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After a successful initiation in the City of the Pyramids, you are now ready to see the Garden of NEMO which lies in the 13th Aethyr, ZIM. The initiatory processes from POP to VTA are specifically designed to elevate you to the magical grade of Magister Templi (Master of the Temple). You must be at least a Magister Templi, or equivalent, to lawfully enter ZIM or any of the Aethyrs above ZIM. What this actually means is that only a Magister Templi will be able to correctly perceive and understand what he see and hears. Illegal entrance into any of the Aethyrs will result in distortion and false interpretations of that Aethyr. The three Governors of ZIM are:

GEKAOND Geh-kah oh-en-deh

LAPARIN Lah-pah-ree-neh

DOKEPAX Doh-keh-pahtz

The Aethyr will at first appear golden. The pure pale gold colors symbolize the dawning life that exists above the City of the Pyramids. If you have successfully reached the grade of Magister Templi you will soon see a tremendous and beautiful garden. Crowley saw this as if on the terrace of a great castle that is sitting on a rocky mountain. Your own perception may differ in details but you will certainly see a garden of some kind. It is called the Garden of NEMO. NEMO is the title of the Angel of the Aethyr whose task it isto tend the garden.

The word NEMO adds up to 180 using Enochian Gematria. This is the number for the words LIMLAL meaning "a treasure" and MAD-NETAAB meaning "divine government." Also 180=90x2 where 90 is the number for SONF which means "to reign." Using AIK BKR, the word NEMO reduces to 9, the number for "stability through change." Also ZIM is equal to 153 which reduces to 9.

NEMO is the title of the Silent Watcher who tends the garden in ZIM. It is therefore a magical grade in the Great White Brotherhood (white refers to the color of the Magick used, not to race) which is sometimes called the Hierarchy of Compassion. It is this esoteric organization that keeps the spirit of love and brotherhood alive in the world. If you have love for your fellow man in your heart, then you are already a member of this organization. It is this organization or Lodge that periodically sends selected members into our world to keep truth alive and to stir the human mind to see beyond itself. Such beings are known as avatars, mahatmas, adepts, bodisattvas or simply good people who try as best as they can to make the world a better place to live. Most remain anonymous and shun publicity. Many are not consciously aware of their self-imposed tasks but diligently carry them out anyway. Some are cast into the public limelight and must bear the jeers and derision of those whom they came to help. Most of our religious founders and leaders, our philosophers and philanthropists are from this Lodge, consciously or unconsciously. Only those who are actively against the Lodge are truly not members. These are called the Black Brothers (black refers to their Magick, not their race). They seek their own personal salvation and refuse to help others, often refusing to admit that others need assistance. They usually end up as citizens in the City of the Pyramids or as one of the deaf and blind who dwell in the lowest portions of the 7th Aethyr, DEO.

C r o w l e y s a w t h e A n g e l w h o w a s N E M O a s a y o u n g man dressed in white linen robes. You may see NEMO differently. He is one who has had the Knowledge and Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel and is now actively trying to help others do the same. He has no thought of any reward. Although his goal is to grow and cultivate another NEMO, he tends the garden (a symbol for the Earth) without trying to single out any special plant (candidate). ZIM contains not just one garden but many. In fact, there is a special garden waiting for everyone who enters this Aethyr. If the initiation here is successful, you will become a NEMO yourself. As a NEMO you will have three possible paths to take:

1. The Adherent. This is the path of one who does his best to live his remaining days on Earth adhering to the principles and concepts that he learned in Enochian Magick He puts those lofty principles into daily practice in his life.

2. The Lover This is the path of one who vows to spend the remaining days of his life helping others. He freely gives up his personal life for his fellowman by daily teaching and setting examples for others to follow.

3. The Hermit. This is the path of one who gives his understanding and knowledge to others but keeps his personal life to himself.

One of these paths must be taken by every Magister Templi. You can be the Adherent like many members of the secret Golden Dawn; outwardly just like anybody else, keeping your knowledge and understanding a private matter. You can be the Lover like Blavatsky, Crowley, and many others who publicly announced and explained their knowledge and understanding. You can be the Hermit like Lao Tze who gave a book of precious knowledge to the world and then disappeared from history.

After you have assumed the role of NEMO you must carefully choose the path that you will tread.

And behold! If by stealth thou keep unto thyself one thought of thine, then shalt thou be cast out into the abyss for ever; and thou shalt be the lonely one, the eater of dung the afflicted in the Day of Be-With-Us.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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