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One of the most significant milestones in the life of a magician is the crossing of the Great Outer Abyss. Enochian Magick reserves the 10th Aethyr for the Abyss which is called ZAX. Much has been said about the Abyss, some wise and some foolish. If you have been able to enter the Aethyrs below the Abyss in serial order, then you will be well prepared to enter ZAX. The information and suggestions given here should aid in your task. However, you must supply the courage and determination t o perform the actual operation from within yourself.

Because of the importance and serious nature of this operation, it is suggested that you sit in an especially protected circle. Use Names of Power to fortify the circle as well as the powerful formula of NIAKOD. Wear your black robe and arm yourself with your Magick Dagger. Perform the

Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram. Call on the Names of Power and when ready recite the Call of the 10th Aethyr.

The first thing in ZAX that you will be aware of is the constant whirling about of forms. You will see forms of every description churning and changing shape with great rapidity.

Speak out the formula: ZAZAS, ZAZAS, NASSATANADA, ZAZAS (Zodah-zodah-seh Zodah-zodah-seh

Nah-ess-sah-tah-nah-dah Zodah-zodah-seh). This fourfold formula can open up the Abyss. These are the first words that KHORONZON spoke to Crowley when he entered ZAX. Enochian Gematria results in a value for ZAZAS of 37, a prime number and the value of the words GAH BALT which means "spirit of justice." Also 37x18 = 666, the number of the Beast, the role Crowley assumed for him-self. An interesting note here is that 37x3=111, 37x6=222, 37x9= 333 and so on; the number 37, in multiples of three, yields equal three-digit numbers and the word ZAZAS is spoken three times in the formula. The word NASSATANADA (a variant of the Hindu Sat-Cit Ananda or Being-Consciousness-Bliss) adds up to 150 and 150x4= 600, the number for KHORONZON. Also 150 is the number for the word IM which means "to apply" in the sense of practical application, and also the word GROSB meaning "a bitter sting." Furthermore, 150x3 = 450, the value of the magical word NIAKOD. The entire four-word formula can be added together to yield 261, the number for the word ZAMRAN meaning "to appear." The bottom line here is that the words of this formula are magically suited to make a visible form appear out of the chaotic forces that circulate and flow through the vast openness of ZAX. The form that you will see, which is the form taken on by KHORONZON, will be a product of your own karma. In other words, no two magicians are likely to see this Archdemon in exactly the same way.

When confronting KHORONZON, whose number is 600, you must maintain silence. If you speak out using logic and reason, you will be doomed. If you speak out from love and compassion, you will also be doomed. Crowley's scribe who attended him in evoking KHORONZON concluded that "for Choronzon, in the confusion and chaos of his thought, is much terrified by silence. And by silence can he be brought to obey." In other words, you must hold a quiet singleness of purpose in your mind. You should enter ZAX while in Samadhi and while there hold fast to your purpose without losing concentration. Fill your mind with the word NIAKOD (Nee- ah-koh-deh) and let nothing else disturb you.

If all traces of egoity are erased, you should be safe enough. Most dangers arise from a tiny spark of human personality remaining in the subtle body. As if he had matches, KHORONZON will ignite that spark if he can find it, and from the flame will;inevitably arise your worst enemy-your own fear. It is almost impossible to eliminate any fear that you might have at this point. KHORONZON will en-flame the smallest amount of fear and cause it to grow until you will be undone. The only sane method here is to eradicate it prior to entering ZAX. Your initiations in the lower Aethyrs are designed to do this. You must be able to identify yourself totally with your Magical Personality rather than your human personality in order to enter ZAX safely and confront KHORONZON. Otherwise, your Dagger will probably be of little help.

No human being can cross the Abyss. But you are more than human. Just as you left the physical body behind to enter TEX and the astral body to enter TOR so you must now cast off the mental body and raise your consciousness to the spiritual body. ZAX is a Ring-PassNot for the mental body. With consciousness firmly centered in your spiritual body you can cross ZAX and enter the higher Aethyrs easily and safely.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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