Mee-rah-zodee-en-deh Oh-beh-vah-oh-rah-seh Rah-neh-geh-lah-meh as it takes to purify the lower components of your constitution. For most magicians, this is the work of many years. It is alchemy in its true sense. As you gain experience and purify your lower nature, the ''beast'within you will grow and mature until in LIL, the first Aethyr, it will be as a young child.

When Crowley entered VTI he encountered the Angel of the Aethyr who said, "TAOTZEM is the name by which I am blasphemed." The name TAOTZEM adds gematrically to 163, the number for the King of Air, BATAIVAH, but more especially for RIT which means "mercy." Blind mercy is a blasphemy for what actually lies beyond the human condition because here there is neither grace nor guilt. An alternate gematric number for this name is 145, the number for MA-OF-FAS, "not to be measured" and NOIB, "affirmation." The Angel of VTI thus expresses those positive psychic forces that become degraded by labels or names and thus are better to remain nameless. The name TAO-T-ZEM can mean "he who has your own likeness." This Angel is actually none other than your own self above your ego. He is a reflex of your Holy Guardian Angel who awaits in the 8th Aethyr, ZID.

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