The Goals Of Enochian Magick

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"The first step is the separation of (what we call, for convenience) the astral body from the physical body. As our experiments proceed, we find that our astral body itself can be divided into grosser and subtler components. In this way we become aware of the existence of what we can, for convenience, the Holy Guardian Angel, ami the more we realize the implications of the theory of the existence of such a being, the clearer it becomes that our supreme task is to put ourselves into intimate communication with him. "

Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears

The ultimate goal or objective from practicing Enochian Magick is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm; the subjective self with the objective universe. A more immediate goal for you, the Enochian magician, is to gain conscious control over your own lile.

These goals can be achieved by progressively entering and experiencing the thirty Aethyrs. They can also be achieved by an invocation of your Holy Guardian Angel. The only valid objective in performing any of the lesser rituals is to purify or strengthen an aspect of yourself or your world in order to achieve success in the Ultimate Ritual.

Successful completion of the Ultimate Ritual is the Great Work of the true magician.

Enochian Magick is nothing less than a path of spiritual development. The rise upward through the thirty Aethyrs is a progressive, spiritual journey toward the essential nature of all things.It is a climb from Earth through Water, Air, and Fire finto indescribable spiritual realms and beyond. Along the way you, the magician, will learn to see through illusion and deception.The innerbeing of your self and of others will slowly unveil before you. As you approach the Uitimate Ritual, you will discover your true purpose in life (called your True Will) arad can then set about to express it in your daily life. Those who seek personal gain, psychic powers, or mastery over others, are advised to search elsewhere. The theoretical principies of Enochian Magick are too rooted in the laws of reincarnation and karma for any but the honest seeker who loves his fellowman to safely practice.

The practice of Enochian Magick will allow you to consciously control both yourself and your surroundings. It is the art and science of producing a willed change. Science tells us that we use only a small portion of our brain, and thus only a small portion of our inherent capabilities. Through a graduated practice of Enochian Magick, you will learn how to consciously control your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. You will learn how to expand your capabilities. You will learn that your surroundings, in both the waking state and in dreams, are mirrored projections of our thoughts and emotions, and that external events themselves can be consciously controlled by the magical will. You will learn how to maintain a continuity of consciousness so that lapses or breaks cannot occur, and thus you will be able to remember your dreams as well as your past lives. Your everyday life will become more enriched and meaningful. Your goal in Enochian Magick is to obtain an understanding of your life while consciously directing your own destiny.

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