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he / she is always speaking against Christianity, he / she is

'ipso facto' evil. The truth, as is often the case, is not what it seems on the surface.

The VRELP is equivalent to an Exempt Adept (the Adeptus Exemptus of the Golden Dawn). As such he (or she as the case might be) has realized that right and wrong are relative views and that morality itself is a yardstick devised by society and used by society for society. He sees himself as an embodiment in time, space and form of the sun-not the physical sun which is itself but an embodiment, but the spiritual sun, the Sun of the sun (in Egyptian teachings it was known as the hidden god, Amen), which is the Source of all manifestation. All things are alive (i.e., things= beings) because all things express this living Sun. All things are conscious because all things express the conscious Sun. Some beings are no longer aware of these facts and therein has ignorance risen up in the world. But all things/beings are under the Law of Karma and therefore they create their own truth and their own ignorance. The VRELP sees some people creating their own heavens, while others create their own hells according to their beliefs. Then he watches them experience their creations and their experiences reinforce their beliefs. He observes this as a continuous circle whose beginning is lost in time but whose end can come at any moment. The end to this circle is called enlightenment and the VRELP is one who senses that the end of his own Cycle of Ignorance is quickly approaching.

The following exercises are provided for you to practice on your Path to the VRELP:

An Intermediate Meditation.

STEP 1. Meditate on the many correspondences between your physical body and the Watchtower of Earth.

STEP 2. Meditate on the many correspondences between your feelings and emotions (astral body) and the Watchtower of Water.

STEP 3. Meditate on the many correspondences between your thoughts and your thinking processes (lower mental body) and the Watchtower of Air.

STEP 4. Meditate on the many correspondences between your consciousness and your sense of being (upper mental body) and the Watchtower of Fire.

STEP 5. Meditate on the many correspondences between your spirit (spiritual body) and the Tablet of Union.

STEP 6. See yourself as the living embodiment of all of the ideas and energies that are in the Watchtowers. Concentrate on this idea for as long as you can.

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