. Hence we can see that these Afro-Atlantean methods serve to project into the area of magickal working forces from the brothers in their rites. These chakras are at the root of all magick, and without them there simply is no more power. So really you are doing a very conservative act, as you are building a cosmic system out of your own powers. You are creating a positive temple in order for you to do lots of GG magick. We teach simply this simple method. But in simplicity is the greatest of powers.

Grimoire Ghuedhe: Occult Centers of Power

This is the beginning of a series of 16 papers which will explore the occult centers of power which are the subject of the Grimoire Ghuedhe. Those who have come this far must realize that for every cosmological state or pattern there is a corresponding physical mystery or magickal sacrament and that each magickal mystery draws its power from the cosmic hierarchies of ideal being. Hence, we say that ideality and essence are the dominant qualities of the world of divine powers which are outside of man's existence, while the mysteries of man's existence are to be found in the magickal properties of his physical body. We learn about the cosmos from the study of man's body, and we learn about the magickal history of our bodies from the study of cosmic mysteries and symbols, such as the theory of correspondences, which assigns powers and potencies to each part of the human body, which relate to cosmic laws and presences.

Because there is the magickal law of correspondence, we must come to realize that every part of life has its symbolic quality and that a message is given to you at every moment in time. Sometimes you will perceive that message consciously but more often you will register that experience in your subconscious mind, which is your lifetime magickal companion. In order to realize these powers and these very spiritual laws in our experience, let us go through this elementary exercise:

Exercise in Recognizing the Symbols of Consciousness

You will sit down and begin to meditate. Keeping your eyes open, you will look immediately ahead of you and see whatever is there. Now, with your mind you will begin to focus on one thing immediately before you and begin to see it in terms of what it means for you.

1. Ask yourself what does it mean to me? 2. What does it remind you of, if it is not familiar. 3. What can it become in your consciousness, if you make use of it as an idea? 4. What do you imagine to be its magickal properties? 5. In what way did you make use of it in a past lifetime? 6. How do you remember its being used by you in Atlantis? 7. How was it used by you in the ideal world of heavenly energies? 8. In what way will it be used by you many hundreds of years from now in the future? 9. What will be its use to you or how will you relate to it on another planet in another universe? 10. In what way does it become a doorway to another universe?

By going through this simple exercise, you deepen your magickal perception of the nature of anything which can be found within the vast ocean of consciousness. To the true gnostic magician there is not anything which lacks magickal significance and cosmic importance. Everything is part of a spiritual continuum vivified by the cosmic breath of the Aboslute-God. By using this exercise oyer and over again, you will come to realize that nothing in experience lacks meaning and being. All the contents of experience are magickal and gnostic components for the realization of divine ernegies. Everything is a symbol. There is not anything which does not have an important and magickal message for you.

The Rites of Zom and the Magickal Origins of the Zothyrians

The essential teachers of spider-magick, as we call our GG, are not those who derived their initiations either from African voudoo or from even the old Atlantean magick, but took their powers and thereby come to us from the Zothyrian time-system, which includes certain magicks of our own day, such as our own work, the Atlantean magicks, and the systems of the Leftnurians — ail of which survive in other time-systems quite independent of the present, externalized and material work, which pertains to the world of space and time and matter-energy. The essential behind all spider-magickal sexual alchemy are derived, in our system exclusively, from the Rites of Zom, which refers to the most dangerous and the most archaic part of the ancient Zothyrian metaphysics of magick. I am referring really to the most essential part, which is also the most esoteric, but which must be introduced now for your development, part of our teaching, which is based on sexo-magickal and sexo-alchemical contacts between certain magickal angels and other higher beings and certain planets, known and unknown, in our solar system. This type of contact work has been written about already and is available to the public via the book "Cults of the Shadow," by Kenneth Grant, page 188, viz., "The Trans-yuggothian Transmission Station." This, in the words of Dr. Hector-Francois Jean-Maine, is the "actual source of our magickal system, whose first mediums were Haitian voudoo priests." Hence, we can say that our magickal work developed out of the esoteric research work which was initiated by certain Haitian occultists, who were high up in the native systems, but who were also attuned to the vibrations of the future. Those who practice these rites are known as Zomates or, if individual, a Zomate. The priesthood of Zom is the most secret part of the essential spiritualism of the Zothyrians, i.e., the foundation of their spider-magick and contact work with truly dangerous powers in the more magickal zones and spheres of reality.

The Psychological Origins of AIWAZ

The origins of AIWAZ are to be found in the mystical influences of these Zomate-Zothyrians. ZICO-OVIZ is the original form of the name of the Holy Angel of the New Aeon. This being must be understood to be a special agent sent to Aleister Crowley at a certain time to prepare for the magickal introduction of the Zothyrian meta-magick. It is called a meta-magick because it includes all systems of magick. Aiwaz was given a very special assignment by the Zothyrian Hierarchy of Angelic Adepts, which was to communicate to the powers of this age and world via the new thelemic current the liberating qualities of the new law of WILL. In a sense, Crowley was used to promulgate the ideas which were to set in motion a chain of causes leading to the world-wide influence of the Zothyrians. These causes lead eventually to making it possible for the Zothyrians to enter into control and magickal influence over the more evolved magickal systems and groups are actually ways whereby the power of the Zomates and the Zom-rites could be brought into connection with the powers of the Earth-sphere. This is the way in which the mind of the Earth-sphere was actually influenced by the Zom-Consciousness, and the way whereby the powers of Aiwaz and Amalantrah were diffused over the face of this globe to prepare for the coming of Spider-Magick.

The Magickal Powers of the AIWAZ-Current

As our magickal work becomes more and more attuned to the higher types of the magickal consciousness, we must add to each type of magickal power something which gives us more and more control over its cosmic application. For this reason, in addition to the powers of the GG-Famille of Loa, we must also use those powers from the Cosmic Aiwaz-Current, or those magickal angels which assist in our energizing transactions.

It is important to find these angels as agents for the development of the very essential powers of being and we also have to realize the sphere of the planets as the senders of the cosmic counterpart to the Zom-forces. The planets are the placements for the Zothyrian calculus of magickal force in our own solar-system, as it is occulty understood at this time. We must view each act of the Rites of Zom as it emanates from the magick of the magician's bodies, connects with the magickal planets of our own solar system, and then going beyond ultimately pulls in the magickal power and presence of the terrific angelic forces of the Zothyrian empire. These angelic forces are already present in the Zom-power within the body of the magician. These angelic forces have to explicated, however, and then they become more and more freed of limits for their cosmic functioning. The Rites of Zome, for example, liberate us for the use of our bodies as magickal generators, the planets refer to our astral self-hood, and the angelic powers and other higher presences refer to our mental and spiritual being. In a three-fold way, therefore, we pull in the powers of the highest form of ultra-magick known at this time on our planet, the Aiwaz-Current of the Zothyrian Empire. The mysterious exchanges of these energies by the two male magicians, in the Guru/Chela relationship of Mystical India is discussed by P>B> Randolph, Eulis, (Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A., 1874 edition, page 209.)

Also, we must build up the world of sense-perception:

Each paper or unit must also contain references to the 16 different occult points of space and also to the proper colors which originate in those spaces. These are the purely physical realities for the operations of this magickal system. Hence, the magician in each unit in the GG system must work with four basic levels of manifestations of BEING. First of all, we have the physical world of sense-impressions, which is the space and color factors for the magickal lessons. Second, Sexual Alchemy of the Zom-Rite, which takes one of man's occult powers and relates this power to the production of a specific energy. Third, we enter upon the astral world of planets and the powers which they generate. Here, the angels are called upon to serve as agents between the Zom-powers and the very terrific Loa. Hence, we place the angels in the first part of the law of connection between the Loa and the planets. However, in the fourth part of each paper, we have to see each angel as a projection outwards of the inner and mental force as well as the hyper-esoteric spiritual force of each planet. Lastly, as the conclusion of the fourth part of this magick, we see the archangel of the Zothyrian empire for each point and Zom-rite as well as the Loa which are proper to this zone of the Zothyrian universe. The total-realization of this entire pattern of activity is the basis for the development of the Aiwaz-Current within the magickal working of each person taking this course of study. We are now ready to begin the work of the system as an exact magickal exercise in cosmic

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