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The Enochian word KIKA, pronounced Key-kah, is comprised of the first letters of the words, KAFAFAM IA KOMSELHA AP which means, "the enduring truth of the changeless circle." The entire phrase adds up to 947, the number for NIBM TA KHR PARRY meaning, "an equal turn of the Wheel of Fate." This reduces to 2 by AIQ BKR, the number for divine will.

The two main words of the phrase (i.e., KAFAFAM KOMSELHA) add up to 866, the names of the three Governors of KHR, the 20th Aethyr, the Aethyr of the Wheel (ZILDRON= 255, PARZIBA=189, TOTOKAN=422 and 255+189+422=866). AIQ BKR reduces 866 to 2.

The letters of KIKA add up to 666 which Crowley adopted as his own number, being that of the Beast of the New Testament. The word KIKA means "mystery." AIQ BKR demonstrates how close this formula is to MZKZB: 1746 and 666 both reduce to 9 because both are formulas of slow but sure cyclic spiritual development.

The number 666 is equal to ELZAP-MIKA-LNNIA which means "the way of the Great Beast." The word LNNIA (beast) is 174 which is the number for OLORA which means "man." The number 666 is also equal to IA-KHORONZON which means "the truth of KHORONZON" where KHORONZON is the archdemon of the Abyss.

The exact nature of this formula is expressed by the letters themselves:

Your judgement (the Fire of Judgement/Aeon) should be couched in experience (Temperance/Art of Sagittarius) in order to have true insight (Hierophant in Taurus). This formula expresses the scientific attitude of tempering judgment with actual experience in order to see things without prejudice.

Two sigils for KIKA from the Watchtower of Earth are:

The letters veh, gon, veh, un are written:

0 my beautifulGod! I swim in Thy heartlike a trout in the mountain torrent.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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