Aleister Crowley The Book of Lies

The Aethyr called VTA by the Golden Dawn and UTI or VTI by Crowley contains the City of the Pyramids. The name VTA suggests "the Aethyr of semblances." This name is quite appropriate because all of the residents of this Aethyr look very much alike and all share in the overall atmosphere of the Aethyr. The three Governors are from the Fire Tablet. These are:

TEDOAND Teh-doh-ah-en-deh

VIVIPOS Vee-vee-poh-seh

VOANAMB Voh-ah-nah-em-beh

Their sigils and general descriptions are given in Enochian Magic. VTA is located in a region near the Sephiroths, Geburah and Daath. You are advised to study the formula of VRELI' carefully before trying to enter here.

The first impression that you will have when entering VTA is of utter darkness. It is indeed an Aethyr of blackness, but after a time your "eyes" will adjust. You will soon notice the intense feeling of solemnity and stern thoughtfulness that pervades every inch of VTA. It will seem a universe away from the previous Aethyr of OXO. Its atmosphere is, in fact, almost the complementary opposite of that in OXO.

There is a strong feeling of death here that turns back most who try to enter. You must neither ignore this feeling nor flee from it. You must face it, if you can. In order to enter into the Aethyr itself you must totally accept the atmosphere of death that will confront you. Crowley had difficulty in entering this Aethyr. He discovered that it was easier to enter VTA at night rather than in the day. You are advised to do the same.

The darkness of VTA is a reflection of the Sephiroth, Binah which is located above it. It is the total darkness from which all light springs during creation. There is no creativity in VTA. There is no life there as we usually think of it. At first you will see only an ocean of darkness which is but a glimpse of the sea of Binah. Even the desire for light is absent. If this desire rises in you at this point, you will probably be ejected from the Aethyr.

This is because the residents here have no desire for light of any kind. As you gain experience in VTA you will meet with its inhabitants. They all look very much alike and are totally devoid of emotions and feelings. They have severed desires of every kind. They are detached from their surroundings and from themselves. They are embodiments of the masculine current and are totally lacking the feminine current. For this reason the masculine current is quite strong in VTA while the feminine current is too weak to even be noticed.

Crowley described these residents as being shaped like pyramids of dust. Pyramids were used as both places of initiation and as tombs by the ancient Egyptians. In the same way, you can think of your body as either a Temple of the Spirit (an initiatory chamber) or as a prison (a tomb). The former view is held by the residents of VTA. The symbolism of dust was used to emphasize their lack of life. The vast numbers of residents, all quietly sharing the same detachment and unconcern, gave rise to the name City of the Pyramids.

Crowley's Guide here was the god Hermes who described these residents as those "whose eyes are sealed up, and whose e ar s are s to p p e d , an d w h o s e m o u ths a re clenched, who are folded in upon themselves, the liquor of whose bodies is dried up, so that nothing remains but a little pyramid of dust."

This Aethyr holds the fate of those who have detached themselves from their humanity. Study them well and see where their yogas and their meditations have led them.

to be learned VTA for all who practice There is a lesson any form of yoga or meditation.

He is, as said, the "Nameless One " who has so many names, and yet whose names and whose very nature are unknown. He is the "Initiator," called the

"GREATSACRIFICE "For, sitting at the threshold of

Light, he looks into it from within the circle of Darkness, which he will not cross; nor will he quit his post till the last day of this

Life-cycle ... It is under the direct, silentguidance of this MAHA

GURU that all the other less divine Teachers and instructors of mankind became, from the first awakening of human consciousness, the guidesof early Humanity.

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