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And then shall you f i r s t be able t o put to the test.. . how well and worthily you shall have laboured in the quest of the Wisdom of the Lord; since you shall see your Guardian Angel appear unto you in unequalled beauty; who also will converse with yyou, and speak in words so full of affection and of goodness, and with such sweetness, that no human tongue could express the same .. . In one word, you shall be received by him with such affection that this description which I here give unto you shall appear a mere nothing in comparison.

Abraham the Jew, The Book of the Sacred Magic of

Abramelin the Mage

This invocation, the Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel, is the primary goal of Enochian Magick. It is the magical experience of your encounter with your own inner divinity, the divine spark at the core of your being. It will be fully experienced in the 8th Aethyr, ZID. Until then, you can achieve various degrees of this Knowledge and Conversation. The exercise below can be practiced at any time to prepare you for this encounter, but it must be done on a regular basis for best results.

STEP 1. Set aside a special chamber or area to be used only for this exercise. There should be no windows or distractions of any kind. Suspend a magical lamp with red glass from the ceiling and use it to burn olive oil. Beneath the lamp set up your Magical Altar. On the altar place a copy of the Watchtower Tablets that you have made yourself, and your magical weapons including a Wand made by yourself

247 from almond or hazel wood.

STEP 2. Hold your talisman of ILIATAI in your left hand.

STEP 3. Hold your Magical Wand in your right hand and consecrate the chamber or area. Invoke the elements with the invoking pentagrams and hexagrams in the order Fire, Air, Water, and then Earth.

STEP 4. Invoke your Holy Guardian Angel by a suitable prayer that you wrote yourself.

STEP 5. Banish the Watchtower forces and dear the area with the banishing pentagrams and hexagrams in the order Fire, Air, Water, and then Earth.

STEP 6. Record the results of each operation in your Magical Diary.

NOTES TO STEP 1. This is a greatly simplified version of the ritual given by Crowley in The Vision and The Voice, the 8th Aethyr, ZID. Crowley's ritual requires a dedication of 91 consecutive days to perform. Although his ceremony maybe a bit excessive, a few mandatory things such as making your own copy of the Watchtower Tablets and your own Wand is considered a prerequisite to success. For one thing, you will appreciate these things more if you put your time and energy into making them. For another, you can charge them like talismans while you make them. For purposes of this exercise, professional quality in the preparational items is not as important as having a direct link between them and yourself.

NOTES TO STEP 2. You must make and charge this talisman yourself. It should embody the formula, sigils and numbers of ILIATAI. The size and shape of this talisman is up to you. Think of this talisman as a precipitation into matter of the formula of ILIATAI. Figure 5 shows a typical design for such a talisman.

NOTES TO STEP 3. While invoking the four elements, thereby drawing to yourself the combined forces of the Watchtowers, attain one-pointed concentration on your inner divinity-your Holy Guardian Angel whose symbol is the geometric point, the center of your Magical Universe whose circumference is symbolized by the Magick Circle. The point is masculine while the surrounding circle is feminine. See yourself as an infinitesimal point of consciousness surrounded in all directions by infinite space.

NOTES TO STEP 4. You must make up your own prayer. As a minimum, key elements in this prayer should include:

1. The formula of ILIATAI.

3. The numbers 836 and 209 or the formula 209x4=836.

5. The word GAH meaning "spirit" whose number is 15.

6. The word BESZ meaning "matter" whose number is 31.

7. The word GLO meaning "things" whose number is 46.

The prayer should be of such a nature that it allows you to actually feel an inner divinity. It should establish a link between your humanity and your spirituality, your human nature and your spiritual nature.

NOTES TO STEP 5. After the invocation, banish the forces that you have called up, back to their respective regions. Be sure to record your results. In time, your Diary should show a definite improvement in the results of this important exercise.

GENERAL NOTE: Although this ritual could be your most important, it must be carefully designed to fit the needs of each magician. There is no one overall ritual that will work for everyone. For this reason, only an outline is provided here. Use this o utline to structure yo ur own ritual. Take advantage of your personal experience (your Magick Book) and understanding of Magick (your Cup) to tailor the specific contents of your ritual to give you the best results. Ritual itself is but a means to an end. If you record the results of each operation in your Diary, you can easily determine what works for you, and what doesn't work

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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