The Effects Of Multiple Letters In A Square

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And all these things deceived me not, for 1 expanded them by my subtlety finto the Twelve Rays of the Crown. And these twelve rays were One.

Aleister Crowley, Liber Ararita

Some of the Watchtower Squares have multiple letters. Two squares (one in Water and one in Earth) have four letters each, and two squares (one in Water and one in Earth), have three letters each. Fifty-five squares have two letters each. Multiple letters express the variety of forces acting in these regions. Many of these squares can be seen in several different ways. For example, the element Fire is both destructive and creative because the enlivening of spirit implies the death of matter. In this way the Archangel of the square T/L in MSAT (L) in Fire of Earth can be spelled ALMSA or ATMSA where,

ALMSA = 117 = NANBA (thorns) ATMSA

If you use the letter L, you will see the square in its destructive aspect. If you use the letter T, you can view the same square in its spiritual aspect. To slightly complicate matters a bit more, the letter T can be either a 9 or a 3 so that ATMSA himself has two aspects denoted by the numbers 118 and 112.

The last square of VSX(S)Y(L,N,H), in Water of Water, has four letters (Le., Y, L, N, and H). As a general rule, the first letter is the most important. Thus the Angel YVSX is the main ruler of this square. However, the Angels LVSX,

NVSX and HVSX can also be found in this square. When you look at the gematric values of these names you will see:

Furthermore, because the letter X can also be an S (this square has hilo letters, S and X) you would also find,

This gives a total of eight possible Angels, Archangels and Demons in this square. This variety of governing forces is consistent with the presiding Egyptian goddess, Isis, who herself has many aspects and roles. However, each ruler will be influenced by Saturn and the Universe (Atu XXI).

Multiple letters in squares, like multiple Gematria values for 1), T and Z, result from the complexity of these regions. The potential forces of any square can only be fully investigated by looking at each of the letters assigned to it.

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