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Talismans must be made at certain times. They are to contain either or both of the magical metals iron and copper. Their symbolism is a powerful agent for compelling the subservience of spirits. Those who desire to cause discord, for example, must make their talisman square when the moon is in Aries. But one made in Aries, and of circular shape, will compel a spirit who has knowledge of hidden treasures to appear and divulge his secrets. The word athoray, which is under the aegis of the Pleiades, when inscribed on a copper tablet, gives powers far beyond the ordinary to sailors, soldiers and alchemists. Buildings, wells and mines may be wrecked by a magical talisman made of the same material, with the word adelamen and the sign for Taurus written thereon. This is also thought to be powerful for any form of evil magic. Alchatay, made under Taurus, with its sign and this name upon it in black on a triangular piece of iron, is carried by travellers, and is said to cure many illnesses. Athanna, written with the sign of Gemini on a crescent-shaped tablet of iron and copper, helps besiegers. Used in evil magic, it can destroy harvests, and is effective for revenge.

Aldimiach, also under Gemini, and composed in the same way as the former talisman, is used for love and friendship.

It was recommended that a complete set of these signs should be written on white paper with jet-black ink, and carried on the person. Then, when the moon or sun was passing through the appropriate signs of the Zodiac, the latent virtues of the talismans would start to operate, and the requisite benefits would be felt and seen.

There are still other variations on this astrological lore: Almazan, under Leo, causes men to quarrel, and women! It is a bad sign for travellers, and a general promoter of discord as a talisman. Algelioche, also under Leo, being at a fixed position, promotes love and benevolence. Azobra, from the mane of Leo, is good for voyages and to regain lost affections. Alzarfa, from Virgo, is fortunate for gain; Achureth, from Virgo, keeps love and cures the sick, though it does not help land travel. Those who want to find a treasure made their talisman with the name of Agrafa, under Libra; and Azubene, with affinity to Scorpio, was unfortunate for sea travel.

Talismans in copper and lead made under the power of the Crown of Scorpio and engraved with the name Alchil were supposed to favour fortune in general, and travel.

The following Arabian talismans complete the list given in several magical books: they were widely current at one time in Europe.

Allatha, the tail of Scorpio, is unlucky for travel or new friendships, and so is used in hate magic, Abrahaya destroys ill-gained wealth and incites people to gamble. Abeida helps harvests and travellers, but causes divorce and discontent if used with vicious intent. Sadahecha, which comes under Capricorn, ensures good health, while Zabodola cures certain diseases. Sadabeth is the Star of Fortune, and its talisman should be worn by all who seek conjugal loyalty. Sadalabra, in conjunction with other hate-talismans, is usefvol for revenge, destroys enemies and also causes divorce. Alfarz, on the other hand, helps one to meet one's life partner, and brings good fortune in general. Albothan, which is governed by the force of Pisces, brings safety in strange places: it is one of the protective charms worn by magicians while at their work. It promotes harmony, and makes married people happy.

Arabic magic is highly symbolized. Many of the traditional signs of the wizards—the pentagram, Seal of Solomon and Shield of David, the Eye of Horus and the Hand of the Moon god—are in constant use among Arab-Islamic sorcerers.

One curious belief deserves mention here. In the case of the swastika—that symbol of the sun and of life among peoples from

North and

South America


Western Europe^

Central Africa


Caucasia t

Turkey 1




Chart illustrating Arabian rediffusion of the magical arts inherited from Near-Eastern civilizations: eighth to fifteenth centuries, a.d.

time immemorial—the Arabs have decided that a special virtue resides in its form alone. If that form is allied to a meaning assigned to it by thought-force, then the force becomes doubled. Should the meaning be trebled, so is the force which is at the command of the magician through the very symbolism of the swastika or other magical device. In the seventeenth-century Arabic work Tilism wa'lQuam/a (Tower and Talismans') (68) we find an expansion of this theory. The Christians, says the anonymous author, took the sign of the Cross as their emblem. Now we know that from time immemorial the Cross has been used in magic to portray the Sun and also that it 'contains within it virtues of a kind of which we are uncertain'. It was potent before Jesus. After the Crucifixion, it was adopted, and thus has a double function and potency. 'The same is true of the Swastika' (69).

Where the Swastika originated is not known. In China, it is still extremely common (under the name of wan) and is thought to have been adopted under Buddhism, which possibly points to an Indian source: "the accumulation of lucky signs possessing ten thousand virtues, being one of the sixty-five mystic figures which are believed to be traceable to every one of the famous footprints of Buddha". It is also current in other lands which have Buddhist traditions.

"It has been identified with the Hammer of Thor"—whence, possibly, the German Nazis adopted it, as an 'Aryan' symbol—"the Zeus or Thunderer of the Scandinavians."

The name which we use for it is derived from two Sanskrit words su ('well') and dsti ('it is'), meaning, it is well.

There are many varieties of the cross-swastika: among them the fylfot which is the emblem of the Isle of Man.

There have been several Arabian adaptations of the swastika-symbol to powers, invocations and names. In one, the phrase Ya Alt ('O, Alii'), an invocation to the Fourth Caliph and Companion of Mohammed, is seen. This is current among followers of the Shiah rite, who revere this personage very highly. Again, in Persia, the symbol was used to enclose the Persian invocation to the Four Caliphs: Ya Chahdr Ydr ('O, Four Friends'). In this case the arms (or legs) of the figure, as with the former one, give the impression of clockwise rotation. One calligrapher, knowing of the meaning of the Chahdr Ydr phrase, prepared a version of my name for a seal, in which were two swastikas rotating in different directions. The last one contained my title: Sajed Shah.

So much for the talismanic aspect of the Arabian contribution. Characteristic of the employment of demons and spirits—as opposed to the talisman theory or 'second force' of Ibn Khaldun—is the intricate question of the knot spell.

An important reference to the making and use of knots as a vehicle for curses is found in (70) the Quran:

The Daybreak:

"Say thou: 'I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak From the evil of all He hath made, And from the evil of the dark one when it spreads And from the evil of those who blow upon knots And the evil of the envious when he envies.'"

This clearly refers to the ancient Semitic knot-lore which is quoted in the Maqlu (Burning) Tablets:

"Her knot is loosed, her sorcery is brought to naught, and all her charms £11 the desert."

Magic square for easing childbirth. From Al-Ghazzali's Deliverance from Error. The numbers are:

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