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Blessed art thou, who hast seen, and yet hast not believed. For therefore is it given unto thee to taste, and smell, andfeel, and hear, and know by the inner sense, and by the inmost sense, so that sevenfold is thy rapture.

Aleister Crowley, The Vision and the Voice, the 9th


It is recommended that you swear a magical oath to practice the following meditation (or one of your own like it) daily for a selected period of time. Be sure to record your daily results in your Magical Diary. This meditation is specifically for a male magician. A woman will need to make appropriate changes to convert the feminine current to a masculine one. This exercise should be practiced as a preparation for entering ZIP. Crossing the Abyss of ZAX will not of itself allow you to enter ZIP or ZID.

STEP 1. Consecrate a circle, trace the Banishing Pentagram and Hexagram of Fire, and then sit relaxed within the circle.

STEP 2. Concentrate on blackness. Fill your mind with formless darkness.

STEP 3. Imagine the blackness to descend as if you were slowly rising above an immense black cliff. Slowly rise above the edge of the cliff and see yourself in a Iush well-tended, colorful and fertile garden.

STEP 4. Imagine a giant-sized, perfectly formed maiden standing naked in the center of this garden. She should be as sexually attractive as your imagination can form her. Let yourself be the size of a fly or gnat by comparison. Begin at her feet and slowly, gradually, rise upward facing her bare skin all the way to the top of her head. See the hairs and cells of her body.

STEP 5. Imagine yourself either expanding or the lady decreasing in size until you are both comparable. Let her face you and smile enticingly.

STEP 6. Let her approach you slowly and seductively until the front of her body touches yours. Then let her continue until her body merges itself totally in your body. Feel the combination of her body and yours as your own body. STEP 7. Bathe in the bliss of this union.

STEP 8. Let the woman depart back to her garden. Stand and again trace the Banishing Pentagram and Hexagram of Fire. STEP 9. Record the results in your Magical Diary.

NOTES TO STEP 1. It is of no consequence whether you wear a robe, street clothes or nothing at all during this exercise. The main thing is to relax and be aware of your Body of Light rather than your physical body.

NOTES TO STEP 2. This is the blackness of ZAX. As you progress with this exercise, see this as the Abyss itself.

NOTES TO STEP 3. This simulates rising out of ZAX into ZIP. Because this is a simulation and a preparatory exercise, do not use the Calls nor the Names of Power at this time.

NOTES TO STEP 4. This woman simulates the Daughter of Babalon who resides in ZIP. She should represent all of the alluring aspects of objectivity; everything that is desirable and attractive to you in the universe. She is the projected image of your anima, the feminine part of your own psyche.

NOTES TO STEP 5. This step should have the psychological effect of placing the Daughter of Babalon and yourself on an equal footing.

NOTES TO STEP 6. During this step, do not concentrate on any specific ppart of your body. Imagine your body, and hers, to be equally empty of any content except that your body contains the masculine current and hers the feminine current. Because your bodies are subtle, not physical, they can actually be merged together.

NOTES TO STEP 7. The primary effect of a successful Jnanamudra meditation will be an intense bliss (Ananda) throughout your subtle body. Even the pphysicalbody will be affected. It should feel to you like an orgasm in every ppartof your body simultaneously.

NOTES TO STEP 8. Follow this step as given at first. As you attain success, change iit by leaving the woman within yourself. At first she will departon her own soon enough, but gradually she will remain for longer iintervals. When she becomes a normal part of yourself you will be ready for Mahamudra.

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