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Natural Insomnia Program

Natural Insomnia Program is credited to Christian Goodman, who is a health expert, and he is willing to help those people suffering from insomnia for long. Many people end up suffering from the sleepless night, which ends up affecting their following day schedule. For instance, the author sleepless night has destructed his marriage and also career, but with the help of the program, he has been to overcomes this problem. Through the various studies, it shows that most of the people sleep after 45 minutes, but with the help of the program, this would be reduced to 10 to 15 minutes. The most common solution to relaxing the body is through linguistic audio, which would help the brain to relax and thus sleep effectively. Many people have used the program, and they have ended solving the problem entirely. The program is available either in the video series and e-Book and works within the shortest time possible. Read more...

Natural Insomnia Program Summary


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Contents: Ebook, Video Series
Author: Christian Goodman
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Highly Recommended

The very first point I want to make certain that Natural Insomnia Program definitely offers the greatest results.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Cure Insomnia Six Steps To Sleep

The Cure Insomnia for Good with Six Steps to Sleep is a popular sleep program that persons who are facing the difficulty of having a sound sleep and usually have stressful days undertake; to retrain their body for a night of deep and restful sleep. This program uses a proven six steps sleep hygiene method that will naturally reset your sleep-wake cycle. This puts a stop to sleepless nights giving you a wonderful and energetic feeling in the morning and all day. From the book you will discover a lot which includes; how to fall asleep just within minutes of lying on your bed, how to stop your mind from wandering as you lay on the bed about to sleep, how you can stop the feeling of anxiety and restless when you are about to sleep, how to sleep properly when you are sharing the bed with a partner, how you can sleep soundly in a new environment and how you can get a sound sleep for about 7 hours in the night. This product is available for sale in hard copies and also on the site. It comes together with the book and the six steps to sleep program together with a guide for diet and 4 audio brainwave meditations, all of which contribute to relaxing the mind and body. Read more...

Cure Insomnia Six Steps To Sleep Summary

Contents: 9 Chapters Ebook, Mp3 Binaural Beats Recordings
Author: Peter Litchfield
Official Website:
Price: $19.00

Your Insomnia Cure Insomnia Buster

The Your Insomnia Cure e-book is a 135 page downloadable guide to natural insomnia cures jam packed with cutting edge insomnia techniques previously know by only a handful of herbalists and natural healers. Inside you will find: 3 types of insomnia that keeping you awake at night. (Page 10) How to teach your body to fall asleep naturally with a consistent plan of action. (Page 6) (This technique alone helps so many peoples fall asleep quicker than ever they thought they would be physically fall asleep) When you need to fall asleep quick, here's how to quickly control the ''climate'' in your bedroom. (Page 106) How to choose your foods so that you may fall asleep before your head even hits the pillow. (Page 40) The only 2 activities that your bed is meant for. (Page 107) How an amazing flowering plant from Europe can convince your body to sleep tight. (Page 43-63) The shrub the Pilgrims brought over on the Mayflower that you can use as a sleep aid, as a calming aroma, or simply to relax your muscles before jumping into bed. (Page 55) An easy way to tell if your mattress is keeping you from waking up fresh and ready to go. (Page 103-105) What bath-lover's do when they want to fall asleep fast. (Pages 96-98) What really happens to your body when you sleep in less then total darkness. (Page 106) The real reason why we find it harder to sleep as we get older. (Page 13-14) How to trick your body into unconsciously thinking that is time to turn the lights out and get some sleep. (Pages 108) 2 types of physical exercise that will train your body to sleep through the night. (Page 120) Why sleeping experts say you cannot make up for sleep lost during the night by sleeping in later in the morning. (Page 6) A simple way to clear your head of thoughts that cause your brain to fight sleep. (Page 38) What never to keep in your room if you plan on falling asleep on time. (Page 106)

Your Insomnia Cure Insomnia Buster Summary

Contents: 135 Pages EBook
Author: Dr.Samantha Hement
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Sushupti Avastha Deep Sleep State

When the mind enters the Puritat Nadi, the state of deep sleep sets in. In Dridha Sushupti (dreamless sleep), you have a cessation of empirical consciousness. There is no play of the mind in this Avastha (state). There is neither Raga nor Dvesha (attraction or repulsion, like or dislike). The mind gets Laya into its cause. Manolaya (involution of the mind) takes place. There is no play of the Indriyas (organs, senses) too. This state of profound sleep is not a complete non-being or negative, for such a hypothesis conflicts with the later recollections of a happy repose of sleep. The self continues to exist, though it is bereft of all experiences. The consciousness is continuous. You feel you have existed even during sleep as soon as you are awake. You feel that you exist always. Vedantins build their philosophy around this Sushupti Avastha. This stage gives them the clue to the non-dual state (Advaitic state). A careful study of the three states-Jagrat, Svapna and Sushupti (waking,...

We Live in a Boundless World of Thoughts

Sound, touch, form, taste and odour, the five sheaths, the waking, the dreaming and deep sleep states all these are the products of mind. Sankalpa, passion, anger, bondage, time know them to be the result of mind. Mind is the king of the Indriyas or senses. Thought is the root of all mental process.

Spirit Form100 points

This power allows you to leave your body and travel away from it as an incorporeal spirit Your body lapses into a deep sleep while your consciousness soars through the world invisible and intangible. This is not a form of astral projection the spirit is still in the material world, but is an entity of spiritual energy. While in this state, you can move in any direction at a maximum speed equal to twice your normal Move plus your level of Initiation (use your normal Move to determine Dodge and initiative, however). You can also expend 1 Fatigue per hour to stay connected enough to hitch a ride inside a vehicle. You can see everything in the real world, as well as any spirit entities there. You can enter the spirit world or the astral plane (see p. 44) with a Will roll. The spirit form has the same stats as your material body, with 1 level of Extra Fatigue per level of Initiation. While in this state, you have all the spirit abilities listed in Chapter

Autosuggestion or the Secret of Subconscious

Subconsciousness is acting in the most effective and penetrating way during the night, when man is asleep. In the sate of sleep, the activity of normal consciousness is suspended, subconsciousness working in its place. The most appropriate time for autosuggestion receptivity, therefore, is the moment when the body is resting drowsily in bed, i.e., immediately before falling asleep as well as immediately after waking up, when we remain still half-awake. That does not mean that a different time would be quite unsuitable for self-suggestion, but these tow moments are most promising, subconsciousness being most responsive then. That is why the magician will never go to sleep in an emotional attitude such as anger or depression, worries which would have an unfavourable influence in his subconsciousness, going on in the same train of thoughts with which he had fallen asleep. Always go to sleep with peaceful and harmonious thoughts or ideas about success, health and pleasant feelings. The...

Dew MaicaL Concocrion BAiRds Bedrime Blend

Popular amongst the aristocracies of many kingdoms, this enjoyable tea is known for putting whoever ingests it into a deep sleep. The concoction is brewed with an exotic blend of tealeaves, spices, honey, and magical hemlock tincture base (added in exactly the right amount lest that dreamless sleep turn into an eternal coma not even Prince Charming can revive a person from). Anyone ingesting the tea must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 15) or fall asleep for 8 hours. slumber with but a single blow. Using the tincture base of the tea on weapons (or other invasive instruments) delivers a stronger dose but in significantly smaller quantities. A creature that has been cut by such a coated weapon must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or fall asleep for 1d6 rounds. Coating weapons with the tea itself or the mundane versions of the tincture and tea, for that matter is useless as the amount required to enter the blood and have any effect is much more than can be adequately applied to a...

When is the best time to practice

The best time to practice is in the morning, when you are awake, refreshed and not likely to fall asleep. I mostly practice Saturday and Sunday mornings because I can sleep in late, wake up refreshed and then have plenty of time to practice. I also recommend you take a nap sometime during the day, and use that time to attempt to leave your body. Naps are better than bedtime, because you're usually not as tired. You can relax and really get into it, without being so tired that you just fall asleep right away. If you only practice before bedtime, make sure to go to bed early so you won't fall asleep immediately.

Empirical Existence And Existencereality

The mind of the Jnanis cannot be termed as a mind, but only as Tattva (Reality). That which gets differentiated through diverse objects is the mind. The mind of a Jnani, on the other hand, becomes stainless, like copper transmuted into gold by alchemic process. The mind of a Jnani is Sattva itself, while persons without Jnana will follow the path chalked out by their minds. When a Jnani sees outside, he may simply see, but the Vritti may not assume Vishayakara as in the case of worldly-minded persons. Just as the mind is free from any Vishayakara in deep-sleep state in all, it is free from any Vishayakara in the waking state also in a Jnani. The world appears to him as a mere dream. He dwells in Brahman even while working. In those that have cognised their Self, the pure Vasanas with which they perform Karmas will not entail them rebirths. The mind of such a Jnani is called Sattvic, but a mind without Jnana is generally termed Manas.

The change in character

The most striking feature of the second state is the change in character. There are several cases in the literature which show this symptom of spontaneous change in the character of a person. The first to be made known in a scientific journal was that of Mary Reynolds, published by Weir Mitchell.62 This was the case of a young woman living in Pennsylvania in 1811. After a deep sleep of about twenty hours, she had totally forgotten her entire past and everything she had ever learnt even the words she spoke had lost their meaning. She no longer knew her relatives. Slowly she re-learnt to read and write, but her writing now was from right to left. More striking still was the change in her character. Instead of being melancholy she was now cheerful to extremity. Instead of being reserved she was buoyant and social. In this state she gave up entirely her former secluded life and liked to set out on adventurous expeditions unarmed, through woods and mountains, on foot and on horseback. On...

Pranayama What Is Prana

Breath directed by thought under the control of the will is a vitalising, regenerated force which can be utilised consciously for self-development, for healing many incurable diseases and for many other useful purposes. Hatha Yogins consider that Prana Tattva is superior to Manas Tattva (mind), as Prana is present even when mind is absent during deep sleep. Hence Prana plays a more vital part than mind.

Helping Other Projectors

It is possible, however, to awaken sleeping real-time projectors while they are out of body. When natural sleep projection occurs, the real-time body drifts out of its physical body and hovers just above it, often mimicking its sleeping position. The real-time projectors in this state are asleep, just as their physical bodies and minds are. A helpful conscious projector can then try to help by gently waking the person from real-time-zone sleep. Sleepers who can be made to focus and realize they are projecting could then interact with or become a travel partner for the conscious projector. The best chance for success would be if the awakening comes before the sleeping projector has fallen into a deep sleep. The original projector can then instruct the other on how to maximize chances of remembering that projection. But this is still a very hit-and-miss thing. I have tried this many times with sleeping real-time projectors and, while I have managed to awaken and travel with quite a few,...

Matos Spells And Magic Teleportation Ritwal

Reliquaries 146 Create Focal Charm 146 Create Reliquary 146 Create Spiritstone 146 Dedicated Skill Points 43 Deep Sleep 116 Discerning Eye 139 Divine Right 40 Dreamreader 116 Elemental Ability 49 Elemental Affinity 50 Elemental Familiar 50 Elemental Resistance 50 Elemental

Three stages of building a new identity

The first stage involves reducing our alertness and forcing on us various kinds of sensory or information overload, confusion, or distraction. This builds a tremendous psychological and physiological tension that needs to be eleased. This is roughly analogous to the first step in a stage hypnosis nduction, creating confusion or distraction by means of a sudden shock. When longer term effects are desired, the means of destabilizing people nclude inducing anxiety and terror, physical and social isolation, sleep deprivation, nutritional deprivation, infantilizing treatment, and sexual rustration. Shame and guilt are always central elements in destabilizing the urrent identity sense. The extreme psychological pressures needed to break down our identity sense cannot be continued for more than a few days.

Unwanted Projection Symptoms

Frequent waking-paralysis and unwanted spontaneous-projection episodes, especially if involving great fear, can generate an extremely unpleasant psychological condition that can become more and more debilitating the longer it is allowed to continue. Long-term sleep deprivation plus a profound loss of appetite can be extremely debilitating and even physically damaging. Combined with other serious health problems, this condition could even be fatal if left unattended for too long. The first thing to address with this type of problem is the sleep deficit, which is the major underlying cause of the whole problem. This is also the factor most easily rectified. I strongly urge people with this condition to seek prompt medical advice and to tell their doctor exactly what is happening. Sleep disorders like this, regardless of their actual cause, are well known to medical science, and doctors are thus well versed in their treatment. A doctor will usually prescribe a specific type of sleeping...

The Spiritual Reality

All these functions of the psychological apparatus are, however, confined to what is called the waking state. The human being seems to be passing from this state to others, such as dream and deep sleep. Though we have some sort of an awareness in dream, we are bereft of all consciousness in deep sleep. Yet, we know that we do exist in the state of sleep. This means that we can exist without doing anything, even without thinking. The condition of deep sleep is a paradox for psychology and is the crux of the Yoga analysis. It is strange that in sleep we do not know even our own selves, and still we know that we do exist then. An experience, pure and simple, of the nature of consciousness alone, is the constituent of deep sleep, notwithstanding that we are not aware of it due to a peculiar difficulty in which we seem to get involved there. In deep sleep, we have consciousness not associated with objects, and hence we remain oblivious of everything external. There is, at the same time,...


This powerful ritual will imprison the soul of the subject in the dream world for an extended period of time. The target will find himself unable to wake, and will wander in the dream world while his body remains in a deep sleep. The ritual will take effect the next time the target falls asleep, or immediately if the hour-long ritual is conducted while he is asleep. The imprisonment period will last two hours for every point by which the magician wins the contest between his Dream Shackles roll and the target's Will or Path of Dreams skill (whichever is greater). During that time, other Dream rituals can affect the victim, and he will not be able to wake up. Also, his body will be helpless against physical attacks if his room were set on fire, he would burn or suffocate to death without being able to awaken.

Physical Preparation

The best time to attempt an OBE is in the morning, after you have woken up naturally (i.e., not from an alarm clock.) Since most of us work during the week, it's easier to try on the weekends. Give your body plenty of rest. Each person needs a different amount of sleep. The trick is to make your body tired enough to stay in a relaxed state, but not too tired. If I don't sleep enough, I'm too tired and fall back into a deep sleep while practicing. If I oversleep and then practice, I am too wide awake and can't focus well. The body should be well rested but relaxed, and the mind must be alert. When you practice, make sure you have good circulation. Get into a position where your limbs won't fall asleep because of poor circulation.

The Reins Of Life

If, for example, I want the social status and good wages associated with being a famous physician, I will strain, sweat, and toil for years in medical school and live through several more years of sleep deprivation during internship, hoping it will eventually pay off in fame and fortune.

Dream Mastery

This ritual allows the caster to enter the dreams of another being. When the caster performs this spell, he immediately falls into a deep sleep, and his mind begins to dream. If he has not specified a target, he will enter the dreams of a random nearby sleeping creature. However, the caster can attempt to enter the dreams of a specific individual by making a Lucid Dreaming skill check. Like scrying, the caster's ability to reach his target depends both on his knowledge of his intended target and the physical connection he has with the target, as shown below

Sexual Arousal

The main reason people think sex is energetically draining, I think, is because most people have sex at night before going to sleep. The deeply relaxed state experienced during the aftermath of sex, especially if people are already tired, will usually tend to make them fall asleep very quickly. If this is the case, I suggest you use the quick or instant projection methods to take advantage of the situation before the need to sleep becomes too urgent. In some cases, however, sex energizes people and they have trouble falling asleep for some time afterward. In this case, sex may be temporarily detrimental to projection. On the other hand, this is a very good way of temporarily overcoming tired-ness so a projection attempt can be made before the onset of sleep. When projecting after sex, though, remember to keep the projection very short, as the physical body will tend to fall into the deep-sleep state much more quickly than usual.

Long Distance Travel

Fifteen to twenty minutes is about the maximum length of time seasoned projectors can hold themselves strongly enough in real time to be able to return for a conscious reentry before slipping away into the astral planes. Novice projectors can usually only hold themselves in real time for a few minutes. In either case, the physical body must be capable of being woken up by the return of the projected double, or reentry may not even be possible. Any long-distance real-time travel is therefore limited by how long it takes for the physical etheric body of a projector to fall into a deep sleep.

Napoleon Bonaparte

About for 15 or 20 minutes in the bed as in the case of the worldly persons. Think how difficult it is to enter into deep sleep the very moment you lie down. They had perfect control over sleep. They could also get up from bed at any time they wished without any alarm time-piece. Sleeping and getting up at the appointed second is only an example to show the power of concentration to a certain degree. There are people who, after a day's hard work, can sleep the very moment they go to bed but they cannot get up at the appointed time. This is only an example on a very ordinary thing. People of concentration can work wonders and miracles.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

Salvation For The Sleep Deprived The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping, Napping, Resting And  Restoring Your Energy. Of the many things that we do just instinctively and do not give much  of a thought to, sleep is probably the most prominent one. Most of us sleep only because we have to. We sleep because we cannot stay awake all 24 hours in the day.

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