The First Epistle of Robert

This missive was written by Robert Larson and postmarked as May 26th, 1976. For more information on Robert Larson see the Historiography on "Leabhar Toirdhealbhaigh". Larson wasn't one to butt in other people's business, but there comes a time when you must step in between the combatants and heal the peace. Larson, a printer at this time, was in the process of preparing the Druid Chronicles (Evolved) for publication.

There are several points of interest for the historian about Robert's two epistles. It is one of the few glimpses into the originator of Berkeley Druidism, an old-time Carleton Druid, and the ArchDruid nurturer of the Berkeley Grove from 1968 to 1976/7. From the sheer literary output, one would assume that Isaac was the most dominant spokesmen for the Berkeley Grove. After a dozen interviews with other Berkeleyites, it appears that Isaac was merely the most vocal amongst them. The people might have listened to Isaac, but they followed Robert. There was scattered interaction between Frangquist, Shelton, Sherbak, Savitzky, Carruth and Larson upto the mid-70s. Larson's was the quiet, steady voice of Berkeley.

In this letter we get an idea of what form of Druidism was being taught in Berkeley, and why so many of the Berkeley Druids resisted Isaac's changes over the next decade. It also provides us with an eyewitness description of Isaac's behavior that we don't have elsewhere in our records. This letter gives more depth to NRDNA than Isaac's letters alone would have provided to us.

Robert's First Epistle is essential discussing his idea of a Provisional Council of Arch-Druids among the original NRDNA, but also being open to the RDNA. Its purposes are plain and simple; dissemination of news, record keeping and a safeguard for keeping communication open amongst the Council; in case the Carleton ArchDruidcy should go into remission. In those circumstance, the Chair of the Council of Dalon ap Landu would annually rotate around the members of the Council of Arch-Druids, until Carleton got back on its feet. The letter spends a great deal of time re-affirming basic Reformed Druidic ideals of traditional disorganization and independence, which Larson understood as a member of the original Carleton Grove.

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