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We will now consider seven other factors that are closely connected with our lives on the Physical Plane and affect us in practically every way and in everything we do. These seven other factors/forces are known to us more commonly by their planetary names. Actually, they are modifications/combinations of the Four Elemental Forces, and I will repeat again, that any and all "Occult" "Force" "Power", or what have you, is some combination of the Four Elemental Forces. (There is another Elemental Force called Akasha, but this Akasha does not appear either in the playing or in the Tarot Deck. Akasha is closely connected with the Inner Plane existence only and I refer to it to complete the record and to indicate, to those who know about it, that I also know.)

The seven other factors are, called by their Roman Planetary names, SATURN, JUPITER, MARS, SUN, VENUS, MERCURY, and the MOON.

These seven factors/forces have, divided up among themselves, the "Rule" of every living thing and action that a human being can do, can be, think, or be effected by. These rule divisions are not arbitrary but pertain to the nature of the Force that rules them.

I cannot point out here, in this little book all possible connections between all possible things and every possible force that would rule it. You will have to do some of this work yourself and become familiar with it. As you continue to work with the Occult and as you gain additional knowledge you will find out about more connections between all things and these Forces and Yourself, and when you do discover additional connections add them to the list below and in their proper places. There should be no end to this adding of connections to this list. You can find this additional information in Astrology magazines or articles.

Study the following tables:


Basic Relationships. Family Retainers. Legal Matters. Things of the Past. Abstract Science and Philosophy. Contact with Earth. Sense of Duty. Printing. Older People and Old Plans. Debts and their Repayment. Real Estate. Agriculture. Death. Wills. Stability. Inertia. Heavy Metals. Trees. Landlords. Builders. Traditions. Family Ties.


Abundance. Growth. Generosity. Dreams. Long Journeys. Creditors. Debtors. Investment. Abstract Mind. Benevolence. Expansiveness. Mature Man. Patience. Honor. Lawyers. Guardianship. Higher Education. Social Clubs. Good Humor. Respectability. Starting a New Enterprise.


Practicality. Male Creativity (Construction or Destruction according to application.) Strife. Strength. Courage. Iron. The Enemy. Accidents. The Muscular System. Intolerance. Desire to Possess. Enthusiasm. Self-Assurance. Treachery. Anything that Cuts or Burns. External Sex Organs. Crimes of Passion. The Lover. Police. Haste. Anger. Danger. Surgery. Vitality. Magnetism. Will Power. Men.

Life itself. The Father. Inner Self. Desire for Self-improvement. The Center. Social Prestige. Public Relations. Display Advertising. Costume for Display. Gold. Judges. Health. Fame. Powerful Friends. Rich Relations. Superiors. Employers. High Offices. Power and Success. Money. Growth of all Kinds. Illumination. Imagination. Mental Power. Health. Man.


Social Affairs. Affections and Emotions. Younger People. All Pleasures. Art. Music. Drama. Poetry. Places of Amusement. Love. Women's Hair. Skin. Costume for Allurement. Courtship. Furniture. Women.


Reason. Memory. Research. Teaching. News. Libraries. Classified and Direct Mail Advertising. Record Keeping. Books. Papers. Messengers. Cleverness. Technology. Brokerage. Business Matters. Writing. Contracts. Short Travels. Buying and Selling. Bargaining. Neighbors. Literary Capabilities. Intellectual Friends. Theft. Mathematics. Compounding of Herbs. Nervous System. Engineering.


Feeling. Subconscious. Instincts. Growth. Fertility. Non-sex Emotions. Natural Forces. Sailors. Nurses. Stomach. Uterus. Breasts. Maternity. Witchcraft. Protective Instinct. Home. Pearls. Silver. Domestic Servants. General Public. Sense-reactions. Short Journeys. Removals. Changes and Fluctuations. The Personality. The Woman Consulting this Oracle. Feminine Reproductive Instinct. Woman.

These, very briefly, are the attributions of the Planets under which everything and every subject in our Physical/Nature/Universe may be classified. Classified thus we can manipulate our understanding of them.

Actually, these Five Elemental Forces pour out from the Sun and the Five in One are called PRANA. All Physical Life is affected by this Prana and, in fact, ALL PHYSICAL LIFE IS THIS PRANA, as modified by the seven Planetary Forces Again, this is all that Physical Life is, REALLY IS, the flux and re-flux of Prana as modified by the Planetary Forces!!!

T H I S I S T H E E N D O F T H E B A S I C, THEORY/KNOWLEDGE BEHIND THE ORACLE OF FORTUNA. And it now remains for you to learn to put this knowledge into practice. It is best to study each section carefully and to re-read it several times before starting the next one. Often the sections are short for a reason. The material is of Key importance and should be studied in detail, as well as contemplated abstractly or subjectively.

The student may find the suggested book list on the next page most helpful in connection with this section.




Remembering Past Incarnations, Karma, Divination, Mind Power, Magnetism, The Problem of the Unpolarized.


Chapters on The Astral Plane, The Aura, God and the Gods, Sacred Centres, Reincarnation, Spiritual Healing, Isis, and much more including "The Death of Vivian Le Fay Morgan," the central character of the novel MOON MAGIC.


The basic foundation of Western Occultism - the Yoga of the West. This is the only currently available book dealing with the work of modern Qabalists. The Qabalah formed the basis of medieval magic, but here you experience the Qabalah as a system of illumination and practical Occultism.

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