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The Enochian word QAA, pronounced Qah-ah, is comprised of the first letters of the words QUASAHI-ATH-AR

Which means, "the delight in the works of the sun." The entire phrase adds up to 312 which is the number fori ANANAEL-BASGIM meaning "the secret wisdom of the day." This shows the solar nature of this formula. AIQ BKR reduces 312 to 6, the number for life.

This phrase also adds up to 306, the number fori DAMPLOZ OLPRT, meaning "a variety of light." AIQ BKR reduces 306 to 9, the number for stability in change.

The formula itself adds up to 52 and 52x6=312. Thus the formula of QAA is directly associated with its paren phrase. AIQ BKR reduces 52 to 7, the number for desire, the most essential ingredient in any creative process.

The formula of QAA is closely associated with the for mula of VRELP because 52x 13 = 676 (see the Formula o VRELP). The following are hints for understanding this formula:

52x3 = 156 = DAMPLOZ (variety) 52x4 = 208 = SA-ETHARZI (in peace) 52x5 = 260 = FISISMOZ (to act with joy)

The letters of the word QAA suggest that true creation is the magical process of the Hanged Man in 178

Water followed by a double dose of spiritual insight (Hierophant in Taurus). Thus creation under the formula QAA implies the conscious giving of oneself.

The letters ger, un, un are written:

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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