Zartoant Zen Tol Za Talho

which means, "the way of love is to sacrifice all into the Cup" where the Cup refers to the Sangreal of the 12th Aethyr, LOE. The phrase adds up to either 404 or 362. This formula is universal because 404= 101x4, where 101 is the number of the word LONSA meaning "everyone." The number 404 is the value of TELOK-SOE which means "the death of a savior" and thus relates this formula to that of the dying gods. The number 362 is the value of the words ZIZOPMONONS meaning."vessels of the heart"AIQ BKR reduces 404 to 8 and 362 to 2.

The word ZTZTZT adds up to 54, the number for TALHO, "a cup." The word Talho can also add up to 48, the number for LOE, the 16th Aethyr. ZTZTZT can also add up to 36, the value of the word ELZAP, meaning a "way" or "course" and 18, the value of the word AFFA, "empty." ZTZTZT is thus a feminine formula. AIQ BKR reduces 54, 36 and 18 to 9, the number for stability in change. It is interesting to note that 18x2 = 36 and 18x3=54.

Because Z and T can both be either 9 (Leo) or 3 (Caput).

Draconis) the formula itself can have three separate modes of operation. The first, acting through the number 54, is the way of the lover. The second, acting through the number 36, is the way of the adherent. The third, acting through the number 18, is the way of the hermit (See Crowley's Magick Without Tears for a detailed explanation of these three magi-cal types, and also ZIM, The Garden of Nemo later in this manual).

This formula is a play on the mixing of the qualities of Leo (creativity) and the initiatory awareness of the High Priestess (Caput Draconis). One is the downward creative impulse, the other the upward spiritual impulse. ZTZTZT expresses the proper balance necessary between these two complementary forces.

The sisil of ZTZTZT from the Watchtower of Air is:

The letters ceph, gisa, ceph, gisa, ceph, gisa are written:

I who was priest of Ammon-Ra, who saw the Nile flow by for many moons, for many, many moons, am the young fawn of the grey land.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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