Egyptian Words Of Power On Spells And Magic

Magic: formula (Sufist), 68; Pencil (China;, 157; Power (Sudanese), 54; Ring (Solomonic), 21; Words, set under Power, words of Magician, identification of, 55 Magicians: Amoy, 170; Brahmin, 199; En-Dor, 17; El Ghirby, 91f.; Irrah, 51; Purohitas, 132; Sadhus, 122; Scandinavian, 32; Wu, 149, 163, 168 Magnesium metal in alchemy, 131 Magnetism and magic, 138 Magus, the, 19

Majinai: low magic (Japanese), 184 Manchuria, devil-dancing, 163 Maskh: transformation into animals, 77 Maspero, Gaston, 37 Materialization (China), 169 Maulavi Order (Sufi) Monastery, 65 Medium (China), 171 Memphis, centre of magic, 39 Menachen, Rabbi, 15 Michael, angel, 23

Ming Ch'ung-yen, 156. Dragon spell, 157

Miracles, India, 120 Mirrors, magic (China), 151 Mirzd Khän, Ansäri: mystical poem of, 71

Miscarriage, spell to prevent, 147 Mohammed, the Prophet, and bewitchment, 82

Mongolian occult lore, 3

Moslem attitude to magic, 77

Mucuna Pruritus: plant used for virility magic, 148 Mungo: Sudanese magical power, 55f. MurId: Sufi disciple, 66 Murshid, Sufi title, 67

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