Iaiadia Sa Raas

(Ee-ah-ee- ah-dee- ah- Sah- Rah-ah- seh) Oh mighty GEMNIMB, (Geh-em-nee-em-beh) Whose Word is ABFMA: (Ah-beh-feh-mah) Come forth and take away my desire. LAMA BABALON (Lah-mah Bah-bah-loh-en)

While vibrating the name GEMNIMB, know your selfish desires to be given over to this Governor of TEX. Meditate for a few moments on the significance of your personal desires being expressed in the airy eastern regions of TEX.

PART 4. Face the South and raise your Sword before you. Trace the sigil of ADUORPT:

See this sigh blazing with a vivid blue color and then say,

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