The Epistle to the Myopians

(Berkeley Apocrypha Only)

000.To all the orders of Druids, peace; from Joan, priestess and Druid of the Order of Dalon Ap Landu, and Preceptor of the Grove which is in Berkeley.

00. May the Lord of the Groves guide my hand in this writing. Blessed be the Earth-Mother who bringest forth all life.

0. May the Earth-Mother keep David the Fisher in Her sight and bless him, for this is all his fault.

1. Priest and Patriarchs, hear me! Druids of much ilk, hear me! Worshippers in the Groves, hear me! Brothers and Sisters, Children of the Mother, followers of the way called Druid, attend unto my words and ponder them!

2. Much have I read the Chronicles and wondered at the beauty of them, and at the signs the Earth-Mother has shown, and still I am disquieted.

3. Much grief it is to me to see in the Chronicles words that do not indicate balance and harmony, nor true knowledge of the Ways of the Mother, and I wonder greatly that none have seen it.

4. Behold the Ways of the Mother, for all of them are good, and not just half of them.

5. If the Mother would bring forth life, First She must commit the seed to the grave, and bury it in the darkness, and surround it with effluvia, and the bodies of Her children of past seasons. If the plant would survive, and bring forth new plants to the glory of the world, First must it put its life into its seeds and die unto the world.

6. In this the great Mystery of the Mother is seen, that we are wont to call Defeat is turned to the sine qua non of Victory. Hearken unto my words and consider them, for there is a sadness in the Reformed Druids that wisdom would see turned to joy!

7. Fear not the waning of the Moon, lest ye would never again see Her wax. It is not a time of Evil, but of simplification and consolidation unto the seed, and though, lo, we see around us only growth and youth and wealth praised, many of the troubles we Druids are trying to escape from arise from this fallacy—that half the work of the Mother is Evil. From it arises plagues upon the Earth. If Man is good, Woman is Evil. If Light is good, Darkness is evil. If Getting is good, Losing is evil. If Summer is good, Winter is evil. If the Spirit is good, the Body is evil. Long would my Epistle be if I listed them all.

8. Hence we praise the summer and reject the Winter, all unknowing that by doing so we reject the seed the mother would plant in the darkness of our hearts and compost with out "defeats" and our unfulfilled longings.

9. Fear not Geimredh nor Earrach therefore, nor disregard them, nor cease to worship them. Call upon Belenos to return with all your hearts, but with all your hearts accept the answer of the silence and the dark. Accept not in despair, nor in hope, but in peace and certitude: yea, even in joy. Though the Mother seem turned to Hag, it is not so: She's just a bitchy pregnant woman. Though the Lord seem merciless Hunter, it is not so: He slays the old that the new might find birth. Without Samhain, Beltane would not come. Therefore rejoice even in the gathering dark, for it is the Repository of Mysteries and the Progenitor of Wis dom.

10. In our shortsighted desire for Life, we have disrupted the whole Biosphere, the living mantle of the Mother. In our attempt to defeat Death, we have created a true waste. Of all the Mother's creatures, we alone may be able to accomplish that defeat, and the world would not live but die. Then indeed would Arawn weep, for there would be no young children or tender blossoms to play upon His knees.

11. I am a warrior. I am a gardner, and a medicine-person, and a student of Life. That I worship, as I know you do. We have reclaimed the right-brain wisdom of the past. Let us not out of hand reject the left-brain wisdom of the present. It is only without each other that either becomes evil, and they do not contradict each other. Though all around you desire Life without Death, fall not into that trap, though your body and your senses much desire it; or the ways of the Mother and plans of the Lord of the Groves will be lost unto you and you shall be at odds with yourself until the end of your days. Blessed be the Lord who has given me to understand this. Blessed be the Lady who givest life.

Joan Carruth, D.A.L.

25 Mean Earraigh, 14 y.r.

Year of the Bison, c.e. [circa March 25th, 1976 c.e.]

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