The Major Magical Instruments And Weapons

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Let theAdeptbe armed with his MagickRood jandpro vided with his Mystic Rose.

Aleister Crowley, The Star Sapphire

THE TEMPLE. As a magician, your temple is your universe. Enochian Magcck does not recognize only one universe but a myriad of universes, one for each man. As our thinking tends to be similar to that of others, so our universes tend to overlap. As thinking (Le., our inner subjective universe) tends to be dissimilar, so our universes tend toward isolation. This fact is dearly seen in the third Aethyr, ZOM, where you can become a true Magus, the creator and master of your own universe. Man's nature aboye the first Aethyr, LIL, is monadic. Below LIL man's nature is dualistc. The two primary polarities of man's dualistic nature are objectivity (the universe) and subjectivity (consciousness).

THE CIRCLE. A cirde is the magical symbol of man's monadic nature aboye LIL. It should be used by you to define the limits of your magical operations. Acirde, usually green, is drawn on the floor around yourself. Divine mames and appropriate symbols, such as the magical formulas, described later in this manual, are used to strengthen the cirde. Lamps or candles can be used outside the circle to ward off the forces of darkness.

THE ALTAR. An altar is usually placed within the de. It symbolizes the foundation of your work. The altar should be foursquare to symbolize the stable basis of the Magick to be used as well as your fixed will. The altar can be made of either oak (rigidity) or acacia (resurrection).

THE WAND. This is the most important of the magical instruments. The Wand symbolizes your Magical Will as well as your Wisdom and your Word. It is the principie weapon of the Magias. The Wand is used in both invocations and evocations. Yours is aLso ara embodiment of your creative power. When charged with a masculine force iit symbolizes the lingam. In Enochian Magick the Wand is the symbol of Fire, and is especially used in those operations involving tthe Watchtower of Fire.

THE CUP. The Cup is a passive instrument. It represents your magical understanding. In the beginning, your Cup is usually empty. Gradually, with effort and experience, it filas with your understanding of truth. It is by nature round, vulnerable, and receptive. When charged with a feminine force, iit symbolizesthe yoni. In Enochian Magick the Cup is the magical symbol of Water and is especially used in operations involving the Watchtower of Water.

THE SWORD. The Sword symbolizes your ability to reason. The magical Sword is the analytical faculty of the mirad. As your mental faculties dissect complex iideas and theories, so the sharpness of the Sword will cutand pierce through things. When you pierce a demon with your Sword, you simultaneously strike iit with rational logical thought. The Sword thus aids to see through illusion and complexity. The nature of this weapon is destructive. It is also divisive. The blade should be steel, the metal of Mars. It is considered a crude weapon and its use is usually restricted to the Watchtowers and lower Aethyrs. Its primary use is to free you from emotional entanglements that are often encountered in the Watchtowers. Its natural force is masculine. In Enochian Magick, the Sword is the magical symbol of Air, and is especiallyused in those operations involving tthe Watchtower of Air.

THE PANTACLE. The Pantacle is your food (often synabolized by bread). As the cup is hollow, so the Pantade is flat. It also symbolizes your body. It serves chiefly as a source of strength and vitality. It is usually made in the shape of a disk and enscribed with appropriate magical symbols. For each quality or idea engraved on a Pantacle, the symbol for its opposite should also be included so that the forces embodied are always balanced. In many magical operations the Pantacle is used to represent the karma of the magician (occultism defines the pphysicalbody as the crystallization of one's past karma). Its natural force is feminine. In Enochian Magick, the Pantacle is the magical symbol of Earth, and is especially used in those operations iinvolving the Watchtower of Earth.

THE DAGGER. The Dagger symbolizes the piercing ability of thought. As you aquire experience and encounter the Aethyrs, you will gradually replace the cumbersome Sword with the quicker, and equally effective, Dagger. The sword dissociates and divides, but the dagger pierces te the heart. Its chief function is the letting of blood and thereby it forces calmness. Like the Sword, the Dagger is associated with the cosmic element Air.

NOTE: it is sometimes said that the Wand should be associated with Air because the Caduceus was the Wand of the god Mercury who has traditionally been associated. with Air. This would associate the Dagger and Sword with Fire. This fine of reasoning concludes that Crowley and the Golden Dawn used deliberate blinds here to fool the unwary. Rather than take sides on this issue, you should first experiment with both combinations and then choose whichever works best for you.

The Robe is that which conceals, and which protects the Magician from the elements; it is the silence and secrecy with which he works, the hiding of himself in the occutt Iife of Magick and Meditation.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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