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Breath Modulation Tools

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The Art of Silence A Silent Meditation for 40 Days

Everyday be silent and practice listening within. Morning before sunrise is the best time. Or at least morning before you start your workday. Simply sit quietly and observe your thoughts, be with your breath and feel the sensations in your body. Gently and silently be with yourself. Start with 3 to 5 minutes and work up to 11 minutes. If you have time, you may want to work up to 22 or 31 minutes.

Connect with the Breath

After chanting ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO, connect with your breath and experience the breath in the body. There are two basic ways to do this. One is to simply be with your breath as it breathes in your body. You do not consciously try to change the breath in any way. You are simply with it. After tuning in and after doing each exercise it is best to simply be with your breath. The breath is in sync with the energy in your body and will equalize your energy, come back to your normal breathing pattern or establish a new one.

Thought Control discipline of thoughts subordination of thoughts

Take a seat in a comfortable chair or lie down on a settee. Relax the whole body, close your eyes and observe the train of your thoughts for five minutes, trying to retain it. At first, you will find that there are rushing up to you thoughts concerning everyday affairs, professional worries, and the like. Take the behaviour of a silent observer toward these trains of thoughts, freely and independently. According to the mentality and the mental situation you happen to be in at the moment, this exercise will be more or less easy for you. The main point is not to forget yourself, not to lose the train of thoughts, but to pursue it attentively. Beware of falling asleep while doing this exercise. If you begin to feel tired, stop instantly and postpone the exercise to another time, when you intend not to give in to tiredness. The Indians sprinkle cold water on their faces or rub down the face and upper part of their bodies to remain brisk and not waste precious time. Some deep breathing...

Sat Nam the Seed of Truth Stress Reduction

The science of breathing is called pranayama. Pranayama is an integral part of Kundalini yoga and meditation. In this lesson we will offer a few basics that will help you begin to be aware of your breath and to integrate conscious breathing into your daily life and yogic practice. Whenever you want to calm down, paying attention to your breath is the first step. Notice if you are inhaling and exhaling through your mouth or nose. Notice where you are breathing in your body. How far down do you breathe Do you breathe in the belly, chest or neck How many times do you breathe per minute Time yourself. SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT At the end of the breath say NAM. Notice that your breath gets longer and deeper. You may slow your breath down to 2 per minute.

Nostril Vs Mouthbreathing

We have given considerable space to this subject of nostril breathing, not only because of its great importance in its reference to health, but because nostril breathing is a prerequisite to the practice of the breathing exercises to be given later in this book, and because nostril breathing is one of the basic principles underlying the Yogi Science of Breath.

Learn How To Project Life Energy To Persons

Practice 11 Stretch your arm out and point your fingers as in preceding practice. Do NOT point toward your partner. Point anywhere else. Again you do the drawing and projecting in the rhythm of your breath. This time however you imagine the flow of life energy entering the forehead or any other body part of your partner. Then your partner does the same on you.

The Four Methods Of Respiration

This form of respiration is far better than either of the two preceding forms, and of recent years many Western writers have extolled its merits, and have exploited it under the names of Abdominal Breathing, Deep Breathing, Diaphragmic Breathing, etc., etc., and much good has been accomplished by the attention of the public having been directed to the subject, and many having been induced to substitute it for the inferior and injurious methods above alluded to. Many systems of breathing have been built around Low Breathing, and students have paid high prices to learn the new ( ) systems. But, as we have said, much good has resulted, and after all the students who paid high prices to learn revamped old systems undoubtedly got their money's worth if they were induced to discard the old methods of High Breathing and Low Breathing.

Magic Mental Training II

The tasks of the magical training of the body according to Step I must be retained and ought to become a daily habit, such as washing with cold water, rubbing the body from head to toe, athletic exercises in the morning, magic of water, conscious breathing and so forth. The second step training of the body orders a change of the breathing exercises. In the previous step, we have learned how to breathe consciously and convey the desire inhaled together with the air (through the akasa principle) to the blood stream via the lungs. In this chapter I am going to describe the conscious pore-breathing.

The Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Circulation Light Druid Ritual

This motion should be synchronized with your breath. When you exhale, feel the energy go down your left side. When you inhale, feel the energy go up your right side. You should have the sensation of a circle of energy swirling around you. Move the energy, with your breath, in six to ten cycles. SECOND PART. This is similar to the first method, but instead of directing the energy down one side and up the other, here you should direct the energy down the front of your body and up the back. Be sure to synchronize your breath so that as you exhale the energy goes down the front of your body and, as you inhale, it goes up your back, to your head and up to Keter.

Creative Visualization

When you want to magically achieve something, first picture it clearly in your mind. The more deffinite and specific your idea of what it is the better. Picture yourself having it or doing it. Visualize it as vividly and as intensely as you can and hold it in your thoughts for a few moments. Concentrate on it intensely (it may help to hold your breath). Feel the energy of desire welling up inside you. Then suddenly feel the image or desire released from your mind. Feel the energy filtering through the image and intensifying it, as if the image is a 'stencil'. Imagine the energy exploding out from you into the macrocosm in all directions at once, and feel the universe 'tilt' as it reacts to the force. (At the same time it may help to release your breath suddenly). Feel the energy draining from you. Finally, *believe* that your purpose *has* been accomplished that it HAS HAPPENED, perhaps saying something such as so mote it be , or it is done .

The Magical Development of the Astral Clairaudience

For this exercise, nothing is required but a fluid condenser and a small piece of cotton wool. Make two small tampons from it to fit in the ear. Moisten these cotton plugs with the fluid condenser and put both of them in front of you. According to the instructions you were given for training the astral eyes, you will now work with the air element, filling your body with it by breathing through the lungs and pores. The whole body is assumed to be filled with air like a balloon. Imagine into this air principle the desire for the faculty of clairaudience in your astral body as well as in the material one. Provided you have the inward certainty that the air element has been sufficiently impregnated with your desire and with your imagination, project the prepared air element into the two cotton plugs, whether through the solar plexus, your hands, or your breath by compressing and accumulating the air element that fills your body, to such a degree that it will adopt the same size as the...

Pentagrams and their connecting lines are drawn on the boundaries of the Universe

Draw Pentagrams and connecting lines in electric blue (like in a welding torch). As you vibrate the Names, visualise them within the Pentagram in black Hebrew letters on a white background . To Vibrate the Names, take a deep breath, visualising a current of Light descending from Kether (above your head) to Malkuth (below, but slightly enveloping, your feet). Hold your breath and maintain the visualisation of Light in Malkuth for a moment, while you mentally rehearse the Divine Name. Then, as you expel the air from your lungs in the saying of the Name, visualise the Light gushing up from Malkuth like a fountain, flowing out through the top of your head, overflowing and enveloping your body in the ovoid form of the Aura.

The Essence of Prayer and the Breath

The breath is one indicator of our ability to give and receive. We can monitor where we are at in the give receive dynamic by observing our breath. Simply be with your breath and observe the length of both your inhale and your exhale. Often one or the other is favored or longer than the other. Those prone to give more than they receive will often exhale longer than they inhale. Those who are prone to receive more than they give often inhale longer than they exhale. If you have a very shallow breath and have a tendency to hold your breath, fear may be blocking both giving and receiving. We can work with our breath to re-establish a balance between giving and receiving. If you feel that you give more than you receive, this may be substantiated by a shorter inhale. (Keep in mind that there are no firm rules. There are many dynamics at play.) But using the breath as a guide, maybe you have to allow yourself to receive more. If your inhale is short, practice inhaling deeply and allowing...

Sex Magick Ritual For A Couple

Before moving on, a final point about the Yoni Mudra. Students have told me that they have trouble breathing in this ritual pose. Well, not only is it difficult to breathe in this position, it is impossible Separate the middle fingers and inhale through the nose. Hold the Yoni Mudra and your breath for as long as it is comfortable. Then separate the ring fingers from the little fingers and exhale through the mouth. When I explained this to students some of them complained that it takes some of the spontaneity out of lovemaking. Please remember, however, that this is not regular lovemaking. It is highly ritualized and formalized. It is for a purpose, not only for pleasure.

The Practice Of Occultism

The preparatory training includes, besides a theoretical knowledge, certain breathing exercises and a strict dietary observance. The purpose of the former is to control by will the whole organism in all its planes. Only after this preliminary training (we are told), does the occultist become aware of the latent forces in nature and in man, and of the real meaning behind the magic diagrams. Now the generation of this nervous energy is directly connected with diet, and the purity of the force depends on the purity of the diet, aided by the breathing exercises. This point should be noted, because it proves that the occult force is entirely physical. It also explains the dietary prescriptions of the Hindus, of the Jews, and others. all direct influence of men on other men, especially with that of the trained occultist on the untrained person. The key to it is the employment of the astral body and its conscious guidance, which distinguishes this kind of magic from that which uses mediums....

Astral Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

Sit in the center of your circle and relax with some steady deep breathing and the Relaxation Ritual. You should be facing the East. Your eyes should be closed and your arms and legs should not be crossed. I experienced Astral Whiplash on my first successful attempt at Astral Projection. When I willed my eyes to open, I suddenly realized that I was floating at the top of the room and could see my body below me. The excitement and exhilaration was too much, and Wham I was back in my body. Luckily, I had not gone too far and I only ended up a little groggy. Some deep breathing and a drink of cool, fresh water fixed that.

Few Bits Of Yogi Lore

The Yogis have a favourite form of breathing which they practice when they feel the necessity of ventilating and cleansing the lungs. They conclude many of their other breathing exercises with this breath, and we have followed this practice in this book. This Cleansing Breath ventilates and cleanses the lungs, stimulates the cells and gives a general tone to the respiratory organs, and is conducive to their general healthy condition. Besides this effect, it is found to greatly refresh the entire system. Speakers, singers, etc., will find this breath especially restful, after having tired the respiratory organs.

Wish Exercises Matos Spells And Magic

What you will be doing is known as elemental pore breathing. To do this, start off by doing the Relaxation Ritual. Next, become very aware of your breath. Become aware of the slow in-and-out motion of the physical air. Notice the way the air feels as it comes in through the nose, goes down the air pipe and into the lungs. Sense or imagine the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the lungs, and feel the CO2 laden air as it goes out of the lungs, through the air pipe and out the nose and mouth. Exercise 4. Once you have learned how to be Air (without allowing it to take over your life), the next step is to take greater conscious control of the element Air. Take a moment and imagine yourself to be Air. Bring the feeling from the last exercise into your consciousness. Next, hold your hands 9 to 12 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine a bottle or box between your hands. Now, as you exhale, visualize all of the Air element which is in you going out with your breath and...

Rope Projection Technique

Center your awareness hands in the middle of your chest. Reach out with both of them and grasp the rope. Climb hand over hand strongly up the rope. Pull the rope to your chest with each climbing hand action. Feel yourself, in your projectable double, moving up the rope as you climb it. Stay aware of your physical body remaining behind as you climb out of it. Concentrate on the climbing action, but don't let your physical body respond or tense. Breathe naturally and do not hold your breath or allow it to become ragged. Hold your mind clear and focused solely on climbing the rope.

Wish Exercises Grey Magick Matos Spells And Magic

Once you are in a situation where it is uncomfortably hot (but not painfully or unbearably so) and your perspiration is freely flowing, do the Relaxation Ritual. This may be difficult due to the heat, but it will test you to see how well you can do this ritual. Then focus on your breathing and feel the heat-laden air going in and out of your lungs. EXERCISE 4. Now that you have learned to be fire, the next step is to learn how to consciously control this magickal element. Take a moment and again imagine yourself to be fire. Bring the feelings you had in the last exercise into your awareness. Next, hold your hands 912 inches apart with the palms facing each other. Visualize between your hands a bottle, cylinder or small cask. Next, as you exhale, imagine all of the Fire element which is in you going out with your breath and being deposited in the container between your hands. Three to five times should be enough to fill it. If it gets too hot to hold between your hands, move your hands...

Matsyasana Fish Posture

You must practise this Asana soon after Sarvangasana. It will relieve stiffness of the neck and all crampy conditions of the cervical region caused by long practice of Sarvangasana. This gives natural massage or shampooing to the congested parts of the neck and shoulders. Further it affords the maximum benefits of Sarvangasana. It is a complimentary Asana of Sarvangasana. Rather it supplements Sarvangasana. As the larynx or wind-box and trachea (wind-pipe) are thrown open widely, this Asana helps deep breathing. Matsyasana is the destroyer of many diseases. It removes constipation. It brings down the accumulated faecal matter to the rectum. It is useful in asthma, consumption, chronic bronchitis, etc., on account of the deep breathing.

Control of the Electric Fluid Inductive Method

This exercise can be performed sitting down or standing up, just as it is more convenient for the individual. Take up your usual asana, close your eyes, and think of your body as being hollow furthermore, imagine that you are in the centre of a fiery ball that includes the whole universe. You have got to imagine the fire element red hot and bright, similar to the sun. You will feel the warmth on the periphery of your own body automatically in this imagination, because you already learned about this sensation in the chapter referring to projection. Doing this exercise you should perceive the expansion of the fire element within your body. You have to imagine that the universal fire element presses the light into your hollow body when expanding. The more intense and fiery you imagine the universal fire ball, the more light is pressed into your body through the pores of the skin from all directions, your whole body being loaded with light. You must perceive the pressure of the light...

Pranayama Or Regulation Of The Vital Energy

In the beginning stages of Pranayama, there should be no retention of the breath, but only deep inhalation and exhalation. The Prana has first to be brought to accept the conditions that are going to be imposed on it, and hence any attempt to practice retention should be avoided. In place of the quick breathing that we do daily, a slow breathing should be substituted, and instead of the usually shallow breathing, deep breathing should be practiced, gradually. Vexed minds breathe with an unsymmetrical flow. Submerged worries are likely to disturb Pranayama. One may be doing one's functions like office-going, daily, and yet be calm in mind. But another may do nothing and be highly nervous, worried and sunk in sorrow. One should be careful to see that the mind is amenable to the practice.

Primary Center Stimulation Process

Raising energy upward through the whole body tends to interfere with the natural breathing rhythm. You will often find yourself breathing IN and holding your breath as you raise energy upward through your body. Breathing can thus be used with good effect to enhance energy-raising actions. Following is a very simple breathing circuit that not only enhances energy raising, but also regulates the breathing pattern. Breathe naturally at all times during this circuit and avoid shallow, stilted breathing.

The Mystery of Breathing

And this is the solution of the secret of breathing from the magic point of view. Many theologies utilize conscious breathing for instructive purposes, as for example the hatha yoga system, without knowing the right process. Several people have suffered severe damage to their health, a fact only to blame in the extreme breathing exercises asked for by this system, especially when such practices have been realized without the guidance of an experienced leader (guru). In most cases, the inexperienced reader has been persuaded to do these exercises because they were promised a quick acquisition of occult powers. If he wants, the magician can achieve this aim much more easily and sooner with the aid of the universal initiating system described so thoroughly in the present book. needless strain on them. Consequently, you will do your breathing exercises slowly and calmly, without any haste. Sit down comfortably, relax the whole body, and breathe in through the nose. Imagine that with the...

Ritual For The Creation Of An Artificial Elemental

Imagine that you are the element which you wish to form into an artificial elemental (instructions for this are in earlier lessons of this course). Hold your hands nine to twelve inches apart, palms facing each other, Now imagine a bottle or box between your hands. Next, as you exhale, visualize all of the element you are working with going out with your breath and being trapped in the container between your hands. Do this until the container is literally bursting with elemental energy.

States Of Consciousness

Awareness, meditation), beta -- 13 to 28 hz (tension, 'normal' consciousness). As you can see, some form of physical relaxation is implied in the alpha, theta, and delta consciousness. These states are in fact reached through deep breathing, hypnosis, and other relaxation techniques. OOBE occurs during these states, and delta is probably the most important for it. The problem is really, as we have said, one of maintaining mental awareness and alertness while experienceing these altered states. Experimental subjects hooked to an EEG do not show a discrete change from drowsy to sleep it is very gradual.

Specific Causes Of Disease Insanity

Drugs and breathing exercises, such as the Eastern aspirant uses, have a dreadfully destructive effect upon the body, and it will therefore be seen that their use is altogether undesirable. Many a man is today in the insane asylum or in the grave of the consumptive on account of breathing exercises, and the effects of drugs are well known. The atoms of the Western body have been highly sensitized in the ordinary course of evolution, and the exercises which may be used with impunity by an Eastern person, whose body is not so highly sensitized, will cause the atoms of the Western body to run riot. It is extremely difficult to bring them into proper repose again.

Shabad Kriya Bedtime Meditation

Yogi Bhajan has given us the following meditation to practice before going to bed. If practiced on a regular basis, once a week or even every night, your sleep will be deep and relaxed. The control of the rhythm of the breath strengthens the nervous system and regenerates the nerves. After a few months, the rhythm of your breath will be subconsciously regulated and eventually you will internally chant the mantra while you are sleeping. You may wake up to the internal chant of the mantra and hear it in your daily activities. You will think better, work better, share better and love better. There cannot be enough praise of the meditation's effect on the personality. It gives the mind the power to stretch to infinity, promotes radiance, patience and practical universality. (Relax & Renew p. 118)

Breath Is Life

This work will take up the Yogi Science of Breath, which includes not only all that is known to the Western physiologist and hygienist, but the occult side of the subject as well. It not only points out the way to physical health along the lines of what Western scientists have termed deep breathing, etc., but also goes into the less known phases of the subject, and shows how the Hindu Yogi controls his body, increasing his mental capacity, and develops the spiritual side of his nature by the Science of Breath.

May 171992

Put the thumbs on the mound below the Mercury finger (pinkie) and keep the fingers pointing straight up, the fingers are not touching each other. Close your eyes, look at your chin with your closed eyes, and pretend to watch one of your fantasies played on a screen in your chin. (You will never have a nightmare if this meditation is perfected.) Relax and meditate for 11 minutes, listening to Nirinjan Kaur's tape of the last four lines of Jaap Sahib . Breathe long, slow, and deep. After 11 minutes, inhale, hold your breath, and tighten every muscle of your body as you sit in the posture. Exhale and repeat this 2 more times. gently placed on the part of the eye socket where the eyebrow begins at the side of the bridge of the nose. Don't press too hard here. Chant Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo with Nirinjan Kaur's tape for 3 minutes. Inhale, hold your breath 10 seconds and exhale. Repeat this 2 more times.

Interlude A Goattale

Breathing deeply and regularly, as I had been instructed, I allowed the prayer to flow through my mind. I inhaled and thought, Great god of the world, bring me to infinity. Held the breath and thought, Great god of the world, bring me to infinity. Exhaled and thought the thought. Inhaled again. The effect was almost immediate. My facial muscles relaxed, seeming to suddenly slide away from consciousness, and my eyes half-closed. Immaterial clouds of pastel glow shifted and glided around me, around the trees. Fragments of thoughts drifted up into my mind from whatever murky recesses they had been hiding in.

Third Lecture

Let us take the example ofpranayama, a subject with which I hope to deal in a subsequent lucubration. Let us suppose that you are managing your breath so that your cycle, breathing in, holding, and breathing out, lasts exactly a minute. That is pretty good work for most people, but it may be or may not be good enough to get you going. No one can tell you until you have tried long enough (and no one can tell you how long 'long enough' may be) whether that is going to ring the bell. It may be that if you increase your sixty seconds to sixty-four the phenomena would begin immediately. That sounds all right but as you have nearly burst your lungs doing the sixty, you want this added energy to make the grade. That is only one example of the difficulty which arises with every practice. It is now proper to sum up briefly what we have learnt about yama and niyama. They are in a sense the moral, logical preliminaries of the technique of Yoga proper. They are the strategical as opposed to the...

June 21986

Hold your fists on either side of your head. Inhale and hold your breath for 20 seconds while shaking your hands rapidly and powerfully. Exhale. Do this inhale, hold, and shake a total of seven times. are together with the palms flat, facing down. The tips of the thumbs touch each other. Close your eyes. Feel a ton of energy coming through your palms and pump your navel to the rhythm of Bhor Na Marne Hoaa by Ragi Sat Nam Singh. 9 Minutes. Inhale, stretch and as you hold your breath for 20 seconds, feel the life force energy in the third chakra.


Breathing exercises have many benefits. Deep breathing will help you to relax your body for the OBE. Breathing exercises, if done correctly, can bring you energy that may prolong the experience. Also, it can improve your ability to focus. I recommend doing breathing exercises before you try to induce an OBE, and not during the induction. Here are some pointers for your breathing exercises. Babies breathe naturally because they haven't learned our bad habits. If you've ever watched a baby breathe, you may notice their bellies rise and fall, but their chests don't. They breathe using their abdomen, not by forcing their lungs to rise and fall. Try to do the same Breathe from your abdomen, not from your lungs. During your breathing exercise, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you inhale, visualize that your lungs are being filled with white light. As you exhale, visualize that all your fears, worries, problems and health problems are flowing out of your body. When...

The Act of Creation

Take your wax figure in the left hand and rub it gently with your right hand, as if you wanted to animate it with your vital power. Blow your breath on it as if you wanted to resuscitate the lifeless figure. Give your developing elementary the name you have destined to it and speak this name several times into the figure. Religiously inclined magicians even baptize the figure in a way similar to the christening of a newborn child, and give the name to the figure while performing this ceremony. This of course is a matter of opinion of any magician and not absolutely necessary. In any case, ascertain for yourself in this experiment that in this figure you possess a perfect body appropriate to your elementary. After your doll has got its name, fill your whole body with the earth element and project it through your hands or the solar plexus outwards and fill the figure with this element, beginning from the feet up to the neighbourhood of the genitals. The earth element has to be...

March 1992

Sit on your heels with your arms stretched out to the sides at a sixty degree angle. The four fingers are on the mounds and the thumb is sticking out. Make sure your elbows are straight. Keep your mouth open and stick out your tongue. Pump your navel without making any sound with your breath - no breath of fire. 3 Minutes. To finish Inhale and hold your breath for 10 seconds while you continue to pump your navel and stretch your arms out from your shoulders as far as possible. Repeat this two more times. Get into cobra pose, stick out your tongue and do a rapid breath of fire for 1 minute only. Inhale deeply, hold your breath, come into a sitting position, stretch your hands upward, and release your breath.


There are several other Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn gestures that could be developed into breathing exercises, such as the sign of the enterer and of silence, the tending and closing of the veil, the LVX signs, and the NOX signs. These arc not necessary for the level at which we are currently working, and I won't describe them in detail, but the advanced student will certainly be able to put them to some good use in this way.

Other Methods

Willed concentration involves gradually building up the appropriate emotion while standing still through the use of breathing exercises and the alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles. Deep breaths are taken and the muscles of the arms, legs and back contracted imagine with the inward breath that energy (of the appropriate type -


You can dry up 5 gallons of water per level with your breath. This includes magical water and magical creatures made of water, if they fail a Fortitude save. Magical water creatures that fail their save take 1d4 damage per level of the spell. A successful use of this spell against a water creature requires a ranged attack.

Mysticism of Letters

In a further exercise, the student imagines the cosmic A , in its light blue color, expanded into the whole universe and tries to get it into the region of his chest by breathing it in through his mouth or nose. A few quiet breaths will suffice and the student will have filled the chest region with the light blue color oscillation. When breathing in the color oscillation of the letter A , one has to breathe in the normal manner, i.e., without any special effort or holding of one's breath. Also deep breathing has to be avoided, for the student would find this disturbing later on.


Tie of the most effective ways to cleanse and calm your emotional body 1 through the breath. The next few tools offer breathing techniques that are based on Eastern yoga practices. This is one of the only parts of the New Hermctics that specifically uses Eastern technology. The reason for this is that the yogis of India have a very scientific understanding of the emotional body and specific techniques for centering and managing the emotions. We are borrowing these techniques because of their practical value. The ancient Hermetic tradition most likely contained some similar breath technologies, but they are unfortunately lost to history. 6. Hold this breath for a brief moment, then release it slowly through your nostrils, starting at the upper chest, and finally completely emptying the belly, gently drawing your abdomen inward to let out all of your breath. This is one complete breath. 5. Hold your breath for a count of 16, closing both nostrils with your thumb and fingers. 3. Move...


The Hindu Yogis have always paid great attention to the Science of Breath, for reasons which will be apparent to the student who reads this book. Many Western writers have touched upon this phase of the Yogi teachings, but we believe that it has been reserved for the writer of this work to give to the Western student, in concise form and simple language, the underlying principles of the Yogi Science of Breath, together with many of the favourite Yogi breathing exercises and methods. We have given the Western idea as well as the Oriental, showing how one dovetails into the other. We have used the ordinary English terms, almost entirely, avoiding the Sanscrit terms, so confusing to the average Western reader.


Vibration implies that each part of the word to be used, (either alone or as part of a text or key) is resonated deeply and this requires the person to be standing and the 'solar plexus' to be used to generate the deep breathing required, the mouth acting as a resonant cavity. The vibration should be such that it is felt in the whole body - a vibration is not a shout or scream but rather a prolonged concentration of sound energy.

Perpetual Youth

Raise both legs up and down with breath of fire. Time the motion with the breath. After 1 Minute, switch to long, deep breathing but continue the leg lifts. Control your movements so that the feet don't make noise when they touch the ground. 2 1 2 Minutes.


Direct its magical forces throughout the physical body which is its expression in flesh. The stone is magical fire that radiates through the body and, in time, effects the transmutation. This magical fire (sometimes called psychic heat) is produced by means of combined meditational and breathing exercises that follow.