Of the Observation of the fixt Stars and of their Natures

There is the like consideration to be had in all things concerning the fixt stars. Know this that all the fixt stars are of the signification and nature of the seven Planets; but some are of the nature of one Planet, and some of two. Hence as often as any Planet is joyned with any of the fixt stars of its own nature, the signification of that star is5 made more powerful, and the nature of the Planet augmented: but if it be a star of two natures, the nature of that which shall be the stronger with it shall overcome in signification; as for example, if it be of the nature of Mai's, and Venus; if Mai's shall be the stronger with it, the nature of Mai's shall overcome; but if Venus, the nature of Venus shall overcome. Now the natures of fixt stars are discovered by their colours, as they agree with certain Planets, and are ascribed to them. Now the colours of the Planets are these: of Saturn, blew [blue], and leaden, and shining with this: of Jupiter citrine neer to a paleness, and clear with this; of Mars, red, and fiery; of the Sun, yellow, and when it riseth red, afterward glittering: of Venus, white and shining; white with the morning, and reddish in the evening: of Mercury, glittering; of the Moon, fair. Know also that of the fixed stars by how much the greater, and the brighter and apparent they are, so much the greater and stronger is the signification; such are these stars which are called by the Astrologers of the first, and second Magnitude. I will tell thee some of these which are more potent to this faculty, as are viz. the Navel of Andromeda in two and twentieth degree of Aries, of the nature of Venus, & Mercury; some call it Jovial, & Saturnine. The head of Algol in the eighteenth degree of Taurus, of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. The Pleiades are also in the two and twentieth degree, a Lunary star by Nature and by complexion Martial. Also in the third degree of Gemini is Aldeboram [Aldeboran], of the nature of Mar's, and complexion of Venus: but Hermes placeth this in the twenty fifth degree of Aries. The Goat star is in the thirteenth degree of the said Gemini, of the nature of Jupiter, and Saturn; the greater Dog star is in the seventh degree of Cancer, and Venereal: the lesser Dog-star is in the seventeenth degree of the same, and is of the nature of Mercury, and complexion of Mar's. The Kings star, which is called the Heart of the Lion, is in the one and twentieth degree of Leo, and of the nature of Jupiter and Mars; the tail of the greater Bear is in the nineteenth degree of Virgo, and is Venereal, and Lunary. The Star which is called the right wing of the Crow is in the seventh degree of Libra, and in the thirteenth degree of the same is the left wing of the same, and both of the nature of Saturn and Mars. The Star called Spica is in the sixteenth degree of the same, and is Venereal and Mercurial. In the seventeenth degree of the same is Alcameth, of the nature of Mars, and Jupiter; but of this when the Suns aspect is full towards it; of that when on the contrary. Elepheia in the fourth degree of Scorpio, of the nature of Venus, and Mars: The Heart of the Scorpion is in the third degree of Sagittarius, of the nature of Mars, and Jupiter: the falling Vulture is in the seventh degree of Capricorn, Temperate, Mercurial, and Venereal: The taile of Capricorn is in the sixteenth degree of Aquarius, of the nature of Saturn, and Mercury: The Star called the Shoulder of the Horse, is in the third degree of Piscis, of the nature of Jupiter and Mzrs. And it shall be a general rule for thee to expect the proper gifts of the Stars whilest they rule, to be prevented of them, they being unfortunate, and opposite, as is above shewed. For Celestial bodies, in as much as they are affected fortunately, or unfortunately, so much do they affect us, our works, and those things which we use, fortunately, or unhappily. And although many effects proceed from the fixt Stars, yet they are attributed to the Planets, as because being more neer to us, and more distinct and known, so because they execute whatsoever the superior Stars communicate to them.

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