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The method of mind development known as dream power is very simple, also. It means that when you are asleep the Hoodoo spirits come to you and take you in your dreams to their schools and temples and then they teach you to be able to recall what happened to you and what you learned. You may take a while to do this, so that the Hoodoo student usually does a deep meditation or a light mentation, or silent thought, exercise to recall what happened and what was learned. Then the student will make up notes of what he learned and use this as the basis for future studies. The Hoodoo student tries to go to his dream power class every night, if he can. For this reason sleep is a very important matter for the student of Lucky Hoodoo. This is the simple method of dream power. The next method can be understood as a preparation for it.

Shadow stuff is an old Hoodoo idea which goes all the way back to the man in the caves. At that time man became fascinated with his shadow and its magickal power. Shadow stuff is the substance of shadows and it is highly magickal and can be used to develop mind-power. This is the way in which it works. You will place yourself iin a room where you are burning either one candle or a blue light or a black light. This is to create a lot of shadow stuff. Now, the student will remove all of his clothing and having taken a bath in water he will give himself a shadow bath. This means that with your fingers you will pass your hands all over your body as close to the surface of the skin as you can without touching the skin. You will "wash" the body with the power of the shadow-stuff and while you are doing this you will be having the spirits give you more and more power. For they will be standing by and feeding mind energy into the shadow-stuff that you make use of.

It is sort of like when you want to take a bath and someone will stand by in order to hold the bar or cake of soap. The spirits are holding the mind-energy for you and because of this you are becoming more and more powerful. With every stroke of the hands, they feed into the shadow-stuff between your fingers more and more mind-energy power. This is important and it is good for us to understand that this process is useful also in healing because we are working with vital energies from the spiritual world of mind and the vital energy is becoming more and more a part of our own growing health.

In the Creole countries and parts of the world, everyone takes a bath before going to bed and one in the morning while getting up. This is to protect the health of the body from bad influences and impurities. The Creole Hoodooists who are really serious about their magickal and mental development do this. They give themselves a good bath with shadow-stuff each evening before going to bed where they will make use of the dream power method of development. Thus, the bath with shadow-stuff is really the preparation for the dream power method of learning more and more about the spirits and their wonderful world of wisdom and esoteric knowledge.

It is important to make use of these methods so that the student can increase his mental development and mind-energy. The spirits have given us these wonderful methods of improvement and we are asked by them simply to give them a try and then we will become more and more convinced that this is a terrific way to advance in the world of spiritual knowledge, power, and wisdom because this is the spirit's own way of development. You will learn to do more and more things with these simple methods. The spirits want you to build onto these methods and to increase your skills in Lucky Hoodoo. These four methods are, therefore, the basis for a lot of other techniques which we will teach to you. But these are the basics as taught to us directly by the Voudoo gods and Hoodoo spirits. This is the method which we call the way of the spirits and it is their way from start to finish. Why don't you try it, so that you can become a big Lucky Hoodoo.

Lesson Four: How to Control the Minds of Other People

It is a proven fact that the Hoodoo spirits can help you control the minds of others. The method is Yery simple really, but it makes use of a great deal of power. The spirits of Hoodoo supply both the power and the methods of using it. Now, in Hoodoo we do not say that something is right or wrong, we simply let the spirits tell us what they will do for us. If we serve them faithfully enough, they will do everything for us. They will do anything that we ask them to do including the control of other minds.

Tn Hoodoo we mean that we can attract and hold the attention of another for as long as we wish and then release this power of attraction and be free of such a person. Actually we do not want to control them entirely, for to do so we would have to be spirits ourselves, which we are not. However, we can hold a person to us, make them do what we wish, and have them constantly present for us to have wherever and whenever we wish. This is what we mean by controlling others through the spirits.

Many persons wish to control others for purposes of love and sex. I wish to say that these are the easiest ways in which to get the cooperation of the Hoodoo spirits, for they favor the release of much sexual energy on the surface of our planet, because when this happens mankind is happier and more peaceful. In Hoodoo the spirits teach that mankind's problems are due to a lack of love, especially sexual love. If there was more sexual love, they say, there would be no more wars, crimes, or other hostile actions. It is because man stores up in himself so much sexual energy that he wishes to commit crimes and cause wars, but actually he only needs to make love and then he is very much at peace with everything and everyone.

If you wish to control the mind of another person in order to get a better job or money, then you must be prepared to have sex with that person, for the spirits of the control-work family are also the spirits of sexual love. If any person wishes to control another anywhere, they must be prepared to have sex with that person is some form. That is, they must visualize the act of sex in order to make their wish to control come true. For this reason, in Hoodoo we teach that your power to visualize and to daydream must be strong enough to help you get what you wish. You must be prepared to make the mind strong with desire. Now when you visualize and imagine what you're going to do, you do not have to go beyond this action. I say that you must be prepared to have sex, but I do not say that you have to have sex. That is unimportant. Many men do not want to have sex with another man, certainly, we know this. This is true of many women. But the power must be built up in your mind to have sex with the person that you wish to control in order that the spirits come to assist you. For this reason you must give much of your time to building up a strong sexual imagination, if you are to be truly successful.

After you have done this work with your imagination and used this strong power to see your desire in action, as sex activity, you must then come to do a very simple type of magick, but which is very powerful. This is to make a magick square out of the first name of the person with whom you are imagining that you are having sexual action. Since desire for power and control is really desire to have control over the body of another and hence over the mind, which we feel is an epiphenomenon of the body, strong sexual imagination and desire are really very important. You have built up this deep desire or magickal lust. The more details you add to the visualization the better it is for it becomes very strong through this method. Then when you come to make the magick sqaure you will put in the power of your ma'gickal lust, for this is not a natural lust but an unnatural power generated by desire in a magickal sense; then, your magickal lust will, I say, be fitted into the compartments made by the magick square and from there it will be fed into the magickal computer or system of the Hoodoo spirits.

In order to understand how a magickal square works, you have to understand that spiritual power and energy, such as magickal lust, has to haye some definite shape or form so that it can be used by the spirits. If it lacks this form, it is like an unbottled liquid or gas, which is difficult to handle in any effective way. Thus we are making it possible for the Hoodoo spirits to help us by placing the magickal lust power in the magickal square. Now let us see how easy it is to fit the power into the shape of the magickal square. I think that as an example of a person you want to control we can select someone named "John." You have now done your visualization work with his image and have built up all of that energy. Now hold the energy in your mind by saying; I HOLD THE MAGICKAL LUST POWER IN MY MIND.

Now you will begin to make a magic square of the name JOHN. It is very easy. All you have to do is write the name in a square form following my example: JOHN 0 H H 0 NHOJ

You see that what you have done is to write the name in four different directions in order to form a square. Now, you will fill in the center by making the letters of the name form diagonally across the magick square, in one direction only, which is from the bottom left to the top right, or from N in NHOJ to N in JOHN and thus parallel to this diagonal direction, as follows: JOHN (top right) OHNH HNHO (bottom left) NHOJ

Now you will infuse this magick square with the magickal lust power with this sentence of power: I INFUSE THIS MAGICK SQUARE WITH THE MAGICKAL LUST POWER IN MY MIND.

Now that you have infused the magick square with power, it is time to offer the magick square to the spirits for their consideration and feeding. It is important to understand that magickal powers serve to feed the spirits and make them strong, strong enough to help you. I think that you know this for you have fed power to them before and they have been pleased with it, for you were taught this in the second lesson. But now you will feed power to the spirits bu taking the magick square apart and then using each of the words in it as a part of a powerful charm. First, you will take the top word and feed it to the spirits. This is the name of the person, whose mind you really wish to control, so you will say the word JOHN. Then you will say the next word, moving from the top of the magick square to the bottom, the next being: OHNH. Try to pronounce each and every word as best you can. The spirits are pleased by your effort, they do not care if you make a mistake, just as long as you try to do your very best. The next word is HNHO. Finally you will say the last word, which forms the bottom of the magick square, and that is NHOJ. Then you will say the following prayer:

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