The Enochian Alphabet

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"It (Le., Enochian is not a jargon; it has a grammar and syntax of its own. It is very much more sonorous, stately and impressive than even Greek or Sanskrit, and the English translation, though in places difficult to understand, contains passages of a sustained sublimity that Shakespeare, Milton and the Bible do not surpass."

Aleister Crowley, Confessions

"The Enochian language is not just a haphazard combination and compilation of divine and angelic names drawn from the Tablets. Apparently, it is a true language with a grammar and syntax of its own." Israel Regardie, The Enochian Language

The Enochian alphabet was given to the public by Sir John Dee and Edward Kelly and enhanced later by the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. Each letter has a specific magical meaning and gematria number associated with it.When letters are combined to forro magical Words of Power, the individual letter meanings combine to indicate the overall formula of the word or narre. In addition, the gematric value of individual letters combines (sums) to form a gematric value for the word or name. A study of words, names, phrases and even entire sentences with equal gematric values will reveal the existence of correspondences or relationships that are often otherwise hidden or occult. Table II contains a summary of the characteristics ascribed to the Enochian letters by Crowley. Table III shows four possible gematria schemes with the Enochian alphabet.The Aurum Solis values were determined from the experiences of that occult organization as described in The Magical Philosophy, Book V: Mysteria Magica by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips (Llewellyn Publications). The Golden Dawn-Greek/Hebrew values are presented by David Allen Hulse in The Numerical Structure of Enochian. Here each Enochian Ietter is assigned the gematric value of its corresponding Greek and Hebrew letter. The Enochian letter A corresponds to Aleph and

Alpha which have the gematric__value of 1. The letter B

corresponds to Beth and Beta which have the value of 2, and so on. The Golden Dawn-Geomancy values were also presented by David Allen Hulse in the same work. Here sixteen letters of the Enochian alphabet are assigned a corresponding geomantic figure. The Golden Dawn correspondence between geomantic figures and Hebrew letters is then used to determine the gematric values. The remaining five letters are assigned values devised by Aleister Crowley. The fourth possible system of gematria is that used by Crowley in The Vision and The Voice. This is also the system employed in this manual. The student is advised to experiment with all of these systems. Let the results of your own experience determine which to use.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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