Of The Apocrypha


To Jan Johnson The first Reformed Druid to write an epistle.

Drynemetum Press


New Stuff:

New Introduction

Why were Two Separate Apocryphas Printed?

Old Stuff:

Preface to Carleton Apocrypha Contents of original Carleton Apocrypha Introduction to Carleton Apocrypha Introduction to Berkeley Apocrypha Contents of Original Berkeley Version

Early Selections:

The Book of Faith

The Epistle of David the Chronicler

The Outline of the Foundation of Fundamentals

Leabhar Toirdhealbhaigh

The Discourse of Thomas the Fool

The Wisdom of Thomas the Fool

Letter to My Brothers

Middling Selections:

The Book of Changes, Part One

The Epistle of Renny

The Epistle of Ellen

The Words of Green

The First Epistle of Isaac

Gobbledegook and Red Tape

The Epistle of Norman

The Book of Changes, Part Two

The Epistle to the Myopians

The First Epistle of Robert

The Epistle of Richard

The Epistle of Midsummer

The Second Epistle of Robert

The Second Epistle of Isaac

The Book of Changes, Part Three

A Cup Filled to the Brim with Druidism

Late Selections:


The Speaking of Beliefs The Third Epistle of Robert The Book of Lacunae Some Final Thoughts

Discourse on the Selections:

End-Notes Historiography

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